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Picky eater LOVES Canidae

February 11, 2016

roxee3The first one is Rocky our 1 1/2 yr old lab/pit mix and our pickiest eater. He highly recommends the Canidae! 


The second is our 3 yr old Pitbull terrier named Diesel. He is a pound rescue and loves the food!  





Roxee1And the third is Little Bit our other 1 1/2 yr old lab/pit mix (and Rocky’s litter mate) who is also a picky eater and LOVES the Canidae!


The best food we tried so far and also reasonably priced!

February 11, 2016

maxiAs you all know, we bulldogs have quite sensitive bellies, so after months of putting our mom through allergies, liquid BM and just not enjoying our food, after trying 10+ various brands, we discovered Canidae. We eat the Canidae Pure Sky or Sea diet, which we love. It’s delicious, its grain free, it has the necessary oils to make our skin shine! Our skin is silky smooth, no more hives or allergies, perfect (and predictable) BM, all in all, it’s . Thanks Canidae for making such a great product!

-Maxi and Vito

Canidae Helped My Dog Gain Weight During Chemo

February 2, 2016

Sophie is my beloved one year old cockapoo. She has always been a picky eater with a very fleeting appetite.  After trying lots of high quality brands, Sophie was still hovering on the low end of her growth chart.  This past December Sophie’s appetite decreased to an alarming level.  After several visits to the vet, she was diagnosed with advanced canine lymphoma.  She began chemotherapy treatments the week following her diagnosis at a specialty veterinary practice due to the complex nature of her case.  I was scrambling to find a healthy food that would help her put weight back on during chemo, when a very kind sales girl at the pet store suggested I try Canidae.  She even sent me home with some samples for Sophie to try.  Sophie immediately started picking the Canidae kibbles out of her old dog food.  She has now gained back all of the weight and more thanks to Canidae.  She is well into the middle of her first cycle of chemotherapy and is responding well to the treatment. 

– Caroline

I love Canidae dog food

January 30, 2016

 I love Canidae dog food, but most importantly my dogs do so well on it.  I have attached a picture of one of my hard-working Collies.

sheltyThe picture is of Robert, and the cart he used, and the awards he won, for earning his Newfoundland Draft Dog title. Robert had to be in good condition, healthy and full of energy to do the draft and carting tests I competed with him in.  He also has his Bernese Mountain Dog draft title and his Collie carting title.  Thank you again.

-Melissa S. 

I am so thankful for Pure Salmon!

January 27, 2016

CorrinaI rescued my fur baby Mijo on New Years Day 2014 when he was about three months old. As he grows I noticed he can’t have poultry or grains because they make him sick. As he was having trouble gaining & keeping on weight. Finally I started feeding him Canidae Pure Salmon. He loves it & he also started being his “ideal” weight. He was been on it now for about five months without any problems. I am so thankful!


I care about what I feed them

January 20, 2016

Charllie_LucyWe feed our dogs Canidae Grain-Free PURE Sky with Duck Dry Dog Food.  We tried several of the others you offer but this one seems to be the one that agrees best with their digestive system and they just LOVE it. Feeding them anything other than your food would be like feeding my family fast food everyday.  I would never do that to my human family nor to my furry four legged family either.  I care about what I feed them, I want them to live a long and healthy life and by feeding them CANIDAE I’m doing the best I can to ensure they stay healthy and with me for a long time.


My two 3 month old black lab puppies love it

January 18, 2016

RyanI’m new to using Canidae and just bought my first bag of Life Stages Large Breed Puppy Food a few weeks ago. It’s only been a short while, but before beginning the product, they both had dry skin flakes in their coats but now their coats are jet black and free of dry skin.


Thanks Canidae for the fantastic food

January 10, 2016

stacy1I am the proud momma of 2 basset hounds and a German Shepard mix.  Unfortunately two of the three have some pretty bad allergies. We can’t eat poultry, lamb, beef, or grains.  I also do foster work and baby quiet a bit.  It too a long time to find a food that everyone could eat.   I feed mix of Canidae Pure the salmon and wild boar varieties.  Not only are my three really healthy but every other dog at the house can eat the food without loose stool or vomiting.  The ingredients are top notch and probiotics in the food has really made opening my home to new pets a joyful experience.

-Stacy H.


Highly recommend All Life Stages to any multiple dog home

December 30, 2015

multiWe got our dog Penny from the shelter where she was fed Science Diet. Her weight required four-five cups of Science Diet a day! That’s a lot of messes in the backyard, if you know what I mean! We already had a 7 year old dog at home on a senior dog food and I was not thrilled about having to purchase two different types of dog food. Started researching online and found Canidae All Life Stages. My dogs absolutely love the food! And I can feed my 3 year old pit bull and my 8 year old Havanese the same food! And the max for my pitty is three cups a day! Now that’s a quality dog food. And the very best part is their coats, they’re both so soft and so shiny since switching it’s unbelievable, and its only been a few weeks! Thank you Canidae, my dogs love it and so do I. I highly recommend All Life Stages to any multiple dog home.

-Wendy S.

We love that it’s good, and safe for him to eat!

December 28, 2015

parker39A few months ago our beloved bull mastiff, Parker, had to change his diet due to an overwhelming amount of allergies.  Trying to find a food on the market that contained none of the ingredients that he is no longer allowed to have, as well as getting him to eat the flavors proved to me a challenge.  We finally found Canidae Pure Wild Boar formula, made in the USA, contains no fillers, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no chicken and no white potatoes.  Parker loves the flavor, and we love that it’s good, and safe for him to eat.  THANK YOU CANIDAE!

-Danielle & Brian M.

Skyy loves Canidae

December 22, 2015

skyyOur newest Sheltie is 20 month old Skyy. While we have tried a number of premium brands we feed her Canidae 90% of the time and she loves it. We switched to Canidae about 7 years ago when we discovered that most supermarket-bought dog foods are unhealthy garbage with ingredients from god-knows-where. Another big plus is Canidae is made in the USA!

-Sue & Pete

In 3 ½ weeks we have noticed improved health

December 16, 2015

We want to thank you all for such an amazing product.  We recently rescued a dog (Sasha) who was on very poor food and has severe skin issues.  We have another dog (Hailey) who we had on premium food (same brand for over 7 years) and have been considering switching her food due to the company we were using kept increasing their price by a lot and the weight of the bag decreasing.  We started extensive research on our options coming across your company and love everything about you and your story and what you stand for (made in USA, your commitment to quality, ingredients, how you process your food, and the pride the company/ employees have).  We have a client that owns a pet store in Northern California and when we were confronting her in making our selection she gave you a high rating.  This was a huge help in us making our decision to switching our food over to Canidae.  We are very happy with your product and Sasha is doing amazingly well.  She still scratches but you have to remember she has only been on the food for 3 ½ weeks.  However in that 3 ½ weeks we have noticed a considerable difference in her health.

Blessings to you all,
Laurie, Dave, and our fur daughters Hailey and Sasha

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