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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Cats!

They like it. A lot.

I recently purchased a 4lb. bag of FELIDAE Platinum dry food for my cats. Yesterday I began gradually introducing it into their diet by mixing it with their regular food. They like it. A lot. I had your food stored in a large Tupperware canister, one which I am having a hard time imaging my cats being able to get into without having opposable thumbs. Regardless of my lack of imagination in this matter, my boyfriend came home from work earlier this evening to discover the lid of the canister on the floor, and evidence that the cats had eaten a quantity of food. I am greatly, and it scarcely needs to be said, favorably impressed with how much my cats are enjoying it. Tupperware may be getting a somewhat less enthusiastic letter from me soon.

Faribault, MN

The shine of their coats and fur is just astonishingly different

2012-09-19b2012-09-19a9/19/2012 – I just wanted to say how much I love your FELIDAE soft and hard kitten/cat food. I can tell my cats/kittens are absorbing every nutrient in your food, just by the difference in the kitty litter. What goes in must come out. The shine of their coats and fur is just astonishingly different than with their other foods I have tried, even more expensive ones. They also shed far less; for a breed that’s not supposed to shed very much they used to shed quite a bit. I knew I should try different foods for them in case it was an allergy even to no avail. You make a quality product made at an even better price. Yours Truly a Forever Customer.

Sheila B.
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I am very impressed with the food!

2012-06-226/22/2012 – I would like to let you know how much our Maine Coon cat loves your senior/overweight food, both dry and wet. When we first adopted him from the shelter he was a little overweight and he has adjusted quite well, after getting him off the first food he was on. I am very impressed with the food! Please continue to produce healthy and safe food.

Marjorie S.
Jackson, CA

His skin irritations have subsided and he just seems much happier and healthier

John_F4/2/2012 – Scooter is our 8 year old Ragdoll cat and he totally rules the house. He is the best big furball in the world. Anyway, for all his life he has been plagued by itchy belly and paw sores, sensitive skin, gum soreness, breath problems, and he gets very severe chin blackheads. We have tried a lot of things for him including regular cortisone shots. Last August I decided to try different brands of food that I researched and bought from three different companies. Anyway, in December we got to the big bag of FELIDAE Chicken & Rice. Towards the end of January we noticed that his skin was clearing, and most of all I started to see a huge reduction in the chin blackheads. I routinely groom him and clean his chin. I started to notice they were nearly entirely cleared up and it has stayed that way. He is much less restless as his skin irritations have subsided and he just seems much happier and healthier. My wife and I are convinced it is the food as it is the only variable. We just ordered two big bags and also some of the canned so he can get a wet treat. Thank you FELIDAE!

John F.

I will not feed my cat anything else – ever again!

Michelle-Russo12/22/2011 – I never write reviews, but I have to tell you how much I and my cat are loving your cat food. My cat had been throwing up nearly every time he ate and the vet could not tell me why. He was losing weight and not looking very good. I always fed him the grocery store cat food. We really thought that our 3 yr old cat was going to die soon. Then I happened upon your food. I started by feeding him the canned food and once I knew he liked it we tried the dry. It’s been 2 weeks, no throwing up (not once!!) and he is putting on weight. His fur looks shiny again and he is happy. I will not feed my cat anything else-ever again! Thank you, Thank YOU!!!

Michelle R.

I am so pleased with FELIDAE Cat & Kitten formula

Joyce_L12/17/2011 – I recently adopted an 11 week old male tuxedo kitten named Oscar, so that my 1 year old male cat Hendricks would have a brother. Prior I’ve been feeding him another brand but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in my budget. I did some research and I am so pleased with FELIDAE Cat & Kitten formula. It’s affordable, delicious for cats and the smartest part is it’s conveniently formulated for both, which is great, because I don’t have to buy another type!!

Thank you and I hope other cats will discover it because it’s worth it!

Joyce L.

My cats are happy, healthy and playful

2011-09-169/15/2011 – Our cat Winston is 6 years old and Leo is 5. Both cats were adopted as kittens from the Cat People (a cat rescue organization) in Bakersfield, California. Three years ago, we received a coupon for a free 5 lb. bag of FELIDAE cat food with a pet tag which we had ordered via an internet website. I found the only FELIDAE dealer in Bakersfield. It was a long drive, but found that it was well worth it. Both cats came running as soon as they smelled their new cat food.  They simply devoured it. I’ve been feeding them FELIDAE exclusively ever since. Both cats are happy, healthy and playful. We’re all grateful for that one coupon that got us started.

Heidi A

Thanks for making such a great product

2010-11-09felidae11/9/2010 – I just wanted to let you guys know that I recently switched my four cats to your grain free canned diet. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it.

It makes for a good, healthy diet that is high in both moisture and meat content. That is pretty important, since one of my guys is prone to struvite, and if he does not have a healthy grain free diet, he can have a relapse.

Thanks for making such a great product, and please consider expanding the grain free FELIDAE line to include a beef variant.

Thanks again for your time.

