Gainesville Police Department K9 Unit Thrives on CANIDAE Chicken & Rice


CANIDAE Sales Manager Ann McQuinn has arranged for us to give ongoing support to the Gainesville Police Department Canine (K9) Unit. This Florida K9 unit has six working teams, each with an officer and German Shepard partner who are tasked with supporting the Patrol Officers by providing around the clock patrol coverage seven days a week.

All of us at CANIDAE are proud that these working dogs thrive on our Chicken and Rice formula and are pleased to add another K9 Unit to the roster of animals we support that serve our communities.

With high quality chicken meal as the main protein source, our all natural, high quality, holistic Chicken and Rice formula provides these hard working canines with the wholesome nutrition and increased energy levels they need to endure their demanding job and heavy training schedule.

Before any of the Gainesville Police Department K9 Units can enter into duty, they must complete a rigorous 400 hour course which prepares them for the unpredictable situations they can encounter while on patrol. 

The K9 teams must be evaluated and certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) before they are deemed to be patrol ready. The teams will then re-certify annually to ensure that they have maintained the highest level of proficiency. Handlers and their K9 counterparts train at least 10 hours a week to prime their patrol skills.

One reason why the K9 teams are so successful is that the dogs not only work but live with their handler creating a bond, commitment, understanding and partnership between the handler and dog unlike any other. The K9’s are imported from breeders in Germany and are chosen based on size, temperament, drive and willingness to work.

The use of their keen sense of sight and smell greatly minimizes the potential danger to officers when performing such tasks as tracking and searching for suspects in heavily wooded areas and urban environments, searching and clearing burglarized buildings and apprehending fleeing suspects.

Throughout the year, K9 Handlers will participate in public demonstrations showcasing their talents. Police dogs provide an invaluable service not only to their human counterparts but also to the community as a whole.