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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

They love their food again and the GI issues are gone

May 11, 2016

brianFour years ago when we first got our Great Danes, Maximus and Spartcus (aka Max and Sparty), we immediately started using Canidae All Stages Formula. From our research and speaking with other Great Dane owners, this was the best choice for our soon-to-be “big boys”. When we added another big boy, Bentley (a rescued pit bull mix), about 2 years ago, we began looking for cheaper options due to the amount of food that they were going through each week.

Big mistake! Over 4 – 5 months of using a different, cheaper brand that was highly recommended, our pups coats became duller; they all seemed less interested in their food and lost weight; Sparty began having GI issues, including diarrhea and small amounts of blood in his stool. We thought something was horribly wrong with our dogs; it was not until the 3rd or 4th trip to the vet, though, that we connected the change in our dogs with the change in their diets.

We immediately switched back to Canidae, and are so glad we did! They love their food again, the GI issues are gone, and we are constantly getting compliments on how shiny their coats look. The cheaper brand was not worth the cost, stress on our dogs, stress on us, or additional time requirements (cleaning up accidents, going to vet, etc.). Thank you Canidae for making such a wonderful product!

-Brian and Camri D.

Canidae actually cares about their products and consumers.

May 11, 2016

steve-1It’s been a few weeks now with the new food and both my dogs have never been better. No scratching, glossy coats, and they eat real well. Thanks again for letting me try your food again. My pups are happy and so am I. Good job!

I am totally happy with the food, the service and care you gave us. I felt like Canidae actually cares about their products and consumers.

steve2Thank you so much!


Domino absolutely loves the grain free snap biscuits.

May 10, 2016

connorMy blue heeler/catahoula cross – Domino – absolutely loves the grain free snap biscuits. All of them are a hit, but the salmon flavor gets her drooling and prancing, which always brings a smile to my face. She knows around 12+ tricks (learning more all the time), and will do all of them in succession just for one of these biscuits at the end. I consider that a sure fire sign that this is a great product. Thanks.

-Connor L.

The switch in food for her has made a huge difference for her.

May 10, 2016

This is just a small thank you.

ShaunaAbout a year ago my husband and I rescued a little, under weight, very sick, doberman puppy. We knew we would have a pile of medical bills, but we couldn’t leave her where she was. During all of her treatment to get her better, it was discovered that she had allergies. Not just sensitivity to certain foods, but made her sick, break out in bumps and gastrointestinal issues too.

Our vet suggested a costly allergy test. Without any hesitation we jumped at the chance to find out what was making our girl so miserable. After the results came back we of course eliminated anything in her diet that would cause problems.
Unfortunately, there was still something causing her problems and the only thing we could do was change her diet again. We have always had her on a quality food, but I was sure there was something in the food that was bothering her. The allergy test was great for some basic info, but somewhat limited on foods.

After many hours researching foods trying to find a limited ingredient list that didn’t contain things like milk, eggs, and carrots, some of her worst allergies, I came across your Pure line.

I called you and asked some tough questions. The wonderful lady I spoke with, I wish I could remember her name, answered all my questions. She could even tell me where your protein and fish oil were sourced from. She suggested we try the Pure Land food because of so few ingredients.
We made the switch, and I’m happy to say my girl, Roca is doing better! The switch in food for her has made a huge difference for her. Allergy bumps are few and far between now, she isn’t taking antihistamines every day anymore, and she seems so much happier without having to stop and itch all time. She feels better, has a few bumps, and the back end is working better too.

So again, I thank you. As a dog owner and professional dog trainer, and seeing the results in my own dog, I have no hesitation recommending your food to my clients and the rescue I work with. They are thrilled to hear that my questions were answered honestly and without any run around.

Thank you again for being such a great resource for my pets and my business,


We have found our home with Canidae.

May 4, 2016

MaikelMy dog only eats your brand dog food. After having some coat issues. We switched foods. We have found our home here. Zeus loves the duck and the lamb . Been on it 2 years now he is healthy and a beautiful dog. I would love to have him be a sponsor for your food brand.

-Maikel N.

I have noticed an extreme improvement in my animals.

May 4, 2016

amanda1I just want to say that I LOVE Canidae! I am an employee at Petco and I decided to try the food because I get a decent discount, I went from Pedigree and Purina, 2 cats and 1 dog, to Canidae grain free, and I have noticed an extreme improvement in my animals. Their coats are so soft and shiny, they have energy and they are so healthy, even my vet was impressed with their health!

amanda2I will continue to buy the food no matter what, the price is great the product is awesome! I have been and will continue to recommend all customers at Petco to the Canidae food brands! So thanks to you my babies are healthy and happy!

