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Sept 25, 2015

Hyde-2-yearsWhen we picked up Hyde at 10 weeks old, the last thing we thought we would have a problem with was getting him to eat. Brand after brand, he just was not having it. After some trial and error we discovered he was sensitive to chicken. Looking for a low ingredient, high quality food for our then 6 month old, 100 lb mastiff, we were stumped. Finally a friend of ours suggested Canidae! We purchased their large breed duck and lentil and crossed our fingers. To my relief, Hyde LOVED IT. After stressing for 6 months, we finally found food he couldn’t wait to eat! Now, 2 years old and 150 lb, he still comes running at dinner time. Thank you Canidae for being great at what you do!

-Chelsea F.
Pottstown, PA

She has tried everything and hated it!

Sept 22, 2015

DaisyI have a great dog named Daisy. She LOVES Canidae dog food. She has tried everything and hated it!

– Jennifer S.
Laramie, Wyoming

I absolutely love the Canidae company!

Sept 10, 2015

JonathanI absolutely love the Canidae company! All three of my dogs are on the PURE grain free lines and they seem to love it! Not only does Canidae provide a product of great quality, but they go above and beyond to make sure it is affordable! Along with already reasonable prices, their coupons, frequent buyer program, and presence on cash back apps, like Ibotta, allow me to provide my dogs with high quality food without paying a fortune. I seriously  recommend Canidae to people at least on a weekly basis!

Thanks so much!
Lauren (plus Holly, Heidi, and Harper) 🙂

I couldn’t be happier!

August 26, 2015

JaimeI just recently switch to Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements for my dog Macy.  I have already noticed a huge difference in Macy after only one week of being on your food. I recently discovered her food allergy to grains and glutens after having a digestive issue flare up. Even the prescription food from my vet was making her ill.  After lots of reading, I settled on your product and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I can’t wait to see how my other dogs improve on it as well!

-Jaimie S.

Thank you Canidae for keeping my dog healthy and happy.

August 25, 2015

RuthMy dog, Reny, is (of course) very special. He is the 4th Samoyed to join our family but the first one we have had the privilege to show.  We want to see him out there in the ring and to succeed.  Therefore through our handler we learned about Canidae.  What great information.  Reny is well nourished as well as beautiful.  One time I made the mistake of trying to feed him a different brand of kibble.  What a smart dog!  He walked away and would have nothing to do with it.  Thank you Canidae for keeping my dog healthy and happy.

-Ruth W. 

I love your salmon dog food!

August 23, 2015

Jennifer2First I would love to say my pets and I love your salmon dog food, it’s the first we found that both of our small dogs (which are both very picky) absolutely love. My Pomeranian, Leah, has allergies to chicken products and your food does not sneak in other things into yours. What is written on the bag is in the bag and her stomach issues are gone.

Jennifer1Thank you for loving our pets too.


I am a huge fan of Canidae.

August 23, 2015

Diane2Hi. I am a huge fan of Canidae. Our dog trainer friend suggested it and our 10 year old dog, Smoothie, loves her dog food. However, was so thankful for Canidae Grain Free Pure Sky version. My mom’s dog, Bunny, was on Pedigree for 7 years, and I gave him Science Diet the beginning years. My mom’s stubbornness to change his food diet finally came about when Bunny started not feeling well. He became weaker, he shed a lot more than usual, and he had all sort of stomach problems and sensitivity to the point he almost stopped eating because he was throwing up at times. Diane1A very knowledgeable dog owner friend highly suggested the Pure Sky brand, and I swear it saved Bunny. It took him a month or so but he’s back to normal. He’s more energetic (as a jackwawa should be), his fur has grown back more lush, and he loves his food! He doesn’t throw up any more, and seem very conscience. I am super grateful to Canidae for your Pure Sky version. I hope to switch my dog Smoothie to that version after she’s done with her regular Canidae at the end of December. Thanks so much for continuing to create such quality food for our dogs!!! Appreciate it! 🙂

-Diane W.

He’s happy, we’re happy, his weight is perfect

August 22, 2015

DamienPreviously I talked about our rescues Olivia (German Shepard Mix) and Bailey (Soft Coated Wheaten). They both love their CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food and how changing their diet to CANIDAE changed each dog for the better. We recently adopted our third dog. A two year old, 85 lbs. Greyhound named Mickey Mouse. We asked what food we should feed him and they said anything. We said CANIDAE and they said he probably wouldn’t eat it.  But we are happy to report he loves it. Being a big boy Mickey eats a lot of it. He’s happy, we’re happy, his weight is perfect, and our vet says Mickey should live a long happy life. I’ve said “thank you” before and I’ll say it again……. thank you CANIDAE.


Love this food for them, and will recommend it to anyone

August 22, 2015Caitlyn-1

We have two dogs, one female, one male. My husband and I adopted one from Fort Carson CO, and the other a rescue dog in Manhattan KS. At the time, my husband and I had no idea grain free vs. grain dog food did any unhealthy damage to our dogs. Our female, Molly began having many health issues soon after getting her. After multiple trips the local vet, we took a trip to Petco to see what our options were there. One of the sales women working informed us on grain free dog food. After doing a few trial runs with Canidae grain free puppy formula, we loved it and most importantly, Molly agreed with the food and loved it! For months at a time, my husband would be gone due to military field training/deployments, Molly would not eat and became very anxious. But, thank you Canidae! Caitlyn-2Once she was introduced to the treats and dry food for every meal, she has now gained 7 pounds, eats a normal schedule, and more! Our male dog, Riley, loves the food as well with no irritations. They are now a year and a half old, and we have stuck with your products as long as we have had them (one year three months), they’re coats and shiny and healthy! Love this food for them, and will recommend it to anyone! Prices are a bit too much, but we budget for their health, and we understand, we get what we all pay for!

Thank you!

– Caitlyn S.

She needs to have the all day energy to compete with the big dogs!

August 19, 2015Bill

I have had my little yellow lab on your new Pure grain free bison for a few months now. Her energy has always been good, but she has better full energy on this food. She maintains muscle better since being on it also. The energy and muscle is a major bonus because we compete in dock dogs and she needs to have the all day energy to compete with the big dogs!

-Bill E.

I decided to try Canidae, and what a great decision!

August 14, 2015

JimI adopted a 10 month old German Shepherd named Apollo. I was feeding him a different premium brand dog food but noticed he would itch quite a bit. My vet recommended a limited ingredient food, so I did a ton of research, reading various reviews & decided to try Canidae based on what I was reading – and what a great decision! I made the slow switch and over time, I watched Apollo’s skin and coat improve & eventually, the itching stopped, too. He loves Pure Sky, jumping up to greet the bowl at each mealtime. Thanks for making such a quality product and being a company I feel that I can trust to provide the very best, safest products for my buddy.

-Jim M.

I found the best!

August 7, 2015Robin

My 15 yr old American Eskimo Dog has always been exceedingly picky about his kibble, & I had to change often. But when I heard about & tried Canidae, I found the best! He absolutely loves it!!!

-Robin H. 

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