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Why We’re Thankful for Our Pets

Thanksgiving rochelleBy Julia Williams

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

In the spirit of being thankful, CANIDAE has another fun photo contest going on right now. Just share a photo of your pet and why you are thankful for them, and you might win 6 months FREE pet food! For full details see the contest page on Facebook.

A few years back, the other RPO blog writers and I shared some of the reasons why we are thankful for our four legged friends, which you can read here. I personally make a point to verbally give thanks every day for my beloved cats, who are cherished members of my family. I express my gratitude each day that these amazing, loving and delightful beings chose me, and that they are all healthy, happy and safe.

Today, on the day when we gather with family and friends to share a feast and give thanks for our blessings, I wanted to share with you what some of my pet loving friends said when I asked them to fill in the following question: “I’m thankful for my pet because…”

Jeanne: I’m thankful for my pets because they always live in the moment and are wonderful companions.

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Tips for Avoiding Thanksgiving Temptations for Dogs

thanksgiving jennBy Laurie Darroch

When the Thanksgiving celebrations roll around, so do the temptations for your dog. Rich human food, interesting decorations and even guests who don’t know what a dog shouldn’t have can all be a challenge to your dog’s good behavior and to their health. As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to be aware of what could be enticing to your dog.


Rich or spicy foods can make your dog ill, particularly if they are on a routine of a healthy dog food like CANIDAE, created just for their dietary needs. All the wonderful smells and bounty available during Thanksgiving celebrations can be way too tempting for your dog. The sudden onslaught of so many varied rich foods not only can upset their digestion, but be dangerous for them to consume as well.

The most obvious danger is sharp turkey bones. Keep them well out of the way of your dog. When you throw them away, make sure they are in an enclosed container and somewhere your dog can’t reach.

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Thanksgiving from a Cat’s Perspective

By Rocky Williams, feline guest blogger

Some people might say that cats aren’t thankful for anything, because felines are all haughty creatures who think they’re entitled to everything and don’t appreciate stuff. Pshaw, I say!! It’s true we cats do think the world is our oyster and humans were put here to do our bidding (they were, right?) but we also recognize that it doesn’t always work out that way.

For sure, every kitty deserves a warm home with a loving family, lots of yummy food and treats (CANIDAE for me!), endless hours of head scritchin’ and petting, plenty of toys and catnip, and a comfy place to snooze the day away. But just because every kitty deserves all of those things does not mean we all have them.  Just like there are less fortunate humans who don’t have some of the things that make for a safe and happy life, so too are there kitties without the things that make us purr with contentment.

So when you all sit down to your Thanksgiving feast tomorrow and go round the table expressing your gratitude for this and that, you should know that your kitty is doing the same thing. Now, to the untrained eye – i.e. every human – it may look like all we’re doing is sleeping, hiding under the bed or calculating the risk/reward of stealing a nice big hunk of your juicy turkey. But that’s just our façade. Our Outward Kitty, if you will. You see, we put on a pretense because we don’t need people thinking that felines have gone all soft on ya’ll. But the truth is, we have always been soft. And I’m not just talking about our fur.

Every kitty who has it good, definitely knows and appreciates this. Despite whatever vibes Outward Kitty might be giving out, make no mistake that Inward Kitty (our true self) is thankful to be inside where it’s warm and cozy. Inward Kitty is thankful there is at least one special person willing to go to great lengths to make sure he’s well fed and well loved every day of the year. Inward Kitty is thankful that he knows what it’s like to feel truly safe.

Inward Kitty understands that he is one of the lucky ones, and although he may at times take certain things for granted (such as that bite of turkey you’re going to slip him under the table when you think no one is looking) he knows he is very blessed to have found you and saved you from a dreary cat-less life.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

~Love and Kitty Licks,

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How to Make Holidays Special for Your Pet

By Linda Cole

Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. There’s cooking, baking and shopping that needs to be done before we can relax and enjoy the holiday season with our family and friends. With all the running around to buy groceries, decorations and presents, and making sure everything is in order, some pets can feel a little left out. Your focus may not be on them as much as usual, but you can still make the holidays special for your pet without a lot of expense. Here are some suggestions:

Maintain their daily schedule

With all of the hustle and bustle before and during the holidays, your pet’s daily routine can be disrupted. However, deviating from a pet’s feeding schedule, walks and even playtime can cause them to become anxious. They like to know what’s next and they don’t like change, so keep their daily routine as regular as possible.

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Giving Thanks for Our Pets

If there is one thing that unites all of the contributing writers here on the CANIDAE RPO blog, it’s the deep love we have for our pets. Today, on the day when family and friends gather to give thanks for their many blessings, we each wanted to share with you some of the reasons we love and appreciate our four legged friends.

Julia’s cat, Annabelle

Julia Williams: I’m thankful for my pets because they make life worth living. That may sound corny, but for me it’s true. I simply couldn’t imagine living without the loving presence of a pet.

These wise and gentle souls have taught me so many important life lessons, and they’ve made me a better person because of it. In addition to being remarkable teachers, my cats are best friends, roommates, healers, trusted companions, stress busters, good listeners and great secret keepers.

My cats are not my children and I am not their “mother,” but they do provide an outlet for that nurturing instinct we all have. It fulfills me to take care of them, and makes me feel good to meet their every need. Regardless of how much money I might have on any given day, my pets make me feel like the richest person on earth. Their love is a priceless treasure never to be taken for granted. I make a point to give thanks each and every day for these beautiful beings, my angels with fur, my beloved cats. They have my heart…and I would not have it any other way.

Langley’s pets, Frosty and Jet

Langley Cornwell: I’m thankful for my pets because we love each other so much.

I’m thankful that my precious, shy pup writhes in delight every time I say something to her. She can be across the room, (she’s never far away), minding her own business and I’ll look up from my computer, meet her eyes, and say “hey girl, hey pretty girl.” When I do, she starts her happy squirm. If I keep talking to her, she gets up so she can get more of her body in motion, and wiggle her way over to me. When she gets to where I am, she either forms a crescent with her body and leans against me or bends her head so she can plant her forehead against my legs. When I talk she wants contact. Our contact feels like she’s trying to give me a hug. It’s hard to explain but, in that moment, our love for one another is palpable.

I’m thankful that my cool, macho-acting cat is a complete family man. He’s got a fake swagger that cracks me up, but he’s a lover through and through. When I’m in the house, he’s always in the room with me, usually on or near me. When I’m outside, he’s right where I am. He knows my car and when I drive up, he runs to greet me, like a dog. I love that he loves me as much as I love him, and that he’s quick to demonstrate his love.

Tamara’s dogs, Dusty and Cody

Tamara McRill: A little smile is twitching loose on my lips right now, just thinking of all the reasons I have to be thankful for our three dogs, Wuppy, Cody and Dusty. They’re good at that, making me breathless with laughter even when I’m trying to argue and otherwise be ungracious. Their mad-dashing, bone-chucking (often at my head), slobbery affectionate antics make it easy to get distracted from heavy thoughts and fall in with their happy ways.

Their open and individual personalities encircle our home in silliness and love. Something in which I’m grateful to be a part of every day. It keeps things lively.

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