-Amanda P.

I know that your product is what is helping him grow and thrive.

April 28, 2016

SantinaFirst I want to say thank you for creating a food for all types of dogs. 8 months ago a small dog was giving to me because he was disabled. He was born without one eye and also has seizures. I went to Petco in Chubbuck, Idaho and ask them to recommend a puppy food with a high fat content and they recommend CANIDAE puppy.

He is thriving and has even amazed our Vet. Know one thought he would make it pass 1 month. But he has proved them all wrong. To me and my family he is just like a small child that just needs a chance to live and with your product he has. I spend $60 if not more to buy his food, because I know that your product is what is helping him grow and thrive.

So I just wanted you to know that my family and PEANUT love you product, because he loves every flavor you make.

-Santina G.

She loves Canidae Grain Free Pure and it helped with the allergic reaction she was having

April 25, 2016

valerieI’ve been feeding my dog the Canidae Grain Free Pure dry formulas for a year and a half now. She loves it, and it helped with the allergic reaction she was having to the food I had her on previously. I just discovered that you now have treats, which is GREAT! She loves them too by the way, thank you for making such wonderful food and treats for our pets.

P.S. I just started working for a well known pet store, and can personally tell you that I have switched and sold your food to about 5 people because of my testament about your product.

-Valerie T.

Thank you, your food has been a Godsend for my allergy prone pups.

April 19, 2016

christine1I have 2 Chihuahuas, 2 Great Danes. 3 of them have allergies. I got my first Dane puppy and had issues with loose BMs with every food that I tried over an 8 month period. The last one we tried before Canidae affected all of them almost immediately. They all started having dry, course fur that was shedding constantly in addition to the GI issues. Bad gas, burps and loose stools. When I changed to Canidae pure (Bison) within 2 days their fur was back to soft and shiny, and lo and behold, my Dane pup that I had tried on many other foods suddenly had almost no gas/burps and normal stool.

Christine2So 3 allergic animals who suddenly stop itching, 4 animals that had less gurgly tummies and look beautiful. I highly recommend this food. I have one picky eater and she literally does a little tap dance waiting to get her food. I want to know I’m feeding them healthily and with the best food available. Thank you Canidae, for the great quality food!

-Christine C.

I wish we had discovered Canidae years ago!

April 19, 2016

lisa-tI have a 10 year old mixed breed dog, we think Border Collie/Lab, who spent the first 9 years of his life in allergic misery. He has been to the vet more than 20 normal dogs, he’s had skin scrapings, countless blood tests, and even tried a multitude of different drugs and dog foods. Nothing worked to give him relief except Prednisone. Much of what I read was not good for a dog to be on it long term but we wanted him to have a good comfortable life. Anyway, there came a time when I decided I needed to look for a good senior formula of dog food for Shadow and Canidae was the food chose. It is a long story how but I missed a few of his doses of Prednisone and miraculously it had no effect. This was about 6 months after he was changed to Canidae Platinum. I decided to try and wean him off the steroids with the vet’s blessing. It is because of this we learned Shadow has Lymphoma. Once he was off the Prednisone his lymph nodes swelled so bad he had trouble swallowing. We had to put him back on Prednisone but at a dose 4 times what he was on. He is remission and while we know his days are numbered the fact that your food allowed us to temporarily remove him from that drug helped us catch his cancer early. I wish we had discovered it years ago, our other dog, a 3 year old Lab and our cat will never be fed anything else. We believe your dog food inadvertently gave us more time with our old guy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I should also mention that it doesn’t hurt that he likes it, they all do!

-Lisa M.

Lexi really loves the PURE Sea

April 17, 2016

lexiThank you for the advice to try the Grain free Sea. Lexi really loves the Sea Flavor and I think she may be adding a little fullness to herself. Also her coat is soft and not shedding much at all.

Thank you,
Joyce & Lexi

Canidae fan for life

April 16, 2016

catieThis is Dixon, I adopted him on July 19, 2013 when he was 7 years old. When I got him, I noticed he had quite a lot of scratching going on. I did a some of research, and learned of all the problems that can be caused by certain dog foods.

I looked into different brands online, and loved what I found in Canidae PURE! It had no grains, and only high quality ingredients. I also liked how affordable it was! I immediately went out and purchased a bag, and began transitioning Dixon onto it.

Dixon always gobbles up his breakfast and dinner now. He has shown me that what you feed your dog is important, especially when it comes to keeping them healthy.

Thank you Canidae for making such amazing food for Dixon, and dogs all over!

Canidae fan for life,



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