FAQs – Pet Food Safety

To assure the safety of our products, CANIDAE has strict protocols in place including Incoming ingredient testing that is done before any ingredients are even allowed into the plant. All formulas are tested in-line during our production runs and always cleared by a second supervisor. Additionally, there are multiple ingredient and finished product tests that are performed. After the fresh product is packaged and palletized, every pallet is clearly labeled as “Test and Hold”. Samples from every finished batch are sent to our on-site quality assurance laboratory where our lab personnel perform additional tests for pathogens. Pallets of product are only released for shipment after our Quality Assurance Lab Manager has certified the product has passed our stringent quality and safety guidelines.

Please read our published Commitment to Pet Food Safety for detailed information.

No. We do not nor have we ever added glutens to our products. Glutens are a special protein naturally occurring in many carbohydrates. The most commonly used gluten and of highest concern is wheat. Glutens can also be processed out of carbohydrates yielding a high protein ingredient.

Canned pet foods should be treated with the same precautions as any perishable food. Once opened, canned pet food should be covered and refrigerated. If covered properly, the food will usually last up to 3 days. After that time the food should be discarded. The temperature and cleanliness of your refrigerator affect how long the food will remain safe. Once the canned pet food is removed from the refrigerator and brought to room temperature, the food should not be refrigerated a second time and instead discarded.

Yes. Specially designed can linings protect CANIDAE canned foods. These linings are the same as those used for many canned foods sold for people. They are made with a food grade emulsion coating approved by the USDA and pose no health risks. Once opened, it is safe to store the remaining food in the can if the can is covered properly and refrigerated.

None of CANIDAE’s products are formulated with the use of ethoxyquin as a preservative, nor are they produced with Ethoxyquin. We pay high premiums for all our ingredients assuring only the best are used. We continue testing to assure our standards of excellence and commitment to meet or exceed the pet food category’s finished goods test results.

We are aware of a few websites, mostly discussion forums, that contain negative comments about our food. We encourage our customers to contact us directly if they have a concern so that we can answer any questions and follow up if necessary. At CANIDAE, we are committed to providing you, our valued customer, and your pets the highest standard of excellence for product quality, palatability, and customer satisfaction. Please remember, we are all pet parents ourselves at CANIDAE and feed our own beloved cats and dogs the same food that you do.

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