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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Thanks for offering your product and being part of our team!!

June 14, 2016

brutisI want to thank you for taking such great care of my son Brutis.  He is our Diabetic Alert Dog. He is a 5 year old Lab that is my 15 year old daughter’s best friend and literally her lifesaver. He goes everywhere Quinn does. To school, the tennis court, the stables, everywhere she or the family goes. I honestly think of him as my son. Brutis uses smell to help keep Quinn’s blood glucose numbers where they need to be. When they are not appropriate, he alerts. When she is sleeping he comes and wakes up her father or myself. He has prevented her from dangerous episodes numerous times.

Making sure Brutis is healthy so he can take care of Quinn is a top priority–thus we only feed him Canidae. We did much research and spoke with our trainers, vets and others involved with Brutis to be sure we are doing everything we can to keep him the healthiest and happiest. Thanks for offering your product and being part of our team!!

-Polly R.

Helps them maintain beautiful coats and excellent health

June 13, 2016

bradWe feed our Havanese Canidae Grain Free Pure Land, with Bison. The dogs enjoy it and it has helped them maintain beautiful coats and excellent health.

Hendrix is my wife’s Grand Champion Havanese. He is a multi-group winner, and the pictures attached are from 2014 when he won the Toy Group two days running at the June AKC sanctioned shows in Anchorage, AK.


Our dog and cat both love Canidae Pure Lamb food

June 7, 2016

russCandida’s Pure series of dog foods is a great dog food, Cooper, my 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog shelter rescue absolutely adores it, current favorites are the lamb and the salmon formulas.

He’s not the only one though, our domestic shorthair cat, Blue also loves the lamb dog food he actually prefers it to his cat food which unfortunately is not Canidae, he’s tried it, and prefers going back to the corn based junk food “meow” brand, however, lately, given a choice between Meow and Canidae Pure Lamb, he goes to the Canidae, perhaps it’s time to try the Pure for cats again….

The biggest problem with feeding Blue outside (he’s an indoor/outdoor cat, a barn and house cat) is  that he is not the only animal that loves the lamb dog food, blue has to compete against my small flock of backyard free range chickens, the instant the chickens here the Canidae food hit the bowl they race over from the barn, and immediately crowd Blue out, Yes you read that right, Blue actually gets run off his food by a flock of chickens, He’s not the bravest cat but he still very affectionate cat, he actually acts more like a dog but a cat, and no that’s not after I fed him the dog food he’s always been that way.

So in addition to dogs, Canidae dog food is also loved by our house cat and a flock of free range chickens , Perhaps you should consider making poultry feed with the same high standards that you make for your dog and cat food I know my chickens would absolutely love it.

-Russ W.

He’s a happy allergy free dog.

June 6, 2016

lisaHi!! I’ve been a lover and advocate for animals since I was little, with setting up my lemon aid stand for saving the whales.  My newest Foster “Archie” was, as I told my husband a sad challenge. He was scheduled to be put down at a shelter about 100 miles from my home, with 3 other dogs. I went to go pick them all up for our rescue. I promised my husband I’d find a great home for him. After all we already had plenty animals.

When I picked him up you couldn’t even see a dog under all the dirt, mats and stench. He screamed the whole ride home and I needed the windows down due to the smell. He was deaf, due to his ears not being attended to, a senior animal that no one took care of and his skin was bright red after he had to be shaved down. The poor thing had horrible allergies and didn’t even know what to do with kibble. I couldn’t get him to eat anything.  He had been abandoned in a cemetery when the city picked him up. His eyes swollen and tar like goo filled them. He tried to attack me when I put drops in his ears that were closed… All due to neglect and allergies. I started with my vets guidance. She wanted him muzzled when we treated him. I just couldn’t see it so I wrapped him in a blanket and slowly he started to trust me.

Now, thanks to your grain free food and slowly with care, he’s a happy allergy free dog. The allergies were making him insane. What a difference. He gladly gave up his need for wet food. His hearing has returned now that the swelling has gone down. He can see and his skin has returned to normal.

Did I find him a perfect home? Yes I did, right here with us. No one saw past all his issues and the time it took to get him there, but we did. That old sad sickly dog is now Benjamin Button, he runs around healthy, peppy and happy.  The right care and grain free food makes the world of difference! Thank you!

-Lisa C.

His coat is absolutely gorgeous

June 5, 2016

charlesI’ve had my pointer on Pure Elements for about a year now, and his coat is absolutely gorgeous.  He is an AKC Grand Champion and this kibble keeps him in top condition both in the ring and in the field.

-Charles Z.

I look forward to seeing his overall health/appearance continue to improve.

