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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Thank you for the joy of the added years for my beloved pet.

April 10, 2016

tipper-girlfriendI have had Golden Retrievers for about 50 years.  None had ever lived to the age of 12.  About 15 years ago, I discovered Canidae in a list of recommended foods in the Whole Dog Journal.  I had one Golden then and when she was about 2. I got another puppy.  By that time I had switched to Canidae All Stages and that’s all the puppy has ever eaten.  She is now 13 1/2 and still beautiful….running, rolling, swimming and enjoying life in general.  Thank you for the joy of the added years for my beloved pet.

-Blakeney B.

He no longer has digestive issues and is a thriving happy puppy.

April 8, 2016

anatasiaOur Berner puppy, Porter, was dealing with sensitive stomach digestive issues for a month and half. Nothing we tried helped; premium food, chicken and rice, prescription diets and supplements. Finally we decided to try the Canidae large breed puppy. We started transitioning to Canidae and within 2 days we noticed a huge difference. His stools we firm and he was happy and energetic. He no longer has digestive issues and is a thriving happy puppy. Thank you.

-Anastasia D.

After putting her on Canidae, her symptoms were eliminated

March 30, 2016

estobanI was introduced to Canidae through a dog trainer. My dog had issues with allergies (excessive ear scratching and skin irritation). 2 to 3 weeks after putting her on Canidae, her symptoms diminished and eventually were completely eliminated.  12 or so years later we are still using it and loving it.

-Esteban A.

Hallelujah, I found the holy grail for this picky eater!

March 27, 2016

louloveWe adopted our cockapoo, Lou, almost 2 months. He was an underweight fluffy hairball that was found wandering the streets and rescued by a wonderful local organization. We received a free bag of small breed dog food (not Canidae brand) and also bought a few cans of wet food. At first he only wanted to eat wet food and snickered his nose at the dry dog food. Eventually, by mixing some wet food in with the dry food he got accustomed to it but would only eat it with some wet food. After a few days, we realized that the dry dog food was for small breed overweight or less active dogs which was not a good fit for little active boy. So  after some research, I decided to switch him over to a reputable dog food that contained white fish (not Canidae brand again) that I thought would be wonderful for his tummy, coat and skin. Unfortunately, he didn’t enjoy eating it. It was like pulling teeth to get him to eat it. We tried everything for him to like it. We added water to it, we crushed down the kibble in the blender, then we did both, then we started adding low sodium chicken broth to it, then hide treats it (he just picked them out) or adding wet dog food (which our vet informed us that wet dog food is junk food to dogs and is bad for their teeth so we knew we couldn’t just give him that). Really, he only ate it when he absolutely was hungry or there was a “prize” aka wet food or treat involved.

After 2 weeks we started to notice blood in his stool and took him to the vet for a check up and costly EPI test (it came out negative). Not to mention a 7-10 day prescription to ease his tummy and a white rice and shredded chicken diet (which he loved but we needed a nutritional and permanent fix). I believe that whitefish dog food triggered this upsetting and worrisome situation and I totally trashed that dog food.

So the search continued… and I found the Canidae Small Breed Grain-free dog food and it changed everything! He enjoys eating this food!!! Hallelujah, I found the holy grail for this picky eater! I add a little bit of low sodium chicken broth to it and Lou eats it! In fact, he’s even gained some weight! We absolutely love this dog food and wish we found it sooner, like the night we brought him home. I totally recommend this particular one (Canidae Pure Fields Grain Free Chicken Small Breed dog food) to anyone who has a picky small breed dog. I will never buy or switch him to another brand for the rest of his life. This is only dog food brand I will ever buy. My only two issues/complaints that I have (not related to the food itself) is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size bag and it isn’t resealable. For the money I spend on this food (totally worth it though) I would think it would at least be resealable. Nonetheless, I love Canidae and Lou and I will be a loyal customer forever.

-Mihaela C.

We started feeding Canidae and everything changed.

March 23, 2016

I have a Jack Russell Pit Bull mix, a Maine Coone, and a Domestic Short Hair, all of which have allergies to a lot of foods. I started buying them the Canidae Pure Salmon, and the difference was outstanding. My DSH who was always very shy, and often threw up everything he ate came out of his shell and started begging for more food. My Maine Coone who had been losing hair started growing it again, he now has such a full shiny and soft coat. My pit mix had been allergic to every food we tried, even orijen and that’s supposed to be a great food, we started feeding her the Canidae and everything changed. My vet is astonished at how healthy my pets and their coats are. The difference is truly amazing. I love canidae for both my dog and my two cats, it has been a serious blessing.

