Breeder MPR Request Form


This is Not an Online Application for Our Breeder Program.

Please review the information below. We will send you an application in the mail that must be returned to us once you complete the online form.

Our Breeder-MPR program is open to those people in the U.S. and Canada who have multiple dogs or cats (three or more) and are actively involved in dog/cat activities such as performance, conformation, breeding, training or rescue.  CANIDAE also works closely with such organizations as Greyhounds of America, and Dogs for the Blind.

If you feel you qualify for our Breeder-MPR program and would like more information,  please complete the following web form and be sure to include a brief resume/bio of your activities with animals, number of pets, industry involvement, etc., and we will have the program information and application mailed out to you.  We require all applications be submitted back to us by mail for consideration.

For eligibility verification purposes, you will be asked to supply a copy of your business license, business card, a recent published ad, and/or an active website link when you return the application for processing.  Rescue Organizations will be asked to submit proof of 501(3)(c) status or State Registration as a non-profit organization.

Once you receive the application, please fill it out completely and mail back into us along with the required documentation.  You will be notified by mail once you have been approved for the program.

Thank you.


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