The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank Honored with 2010 Veterinary Service Award


CANIDAE has partnered with The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank in Portland, Oregon to distribute super-premium pet food to anyone in honest need. Founder Larry Chusid’s work has recently been acknowledged by the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association who designated The Pongo Fund as their 2010 Veterinary Service Award winner. All of us here at CANIDAE are proud to be a part of Larry’s vision!

Beginning with our donation of $125,000 last year, we continue to assist The Pongo Fund every day as it fulfills Larry’s vision of helping families in need stay together by ensuring that they are able to feed their companion animals. To date, The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank has distributed over 300,000 meals to needy dogs and cats, helping to keep families together through challenging economic times.

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank is open to the public the second and fourth Sunday of every month. When asked about the most recent Sunday, founder Larry Chusid replied, “It was the kind of day when we set another attendance record, as our guests patiently waited in a line that reached all the way to the corner and part way around the block. The kind of day when we provided nearly 16,000CANIDAE and FELIDAE meals for the hungry pets of some 160 families. In just three hours. It was the kind of day when Kathie Nelson, Executive Director of Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund, spent three hours in our lobby and walked away both thrilled and exhausted after 43 of our guests made the decision that very day to have their pets spayed and/or neutered.”

The Pongo Fund and CANIDAE Pet Foods reach out beyond the pet food bank as well. The extensive distribution of CANIDAE dog and FELIDAE cat food includes support for some two dozen non-profit community organizations in Oregon and Washington, many of which are experiencing a decline in donations and need extra assistance.

In addition to receiving free super-premium pet food, guests at the pet food bank are given nutritional information and tips for safely transitioning their dogs to an all natural, premium diet. “A lot of these folks were surprised to find that they needed less CANIDAE than the pet foods from grocery stores they were used to feeding,” said CANIDAE Controller Jason Castillo. “We explained that because CANIDAE doesn’t contain the corn, wheat and fillers that some other brands do, there is a lot more nutrition in each pound.” [see our Cost to Feed Calculator for more info]

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank is centrally located in Portland, directly across from the Oregon Convention Center and is open the second and fourth Sunday of every month. Anyone who expresses a genuine need is welcome to receive a two week supply of premium CANIDAE or FELIDAE pet food for their dogs or cats.