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Canidae saved the day!!!

July 3, 2015

PattiCanidae saved the day!!! Quite honestly it did. Our little schnauzer has been on a different brand for over a year, but something went terribly wrong. At first she would fight me to eat it, so I had to return 2 cases, and got a different lot number thinking something was just wrong with that batch. Not the case. Our dog Tia ate it but started vomiting almost right away and it lasted most of the day.

I did research to find the best food and decided on Canidae! I went to Petco and bought the all life stages in canned and dry. I got the chicken/lamb & Fish. Tia went crazy for it,and I couldn’t transition her slowly over to it,so was very surprised to see that she NEVER got the poops. She is loving this food and so are we. I give her 1/3 can am and pm and she self feeds the dry during day. We went back and got the bakery snacks too. Again she just loves them.

We couldn’t be happier with this food,and wish I had found it long ago.

Thank you so much for making such a great food that our furkids enjoy and that is so good for them. Easy to digest as well:)

– Patti B

My dog loves your food!

June 30, 2015

TracyJust wanted to say, my dog loves your food! My Dane is constantly trying to rip the bag open when I’m not looking and I’ve had to resort to hiding his food! I thought about. But no. I did some comparing and find your product to be the best for my Dane, Harley. He is on the Stages brand. Thank you 🙂

– Tracy K.

Canidae Pure works really well for him

June 25, 2015

CoreyI regularly buy Canidae Grain Free Bison dog for my two yellow labs. My lab Wilson has a sensitive stomach and can not eat products with high chicken content, so the Canidae Pure works really well for him.

Cory C.
Thompson, CT

They LOVE Canidae Pure!

KateJune 23, 2015

I love to share pics of my girls Joyeux Noel (a cavalier King Charles) and Delightul (a border collie rescue) They LOVE Canidae Pure!

Thanks again for your help!

Sutherlin, OR

You can’t beat Canidae’s quality and price.

June 19, 2015

SherelAbout a year or two ago I had to switch my dog to a no grain diet of Canidae. It was the Elements blend. With my dog on Canidae Grain Free, my dog has had fewer allergy flair ups in his ears. My family uses the Canidae All Life Stages, and I knew that the grain free version would work for me. You can’t beat Canidae’s quality and price.

– Sheral

I am thoroughly delighted with my dogs coats, energy level and bright and alert expressions!

June 19, 2015

patty-in-the-gazebo-2014I breed, show and handle pure bred Champion Pembroke Welsh Corgis and feed Canidae All Life Stages from 19 days old until veteran age.It’s my food of choice for a breed of dog that I love heart and soul!

– Jeannette B.

My dog absolutely loves your treats!

June 19, 2015

BrianneShe will do anything for them.  I often use those instead of the “training treats” the stores sell.

– Brianne A.

Canidae nourishes them to their full potential.

June 19, 2015

BradleyI have two beautiful border collies.  Their energy, grace and mobility are wonderful to behold.  I came to use Canidae because another well-advertised brand was making them sick.  Foxx would have energy for 1/2 hour, then collapse into apparent exhaustion/fatigue.  He was getting a diabetic reaction to the corn and other “fillers” in this kibble.  I began to read ingredients labels.

Canidae nourishes them to their full potential.  I have used it for 9 years now.

– Bradley

We have been feeding Canidae All Stages for awhile now

June 19, 2015

BarbaraOur dog Kiwifruit was having issues with the skin on her belly getting inflamed and with red bumps and pustules. We tried 3 foods with no change. We have been feeding Canidae All Stages for awhile now, and her belly has been clear ever since. Our other 2 dogs are doing great on it too!

– Barbara A.

This is my second bag and I have to say my dog loves it.

June 18, 2015

SerenaI recently have switched from Beniful dog food to Canidae for my German Shepard.  I love it too because it requires less amount of food to fill her up as well as she has had no problems at all digesting it.

– Serena B.

Great experience!

June 18, 2015

Our dog’s experiences have been great! Their coats are shiny, their eyes are bright and they love their food!

– Amy

We wanted a food that could help keep her energetic and healthy at the same time

June 16, 2015

JillI had been looking to upgrade the quality of my dog’s food for some time, especially after reading a lot of bad press about the name brand food we had been using. Our mutt Lilah just turned 10, so we were mainly concerned with her weight, skin and activity, and we wanted a food that could help keep her energetic and healthy at the same time. I probably spent about 30 minutes in Petco reading labels and asking for advice from the staff, when I met a Canidae employee named BJ Ely who basically bet me that Lilah would be happy with Canidae, and he offered to personally reimburse me if she didn’t like it. Well, so far so good, because she likes it so much that we have to take her bowls away so she won’t cry until we give her more. She’s not as enthusiastic (yet) about the grain free biscuits as her go-to treats, but we’re hoping her spoiled tastes will come around.

– Jill C.

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