I am so amazed at what FELIDAE food was able to accomplish

2010-10-22a10/22/2010 – This is MO, short for Michael Oher from the movie Blind Side about a family who took in a kid who really didn’t have anybody, but had great survival instincts and went on to be a great defensive tackle in the NFL. Well, our little MO was roughly 2-3 weeks old when my son figured we could rescue him. My wife has always wanted a cat, so there was no talking her out of this one! He is from a feral cat and we assume the mother died (coyote) shortly after giving birth.

The old man whose house they were at was only feeding them large kibble dog food. The two other kittens died, and MO was quickly on his way. MO had the sense to take the large kibble dog food and put it in water to soften it, and that’s what he was eating, with barely any teeth! MO’s eyes were glazed over, he could barely stand, stomach was very bloated, and he was a mess. I didn’t think he would survive the night. We went to the local feed store, bought some of the powder formula for kittens, along with some samples of cat food. Among those samples were FELIDAE(which I have never heard of, sorry!). MO still preferred the hard food, (I think because that is what he ate before) so we soaked the FELIDAE in the formula to soften it up. Of course he ate very well. The next morning he was standing a little better, so we had some hope.

2010-10-22bIn a week’s time, he had good color in his eyes, and was walking fine, even grooming himself. Since he ate the food so well, we decided to keep purchasing it for him. In three week’s time from then, the swelling in his stomach was gone, he was running, purring and acting like a normal cat. Now at approximately 15 weeks old, he is the most loving cat I have ever come across. His eyes are crystal clear, and he has the shiniest coat I have ever seen on a cat. I am so amazed at what FELIDAE food was able to accomplish. I am so impressed by it that I have now just recently switched my dogs over to CANIDAE. I figured if it did wonders on the cat, has to be great for my dogs as well. Thank you for such a wonderful product. With MO’s coat and eyes being so shiny, I have to imagine that it is doing wonders internally as well. I look forward to seeing the transition in my dogs in the future.

Douglas S
Pinon Hills, CA

Back to no hairballs

8/24/2010 – All three of my cats love the FELIDAE Chicken & Rice dry food and have had very few hairballs since I started feeding them FELIDAE a few years ago.  My cat who is very prone to illness has also been much healthier!  I did briefly try your newer Grain Free Salmon kibble but found that my cats experienced some hairball issues on it… so I am back to Chicken & Rice and back to no hairballs! Thank you for making such a high quality product!

Tammy G.
Concord, NC

Keep making good cat food!

6/17/2010 – Where can I leave our positive comments about your canned cat food? I hope these pictures can be used. We would like to comment about FELIDAE cat food and how healthy our kitties are because of it. Keep making good cat food! We tell others about your product and our vet says our cats look VERY healthy and asks us what we feed them.

2010-06-17-1-lenaMy retired Mom is also feeding her three new rescued cats (Kiki, Buster and Honey) your dry and canned foods now. She rescued a Mom and her two kittens last August. They are doing well on your foods too!

This is my Lena, she is a sweet Calico mix, five years old. Just had to have a fluid cyst removed from her hind leg, cost $600 but it was getting big and needed to go. She’s a beauty isn’t she? She was given to a shelter after a girl found her outside and took her home but her Mom said she couldn’t keep her. When we got her she was sick with Calicivirus, took her to a holistic vet in Barrington who treated it fast with herbal meds and gave her chiropractic adjustment.

2010-06-17-2-lukaLuka is six years old. He had fatty liver disease two years ago. We had to tube feed him for two months to save his life. The tube was surgically put in the side of his neck. He hated the whole process, and it was very stressful, but we had to help him! He isn’t losing weight now. He is always hungry and we feed him FELIDAE PLATINUM food.

2010-06-17-3-jerryJerry, the senior citizen here, he’s 20 now, was diagnosed with kidney disease. Was giving him IV fluids for months but was able to wean him off. He’s drinking on his own, eating well. He cannot chew dry food so his diet is ALL canned FELIDAE PLATINUM.

2010-06-17-4-mollyPetite Molly is 14 months old. She is a sweetheart and one of the three babies we rescued last October. Some person was handing them out in front of a Sam’s Club in Countryside from a shopping cart! They were terrified. My mom and sister adopted them!

2010-06-17-5-leoLeo is Molly’s brother. He’s a shy, quiet, passive boy, a loner. Loves paper wads and tries to eat my Spider Plants!

Lyle, the other boy in the trio, he’s a cuddler, attached to my son. He follows us when we go to another room and loves to be held.
Lynn N.,

Everyday, she got better. I feel like I have a new cat.

2010-06-08felidae6/8/2010 – I just wanted to send a note of gratitude. My cat is doing so well after being on FELIDAE. I just cannot say how much I appreciate having a healthy, happy cat again. Thank you for making such a fabulous product.

Pictured is Jasmine, she’s almost 10. All her life she’s been such a picky eater. And then she got really sick with Feline Upper Respiratory Disease. I was so concerned because she got so thin and she wasn’t eating ANYTHING.

Someone recommended we try FELIDAE. Well, she acted like she had never been fed. Everyday, she got better. I feel like I have a new cat. She’s more relaxed, not jumpy. She’s more playful and happy. What a difference in her appearance, her coat is gorgeous. I can’t thank you enough. =^^=

Marlene A.
Abbotsford, BC

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