CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods Supports New Guinea Singing Dogs at the Tautphaus Zoo


CANIDAE has been sponsoring the New Guinea Singing Dogs at the Tautphaus Zoo in Idaho Falls, ID for going on two years now. They receive regular donations of food from us to feed these rare dogs whose conservation status is officially “Threatened.” New Guinea Singing Dogs are unique in their ability to howl in a wolf-like manner, but unlike wolves, Singers modulate the pitch, hence their name. Before CANIDAE they were feeding whatever dog food that was donated from the local grocery store. CANIDAE team members Diane Matsuura and Chris Milliken took on the responsibility of seeing to it that these beautiful dogs were well fed with the finest all natural nutrition available. This is the first time CANIDAE has had the opportunity to sponsor an exhibit at a Zoo and we are very happy to be able to help.