CANIDAE Opens Announces New Pet Food Plant in Texas



CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company announced today the unveiling of its new pet food manufacturing facility named Ethos Pet Nutrition located in Brownwood, Texas.


In March 2011, the company purchased an existing extrusion plant and, according to their Director of Operations Frank Hon, has spent the last year, “…completely re-building the facility to be the most modern natural pet food plant of its kind.”

The pet food plant will feature the latest advancements in modern production and laboratory equipment. Led by CANIDAE co-founder Scott Whipple and a talented team of pet food professionals, Ethos Pet Nutrition will be running final production tests next month.

The Texas plant will feature an onsite quality and safety laboratory and an advanced automated extrusion system all designed to produce the most nutritious natural pet foods possible, with a focus on safety protocols and regulatory compliance.

Addressing their distributors and retailers, CANIDAE co-founders John Gordon and Scott Whipple stated, “Since we started CANIDAE our goal has always been to make the highest quality pet foods possible. Your continued support of our products within the industry has allowed us to take this next step in our company‚Äôs growth.”

More information about the company’s new facility will be made available after the final quality assurance trials are completed.