CANIDAE Helps The Pongo Fund Provide 250,000 Dog and Cat Meals to Oregon Families


Our partnership with The Pongo Fund in Portland, Oregon continues to grow as the The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank reaches a new milestone of having delivered 250,000 super-premium dog and cat meals to the community. All natural CANIDAE for dogs and FELIDAE for cats is available to anyone who expresses a genuine need and visits the pet food bank in downtown Portland.

Beginning with an unprecedented donation of $125,000 USD last year, we continue to support The Pongo Fund’s founder Larry Chusid in fulfilling his vision of helping families in need stay together by ensuring that they are able to feed their companion animals during difficult economic times.

Shannon, one The Pongo Fund’s dedicated volunteers, recently said “One person shared how their pets were finally not panicking at the time of being fed, so that the hoarding and throwing up due to frenzied eating actually had become minimal and that the animals were finally feeling secure that tomorrow would bring more food. Another man cried and told me stories how his two 14 year old cats depended on him and how they made him get out of bed every day. One lovely older women teared up and confessed that she never thought she would be in such a situation as she is in today. Her son cried and thanked me for our assistance.”

The Pongo Fund is already providing thousands of pet meals every month, and is poised to handle a greater distribution capacity as news continues to spread throughout the Northwest. The charity’s professional volunteer coordinator ensures that the 50 active volunteers are well trained and ready to offer dignified assistance to families in need. The Pongo Fund has 200 more people on a waiting list ready to help as demand continues to grow.

On January 24, 2010, guests were lined up around the corner waiting in the rain for the pet food bank doors to open at noon. “In just three short hours we were honored to provide more than 13,000 quality meals for the 465 dog and cat family members of 135 families,” said founder Larry Chusid, who continued, “What began as an effort little more than two years ago to feed two hungry dogs underneath the Morrison Bridge has blossomed into Oregon’s largest single charitable effort dedicated to providing quality dog and cat food for the family pets of anyone in honest need; nearly 250,000 meals to date.”

The Pongo Fund and CANIDAE Pet Foods reach out beyond the pet food bank as well. The extensive distribution of CANIDAE dog and cat food includes support for some two dozen non-profit community organizations in Oregon & Washington, many of whom are experiencing a decline in donations and need extra assistance.

In addition to receiving free super-premium pet food, guests at the pet food bank are given nutritional information and tips for safely transitioning their dogs to an all natural, premium diet. “A lot of these folks were surprised to find that they needed less CANIDAE than the pet foods from grocery stores they were used to feeding,” said CANIDAE Controller Jason Castillo. “We explained that because CANIDAE doesn’t contain the corn, wheat and fillers that some other brands do, there is a lot more nutrition in each pound.”

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank is centrally located in Portland, directly across from the Oregon Convention Center and is open the second and fourth Sunday of every month. Anyone who expresses a genuine need is welcome to receive a two week supply of premium Canidae or Felidae pet food for their dogs or cats.