FAQS – Info for Breeders

Our Breeder-MPR program is open to those people in the U.S. and Canada who have multiple dogs or cats (three or more) and are actively involved in dog/cat activities such as performance, conformation, breeding, training, rescue, and fire and law enforcement.

The Breeder MPR Program entitles qualified participants to one free bag for every five bags they purchase from an authorized CANIDAE Retailer. Documentation is required to be eligible for this program and restrictions apply. Organizations, such as Greyhounds of America and Dogs for the Blind, are encouraged to apply. Please see our Breeder MPR request form to apply.

To apply, please fill out our Breeder MPR request form.

Please send an email to breeder-mpr@canidae.com that includes your name, address and phone number and we will email the information to you.

Puppy and Kitten packs are a benefit for our registered CANIDAE breeders and restrictions apply.

If you are a registered breeder, complete this form to request packs for new litters.

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