CANIDAE Dogs Make a Splash at America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, CA


Orange County Pet Expo Dock Jumping Challenge

The CANIDAE Team was excited to be back at America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California this April 17 to 19. The Expo is the largest pet and pet products expo in North America and CANIDAE® All Natural Pet Foods had a strong presence at both its indoor consumer booth and its outdoor booth near the Splash Dog event. Both sets of booth staff spent the day talking to pet parents about proper nutrition, and promoting local independent pet food retailers. They also collected a large number of donations to augment the CANIDAE charity raffle in Monterey, CA at the Sea Otter classic – the raffle proceeds to benefit the fight against pet cancer.

In addition to our presence as an major pet food exhibitor, we once again sponsored the outdoor Splash Dogs challenge. Judging by the size of the crowds, the spectators were happy to see us back! We handed out spectator prizes and held competitor drawings throughout the weekend and provided prizes for the top placements in all six Divisional Finals. CANIDAE stands behind one of Splash Dog’s favorite mottos, “Everyone’s a Winner!”.

CANIDAE Splash Dogs Video

Splash Dogs is a dock jumping challenge were dogs of all sizes compete for the longest jump in their division. Dogs and their handlers walk up to a platform overlooking an enormous fresh water pool marked with the distance from the platform in feet. Handlers stand at the end of the platform and cheer their animal team mate on to the best jump he or she can make. Some past “world-record” winners have made astonishing jumps of greater than 20 feet!

The Splash Dog Dock Jumping Challenge is a big attraction at the Pet Expo and CANIDAE looks forward to sponsoring the event again next year.

The Orange County Pet Expo was a great event for CANIDAE Splash Dogs, with huge spectator crowds, full waves and enough smiles to go around. We’d like to send a special thanks to all of our competitors and crew for making this an event to remember!