CANIDAE Reports Strong Growth for Asian Market on Visit to Hong Kong and South Korea


“Personal visits with distributors worldwide are important to maintaining good communication and relationships, and developing strategies for growth,” states Manny Rosillo, CANIDAE Global Sales Manager. With these objectives in mind, Rosillo traveled to Hong Kong and South Korea this October.

Linda Chan and Murphy Wu, owners of Rog Trading Company located in Hong Kong, distribute CANIDAE pet food in Hong Kong and Greater China. Located in Seoul, CANIDAE’s South Korean distributor is N.D. Pet, owned by Mr. Jeongsoo Kim. Rosillo expressed CANIDAE’s appreciation to Rog Trading and N.D. Pet for their efforts and expertise, which have resulted in year to date growth for both distributors that surpasses the comparable figures for 2010 by a wide margin.

Based on years of experience with CANIDAE in their markets and with a view to projects for 2012 discussed with Rosillo, N.D. Pet and Rog Trading feel confident that they will close 2011 well above their target goals for growth and will maintain the same rate of growth in 2012.

Rosillo had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Rog Trading and N.D. Pet. Their well-stocked warehouses and operations are impressive. Rosillo wishes to thank Ms. Chan, Mr. Wu and Mr. Kim for their gracious and warm hospitality and making him feel “at home” in their countries.

A complete listing of CANIDAE Natural Pet Foods International Distributors is available here.