Buy One Get One Free Coupon Available for EQUIDAE Line of Super Premium Horse Feed


For a limited time, we are making a Buy One Get One Free coupon available for our EQUIDAE line of steam extruded horse feed.

“Many of our retail partners have been looking for a higher quality equine diet to offer their customers, and are now discovering that EQUIDAE Alfalfa Plus and Coastal Plus fit that need exceptionally well,” said Mike DeNunzio of the CANIDAE Large Animal Division. “Offering a coupon is really just icing on the cake. This lets us help even more horse owners and caretakers try our feed and witness for themselves what a difference it can make for the well-being of their horse.”

DeNunzio continued, “As horse owners ourselves, we understand the important role nutrition plays in the long term health and performance of horses. Our formulations are designed to provide optimum levels of energy for the maintenance and long term health of horses in all classes and age groups. Unlike textured feeds, both our formulations are produced using the extrusion process which offers a product up to 300% more digestible than raw grains.”

This advanced steam extrusion processing, together with the highest quality ingredients, provides cool, consistent calories to the horse which is crucial for optimal gastrointestinal health. Extrusion expands the volume of the feed, which in turn increases the nutrient availability. This provides a readily available source of energy while slowing down the eating process and reducing the risk of over-consumption. Dust is also reduced by the extrusion process, and the shelf life of the feed is increased. Although extruded horse feeds take longer to manufacture than other types of feed, they provide the ultimate in nutritional quality.

Horse owners can safely achieve any daily caloric requirement by utilizing good quality forage or pasture combined with either EQUIDAE formula. Both have no added sugars or molasses, are highly palatable, contain skin and coat conditioners, and provide a scientifically formulated balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Both formulas also feature guaranteed viable microorganisms, antioxidant vitamins, chelated minerals, and electrolytes.

Conditions apply. CANIDAE reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer at any time.

For more information about EQUIDAE Extruded Horse Feed or to request a coupon, please visit the EQUIDAE Horse Feed website.