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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Finally the holy grail of dog foods

CharlesOct 24, 2015

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your Pure Elements product has changed my life! How’s that? I have a extremely rare “picky eater golden retriever with a sensitive stomach” so finding a food that didn’t make him vomit or have loose stools was the first goal. And secondarily having him eat it. I used to mix gravy, canned food or people food into the various kibble products just to trick him into eating it. Then I tried Canidae products. We tried a couple of the life stages with limited results and then  – Canidae Pure Elements. At last I have a quality dog food that I can scoop into a bowl and I don’t have to add anything! He eats it all so I don’t have to worry about his brother finishing it for him. After 3 years I finally have a solution. Even though your product is more expensive than most – I save on carpet cleaning, add-ins and time. Thank you!

-Marjori L.
Peyton, CO

We are definitely fans of the products

Oct. 17, 2015

Richard-VaxWe are definitely fans of the products; we feed Gracie a mixture of wet and dry three times daily, and she loves it.  We also use little chunks of the canned food as treats instead of traditional dog treats, which contain grains and are often made overseas.  We receive compliments all the time, and some people even think she is a puppy!  We took some photos today, so I will attach one for you.

Richard V. and James P. 

We love your products! :)

ToriOct. 15, 2015

Thank you guys so much for sending him these treats for Halloween! He absolutely loves them! They are perfect for our trick training. We will share it on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram tomorrow so everyone can see! