All Natural FELIDAE and CANIDAE Well Received at Championship Cat Show in Hong Kong


On February 6th and 7th The Hong Kong Cat Lovers’ Society held its 15th Championship Cat Show at the ultra modern Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The 8-ring show is officially sanctioned by the Cat Fanciers Association. Two-hundred and sixty “top” cats entered the tough competitions. Through its distributor for Hong Kong and China, Linda Chan of Rog Trading, CANIDAE was a major presence at the show, which hosted more than 80 local and international exhibitors.

The impressive CANIDAE booth and product displays attracted many visitors and pet shop retailers from Hong Kong and mainland China. Linda Chan and her staff report that CANIDAE’s new Grain Free Formulas created a lot of interest and inquiries and that store owners asked about the complete line of all natural products to stock in their shops. Rog Trading was very pleased with the show attendance, including both cat and dog lovers, and with their success in opening new accounts and generating increased sales.

The Hong Kong Cat Lovers’ Society was established in 1997 by 13 cat lovers as a Hong Kong non profit organization. Since its founding, the society has endeavored to expand cat fanciers’ knowledge on pedigreed cats and to promote the welfare of all cats in Hong Kong.

An affiliate club of the International Division of CFA, HKCLS held its first cat show in 1998 and has continued holding its popular annual Hong Kong show each year since. The organization promotes pedigree cats, and the welfare of all cats through its public cat shows, breed seminars, veterinary talks and grooming seminars and has successfully elevated the status of cats in the Hong Kong community.