-Amber H.

THIS dog has a beautiful and correct coat!

March 22, 2016
dianeBigsby, our 3 year old Golden, was suffering from horrible allergies. Our vet determined he needed a grain free diet with zero poultry products. He had been out of the show ring for a year, because I knew he was dealing with too many things to show his best. 5 months ago we switched him to Pure Land. His energy was restored, and his coat came back. He is happy and doing so well, last weekend he took a 3 point major win! Right before he won his major. And what did the judge say? “THIS dog has a beautiful and correct coat!” I cannot thank you enough for what Pure Land has done for my itchy, sneezy, bald boy. We are indebted to you.
-Deanna F.

In the past 60 days, our older dog has completely changed.

March 21, 2016

bentley-thick-fur Our 10 year old Akita, Bentley, was suffering a thinning coat, losing weight and scratching constantly.  We had him checked for fleas, tried steroid shots and even vitamin shots.  We had no luck.  It looked as if our beloved Akita was going to leave us and leave a huge hole in our family after being part of it for so long.

In an effort to look for a new pup to replace Bentley, we adopted a little Akita named Bandit.  He was a little teddy bear of energy and couldn’t wait to play with our older dog, Bentley.  We could see Bentley was wanting to play with the pup but simply felt too bad to get up and go.  On our regular Saturday “outings” we took both dogs with us to our local retailer to inquire about a new dog food for the pup.  We usually use a puppy chow, but after consideration, thought it might be good to use a better food that both dogs could enjoy.

bandit-with-his-hippoOur local dog trainer, Brian, suggested that we use Canidae as a great food for our puppy and also try our adult dog on it.  He didn’t directly comment that our current food could be the problem, but he did say that Canidae was a superior food to most foods on the market.  Canidae is more expensive than the brand we were using, but we thought that our new dog was definitely worth it, and we would love for our older dog, Bentley, to have a better chance at a little bit of a longer life.

In the past 60 days, our older dog has completely changed.  His coat is thicker, fuller and shiny!  It’s never been this full.  He’s no longer shedding constantly.  He’s put on weight for the first time.  He’s always been thin, no matter how much food we put down or how many treats and supplements we try to feed him.  He simply wasn’t interested.  He vet visit on Friday, 3/21/2016 showed him up 8 pounds.  8 POUNDS! for the first time in 10 years, our dog has bright eyes, shiny fur and is bouncy and full of energy!  He’s as energetic as a dog half his age!

We took both dogs into the Vet for their rabies shot, and the vet could not believe the difference in Bentley.  The aids who work with him couldn’t believe his ability to get up on the table, jump down, focus and how great his coat looked.  In the fall, we were all stressed he might not make it through the winter.  Now, the vet thinks he might go another 2 years.  The dog is simply doing amazing.  He actually looks forward to feeding time.  Our pup is filling out nicely, and his coat is fluffy and beautiful as well.  We told the vet about the change of food and he suggested we write you.

We cannot thank you enough.  Our precious dog, Bentley has got a little more time to spend with us and to enjoy his quality of life.  It’s a wonderful blessing.  Our new pup, Bandit, will never know the trouble of a constant shed, the trouble gaining weight and the lack of energy.

Thank you,

-Alice W.

Each meal is like they are tasting it for the first time

March 20, 2016

DovannaI wanted to share some pics of my pups – raised on your dog food and a year later eat each meal like they are tasting it for the first time.


Our cats and dog love your food

March 19, 2016

Our cats and dog love your food and we feel safe and comfortable buying it for them. After trying multiple different brands that either caused problems after some time or went bad, we finally found a trustworthy, minimal ingredient food for our pets.


Only brand that his sensitive tummy can tolerate

March 18, 2016

keisel-2I am writing to let you know  how much I love your product. My lab (Keisel) has a very weak tummy, we have tried so many different brands of dog food and Canidae is the only brand that his sensitive tummy can tolerate. I purchase the largest bags of dog food you offer at our local Pet Club and it lasts us about a month because we do not have to feed him as much to satisfy his hunger.

-Jennifer F

Thanks for making clean, few ingredients quality dog food!

March 17, 2016

DeniseAtilla the Honey is almost 12, she developed some health issue which caused her to lose weight and have stomach issues.  We switched to Pure Bison dry and Pure Land wet, she is doing great!  Thanks for making clean, few ingredients quality dog food!

-Denise C.

I see the value of a quality product.

March 17, 2016
susanMy lab was switched over to the Canidae All Life Stages dog food. We had to adjust down the amount he was eating but already we see his beautiful shiny coat! I see the value of a quality product.

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