CANIDAE Expands its Grain Free Pure Product Line with New Canned Formulas



CANIDAE Grain Free pureSKY and Grain Free pureLAND cans are now on their way to your favorite independent retailersGrain Free pureSKY™ and Grain Free pureLAND™ are healthy, nutritionally complete, loaf-style canned food for dogs made entirely without grains and with 95% of the total protein derived from meat and 5% from vegetables and fruits. Grain Free pureSKY™ features duck and turkey while Grain Free pureLAND™ is formulated with bison and lamb.
These new canned formulas are the perfect grain free complement to any dry formula diet:


  • Grain Free Nutrition
  • Complements Dry Formulas
  • Made from Real Meats and Fish
  • Healthy, Natural Nutrition without Grain
  • 95% Meat and Fish Protein
  • Unique Protein Sources

As these two new formulas arrive at your local retailer, you will also see new labels and names for our two existing grain free canned formulas, Grain Free All Life Stages and Grain Free Salmon. These are the same great canned formulas dogs love, now with a whole new look. Grain Free All Life Stages is now CANIDAE Grain Free pureELEMENTS and Grain Free Salmon is now CANIDAE Grain Free pureSEA. All of our canned food formulations are available in 5.5 ounce and 13 ounce easy-to-open cans, as well as convenient 12 pack cases.