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Live Animal Sports Team Mascots

By Suzanne Alicie

There are many animals that are known for their jobs, including the famous Bud Light “spokesdog” Spuds Mackenzie, the Taco Bell Chihuahua and the Geico gecko. These are popular advertising animals that are easily recognizable. For sports fans, there are some animals that are even more recognizable. Those are the live animal sports team mascots that are known and loved by fans across the country.

A sports team mascot often travels with the team and spends time with the players, coaches, cheerleaders and sports fans. Some of the most well known real live sports mascots are beloved by college teams such as the University of Georgia Bulldogs. The bulldogs are represented by Uga, an American bulldog. There are several college teams that use live animals as their sports team mascots. Dogs, alligators, mules and bears are all out there representing their teams, interacting with fans and boosting morale and spirit for their teams.

When it comes to working animals, being a sports team mascot sounds like a pretty good deal. These animals have trainers, and caretakers who look after their nutrition, exercise and health care, as well as handling travel arrangements and appearances for the mascots. Special care is given to these mascots because they are live animals, and they deserve to be treated well – even sports teams can be responsible pet owners. Animal mascots are respected and well cared for by all who are involved.

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