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Get compliments on how soft and shiny her coat is

December 13, 2015

sammiThank you for having such a great dog food! I bought my Black lab 10 years ago and it is the only food my girl has had! She is in great shape and I constantly get compliments on how soft and shiny her coat is, I always tell people it’s got to be her food and I always suggest they look into Canidae dog food!

So, a very big thank you from myself and my Sammie girl!

-Lisa B., proud lab owner!

I want the best holistic healthy diet for my girls!

Nov. 8, 2015


This is one of my three Rescue Great Pyrenees, Hannah. She’s very special and is a special needs Pyr girl that almost died at six months old by being misdiagnosed with epilepsy. After researching her symptoms I found she had all symptoms of Addison’s Disease and her kidneys were shutting down. When she collapsed I demanded that she be tested for Addison’s Disease. I didn’t think she would make it that day but she did! She tested positive for Atypical Addison’s Disease and was in Addison’s Crisis. Today Hannah is a happy, healthy loving 3 1/2 year old beauty and we have her Addison’s under control! She’s very special and is one of three reasons that I want the best holistic healthy diet for my girls!

Thank you,

Diana K., Hannah, Tessa and Morgynn
St . Louis, MO

I’m a big believer in buying Canidae!

October 30, 2015

I have a beautiful liver spot Dalmatian under a year old I thought I was buying good dog food brand until my male was urinating blood I took him to vet got antibiotics that did not work I went into a pet store a man recommended this brand within 24 hours I noticed a change in his color of urine took him back to vet no blood now I’m a big believer in buying this brand of dog food.


This is her favorite food

AspenOct. 28, 2015

Her name is Aspen and she will be 13 on Jan. 2nd.

She has literally been on Canidae dry dog food for the majority of her life and just recently changed her to canned Canidae per the vets advice.

This is her favorite food and even my Yorkie/Maltese stopped eating her small breed bites food and started eating Aspen’s because she liked it better.

-Melissa R.

My dog’s coat is so shiny

Oct. 28, 2015

MaryAJust wanted to let you know I’ve been using your product for years (15 years total) for the previous dog I owned (13 years) and the one I have now (2+ years).  I can’t say enough good about your products!  My dog’s coat is so shiny (people even comment to me on what a beautiful coat he has–Border Collie) and how happy he is.  Thank you so much for providing a product where there’s no need to worry about the ingredients it’s made from! 🙂

-Mary A.
Gaylord, MI

No more ear infections, yeast infections, or musty smell.

Oct 25, 2015

BubbaBubba is an Anatolian Shepherd dog and a rescue.  He was 4 weeks old when we began our life together.  He started getting ear infections and body rashes when he was just a puppy.  While vet care & prescriptions would give him some relief for short periods of time they did not solve his problems.  He also had a perpetual runny stool.  While researching for something that could help him I found other people whose pets suffered from the same problems.  Their experiences with grain allergies in canines led us to Canidae and it has made a world of difference in Bubba.  No more ear infections, yeast infections, or musty smell.  No more runny stool.  Not only did a grain free Canidae diet solve the afore mentioned problems but his coat is now silky and he has way more energy.  And we saw results within 3 days of switching to an all grain free diet!  So thank you Canidae!  Since it worked so well for Bubba we transitioned his sister, Sasha, and Chloe the cat to Canidae grain free food also.  Same great results.  We are all very happy!

-Katie H.

The pups now scarf down PURE land with bison

Oct. 25, 2015

Kelli-DanielsonI just want to tell you how much we all love your dog food! My husband and I have 2 havenese and 1 black lab, and after the lab (the youngest) was off of puppy chow, we wanted to have all the dogs on the same food so it would make meal time easier.  We tried a few different brands of food- our older havenese(Jethro) has some digestive issues, our younger havanese (Maya) is a picky eater, and our lab (Josie) we discovered has some allergies, including intolerance to chicken/chicken meal in foods.  I resisted trying Canidae simply due to cost, but I finally gave in and I wish I would have sooner!  The pups now scarf down PURE land with bison– mmm.  Jethro and Josie have little digestive issues, but the biggest change we’ve seen is in Maya- she is a new dog! She used to eat maybe 1 out of 3 or 4 meals, now she eats every meal and she is the most energetic she’s been! Maya runs around with renewed spunk and can keep up with Jethro and Josie, no problem!

I also have to thank you for partnering with the Ibotta app! I love coupons and saving money, but feeding 3 dogs isn’t cheap.  Receiving email coupons from you as well as getting some money back on my food purchases really justifies MY love for Canidae!  You guys are awesome and I just wanted to thank you for creating such a great product that my dogs and I can appreciate.

Kelli, Curt, Jethro, Maya & Josie

Finally the holy grail of dog foods

CharlesOct 24, 2015

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your Pure Elements product has changed my life! How’s that? I have a extremely rare “picky eater golden retriever with a sensitive stomach” so finding a food that didn’t make him vomit or have loose stools was the first goal. And secondarily having him eat it. I used to mix gravy, canned food or people food into the various kibble products just to trick him into eating it. Then I tried Canidae products. We tried a couple of the life stages with limited results and then  – Canidae Pure Elements. At last I have a quality dog food that I can scoop into a bowl and I don’t have to add anything! He eats it all so I don’t have to worry about his brother finishing it for him. After 3 years I finally have a solution. Even though your product is more expensive than most – I save on carpet cleaning, add-ins and time. Thank you!

-Marjori L.
Peyton, CO

We are definitely fans of the products

Oct. 17, 2015

Richard-VaxWe are definitely fans of the products; we feed Gracie a mixture of wet and dry three times daily, and she loves it.  We also use little chunks of the canned food as treats instead of traditional dog treats, which contain grains and are often made overseas.  We receive compliments all the time, and some people even think she is a puppy!  We took some photos today, so I will attach one for you.

Richard V. and James P. 

We love your products! :)

ToriOct. 15, 2015

Thank you guys so much for sending him these treats for Halloween! He absolutely loves them! They are perfect for our trick training. We will share it on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram tomorrow so everyone can see! Feel free to use his pic as well 🙂

Thanks, Tori & Scooby

I can’t believe the difference!

Oct 11, 2015

I have 5 labs – 3 black, a chocolate and a yellow. When we acquired the black and the yellow, they both had issues. Eye issues for the black and the yellow had skin issues scratching and chewing at herself constantly. We have put all 5 labs on Canidae and  in all 5 of them. Its so much work and time devoted to all 5 but we wouldn’t give them up for the world.
Tonawanda, New York

My dogs are pleased with your product

October 10, 2015

I just wanted to reach out to yCharlene2ou today and say that I have four dogs: a 3 year old male Boxer, a two year old male Chocolate Labrador Retriever, a 18 month old female Miniature Pinscher  and a 13 month old female Boxer Brindle, and buying food, treats etc. can be challenging. I recently switched my dog’s food from Royal Canin to Canidae  after some extensive research.  It’s been about 5 months since I switched and I must say that I and my dogs are pleased with your product.  They are all eating the same food and at reasonable price.  They have not experienced any allergies and I can buy it either on line or at my local pet store.  So thank you very much for producing a great dog food product.

Clayton, DE

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