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Then I found FELIDAE

2005 – I have 12 year old Himalayan (female), who had urinary problems for 9 years. The vets could do nothing, put her on prescription Science Diet (to no avail), collected thousands in testing and medications which did nothing. The poor thing suffered, and I suffered. Then I found FELIDAE, and figured I might as well try it. (I was at a Dog show, and your representative had samples). Well, my cat was cured within a week. This product is a lifesaver. She has no more problems, and is so much happier, as am I. I sing your praises to every cat owner I meet. Do the vets know about your pet food? It’s the greatest medicine I ever found. Thank you.

Karsten B

Maine Coons enjoying their FELIDAE

felidaefamily2005 – I am attaching a picture of our happy Maine Coons enjoying their FELIDAE. This is Ves’tacha with her daughter Dharma and her son Buddha, two of the 11 healthy kittens we are currently raising on FELIDAE cat food. Please feel free to add this to your testimonial page, I am listed under Liscoonvarna. Right now I am talking with my local distributor about becoming a retailer for your products, and I am looking forward to providing my friends and clients with superior quality food for their pets.

🙂 Lara L

She Gobbled Up Like It Was Going Out Of Style

2005 – I must say, you make an excellent product. My cat was totally off of her food, I usually feed her Nutro Max and she was getting sick from not eating. I tried many different kinds of foods and finally found FELIDAE which she gobbled up like it was going out of style 🙂


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