New Packaging – Life Stages

CANIDAE® Life Stages Formulas Now Have A Fresh New Look With The Same Great Formulas!

New Packaging Life Stages


A Fresh New Look On The Outside!
When it came time to update all our retail packaging for CANIDAE® Life Stages and FELIDAE® Life Stages, our team listened closely to feedback from retailers, distributors, and customers. We are a growing company and we’re excited to share our products with as many pets and their people as possible. We knew we needed a new look, and we knew we wanted to make the packaging as user-friendly as possible. There are plenty of pet food choices, and we wanted our customers to have enough clear information about our foods so they can feel as good about feeding them as we do about making them. Our new CANIDAE® Life Stages packaging offers eye-catching shelf appeal at retail along with easy to read product features and benefits for consumers. We also moved our FELIDAE® cat food line under our CANIDAE® Life Stages brand umbrella and gave the packaging an update, as well!

The Same Great Formulas On The Inside!
One thing we knew we didn’t want to change is the formulas. We kept them all the same tried and true recipes our customers have come to know and trust. Inside every bag and can you’ll find the same carefully selected ingredients, the same formulation, and the same commitment to quality and assurance that goes into every product at CANIDAE® Pet Foods!

HealthPLUS Solutions In Every Bite™
As a leader in pet nutrition, we’ve always applied a trio of precise micronutrients on every kibble after cooking. This “super trio” includes probiotics for healthy digestion, antioxidants for a healthy immune system, and omega 6&3 for beautiful skin and coat. HealthPLUS Solutions™ is the official new name we’ve given this unique process—but the benefits have always been there!

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