June 4, 2016

christinaI met my German Shepard mix Link a year ago when a neighbor offered him to me. He was skinny, rough coat, and flaking. Along with Link, I was given a bag of very cheap dog food. Basically cardboard. I didn’t know better as this is my first dog and continued to feed this to him for months. Recently, I took Link to obedience training. Seeing the difference in our relationship just based on that one step made me want to do even more for him. I researched dog foods, picked brains of friends, and finally spoke to a very helpful associate at Petco.

After much deliberation, Canidae was the winner. I bought a small bag to test the waters and followed instructions from the associate on how to best acclimate Link to his new food. It’s been one month since that time and I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen! His coat is more beautifully colored and soft, his flaking and dandruff have subsided, and he’s gained the proper amount of weight to be considered healthy. He loves his food. Today I bought his first large bag and look forward to trying new flavors for him. I look forward to seeing his overall health/appearance continue to improve. Thank you so much Canidae!

-Cristiana C.


We are thrilled that he finally seems back to himself.

June 2, 2016

thumbnail_TuckerI just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your food.  We have tried what feels like every food out there for our Labrador retriever.  He goes in spells where he won’t eat his food (which is strange for a lab!), throws up, and eats lots of grass for his upset stomach.  We have taken him to the vet several times and done x-rays and lab work, and they couldn’t ever find anything wrong.  Finally, we heard about your food and gave it a try.  We made it through an entire bag of your Grain Free Wild Boar food and he loved it.  We don’t have to coax him to eat or mix anything in with it, we don’t have to sit with him to encourage him to eat, he isn’t throwing up, and is rarely eating grass.  We are thrilled that he finally seems back to himself.  Thank you!

-Hannah Y.

The change to my dog has been night and day.

June 2, 2016

javierHello, I have a Maltese dog, 14 years old. I visited a local pet shop and the owner recommended your food, after 14 years of Pedigree food, the change to the dog has been night and day. The first change I noticed were the eyes became clear, the dog is full of energy and the allergy on the paws is gone as well as the redness on his anus.

Great product, cannot believe what a difference food could made to a dog.

-Javier R.


Clark is finally his bouncy puppy self

May 25, 2016

Here is our testimonial for Canidae Grain Free Puppy food:

nolanAs a young bouncy happy puppy our 3 month old Sheepadoodle, Clark, suddenly developed intestinal problems. After numerous vet visits and treatments of different foods and medicine, the issue always would seem to return. Not until Clark tried CANIDAE Grain Free Puppy for the first time was his issue under control and he is back to his regular business. Clark is finally his bouncy puppy self and can’t jump up and down enough as we fill his bowl with CANIDAE . We highly recommend this Grain Free product to anyone with a puppy that has a sensitive stomach issue.

Thank you for all your help Beth,

Nolan & Geena N.

It wasn’t people food she wanted, it was tastier kibble!

May 21, 2016

patriciaI wanted to share my good experience with both your product and your customer service.  I wanted to switch my dogs from a high-quality hi protein grain free kibble (from another manufacturer) to one that was a little lower in protein, and included some quality carbs. I heard good things about Canidae All Life Stages (ALS) from the kind woman in Texas who rescued and fostered our older dog. So I tried it, and took a slow approach in the transition. However my dogs were having loose and more frequent stools on ALS. Nothing crazy, but not great either.

I contacted Beth in customer service, who offered advice and ideas for handling the transition. She also noted that ALS is a bit higher in calories per cup as well as fiber compared our previous brand. With that in mind, I reduced the feeding amounts, and continued to move slowly with the transition. Voila! It worked. Both doggies are digesting nicely now. Most importantly, they LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of ALS. My older girl would frequently walk away from her bowl of grain free kibble. I thought she was holding out for people food. Now she cannot wait to eat twice a day!! It wasn’t people food she wanted, it was tastier kibble! She cannot wait to eat, and finishes her bowl quickly. Same with our other pooch. They go back to lick the empty bowls over and over. Happy dogs, happy mom!

-Patricia W.

Just wanted to take a moment to praise you and the quality of your products!

May 18, 2016

samanthaHello! Just wanted to take a moment to praise you and the quality of your products! I adopted my dog almost 2 years ago and have been feeding her Canidae ever since! I wouldn’t ever dream of switching!

Thank you so much & keep being paw-some! 🙂

-Samantha H.

My dogs are now getting up in years, and have been very healthy their whole lives.

May 14, 2016

michelleI have fed Canidae, from 2004 and never had a problem on this food, no dry skin, no soft poops. My dogs are now getting up in years, and all are cancer free and have been very healthy their whole lives. I do Conformation, so a healthy coat, bright healthy eyes do wonders for the ring. I also do weight pull, local carting events for children and the local libraries, so a sound dog given proper nutrition to stay in great form is also important. Thank you Canidae!

-Michelle B.

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