CANIDAE Pet Foods and The Pongo Fund Expand Their Mission to Help Animals in Need


CANIDAE has proudly expanded its partnership with The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank in Portland, Oregon to distribute super-premium pet food to anyone in honest need. Now nearing its six month anniversary, The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank, a 100% all volunteer non-profit public charity, began operations last year with a donation from CANIDAE of $125,000 worth of pet food. This unprecedented contribution allowed The Pongo Fund’s founder Larry Chusid to fulfill his vision of helping families in need stay together by ensuring that they are able to feed their companion animals.

“These tough economic times are battering everyone, and more families than ever before are struggling just to survive. And in the midst of this struggle, we must not forget that pets are family too. No one should have to choose between feeding their family and feeding their pets; whether two legged or four. And that’s why The Pongo Fund exists… to help make sure that the pets of families and individuals in crisis are not forgotten,” said Chusid.

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank is open twice per month, allowing anyone who expresses an honest need to leave with a generous supply of premium dog and cat food. To date, the pet food bank has distributed over 500,000 meals for needy dogs and cats; helping to both keep families together and further protecting these animals from being abandoned or surrendered simply because their families are unable to afford pet food. Because sometimes, a simple bowl of kibble can be the force that both keeps a family together and saves the lives of the animals they love.

Recently, The Pongo Fund’s dedicated volunteers managed to distribute a record 18,000 premium pet meals in just three hours. One grateful recipient of Felidae premium cat food explained that she had been out of work for months and receiving government assistance, spending her food stamps on human food for her cats. She told The Pongo Fund’s founder Larry Chusid, “The Pongo Fund saved my life.” Using her food stamps to feed her cats left her hungry, but now that The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank is providing her with nutritious FELIDAE cat food, she will be able to use her food stamps to feed herself so that both she and her cats will not go to bed hungry.

The Pongo Fund and CANIDAE Pet Foods have also extended their support of those in need beyond the doors of The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank. The extensive distribution of CANIDAE dog food and Felidae cat food now includes some two dozen well-respected non-profit community organizations in Oregon and Washington, many of which are experiencing a decline in donations and need extra assistance. And just recently, in an unprecedented accord, The Pongo Fund donated seven tons of super-premium quality dog food to the Oregon Food Bank for redistribution statewide, further helping in the fight to eliminate hunger. All told, The Pongo Fund provides some 50,000 meals per month for hungry family pets that might otherwise have no food for their dinner.

Based on this tremendous success at helping those in need, CANIDAE has expanded its support to The Pongo Fund with ongoing donations of even more premium pet food, including most recently a shipment of $20,000 worth of nutritionally complete Snap-Biscuit treats for dogs. “What would dinner be without dessert!” quipped Chusid.

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank is centrally located in Portland, directly across from the Oregon Convention Center and is open the second and fourth Sunday of every month. Anyone who expresses an honest need is welcome to receive a generous supply of premium CANIDAE or FELIDAE pet food for their dogs or cats. Details at