Website Guidelines for Authorized CANIDAE International Distributors

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If you have questions regarding our International Website Guidelines, please email Manny Rosillo, or Jim Mantych for assistance. Please also see our complete listing of current CANIDAE International Distributors.

Use of Internet Domain Name

CANIDAE Pet Foods will register a domain name appropriate for your country or region. The domain name may contain the word “Canidae” if available. The domain name will point to your website and other Internet services and is yours to use as long as you remain an Authorized CANIDAE Distributor.

Note: You may not register a domain name containing the word “Canidae” on your own as it would be a violation of our trademark. CANIDAE will register the domain name for you and grant you use according to these terms:

Use of CANIDAE Trademarks, Copyrights and Promotional Materials

  • Your website must not create the appearance of being the “official” CANIDAE Pet Foods website.
  • To avoid confusion, you may not refer to CANIDAE in the first person. For example, state “CANIDAE’s commitment, not “Our commitment.”
  • You must not not harm the reputation or interests of CANIDAE in any way.
  • You must include clear links to the website by using our “International badge” graphic (available below) and the link text “Visit the Official CANIDAE Pet Foods website” in English or your preferred language.
  • You may not duplicate our non-product content, for example: our customer testimonials, or CANIDAE News articles.
  • You are encouraged to duplicate our product pages, ingredients pages, etc., but must keep them up to date.
  • You must include “Some Contents © Copyright CANIDAE Pet Foods, Inc. USA.”

International Badge Graphic

Right-click to download our International Distributor graphic. Please link to


Approved CANIDAE dealers have the rights to use our trademarks, including the trademark “CANIDAE,” solely in connection with the promotion, advertisement, distribution, and sale of CANIDAE products, in accordance with CANIDAE’s trademark usage policy as may be revised from time to time.  Note that our trademark usage policy does not permit use of our trademarks or trade names in email addresses or web addresses.   All uses of  our trademarks by our dealers inure to the benefit of CANIDAE, and we retain all ownership of all our trademarks in all regions of the world.  We request that all approved CANIDAE retailers inform us of any unauthorized use of our trademarks of which it becomes aware, and CANIDAE will take such actions as it deems appropriate, in its discretion.”

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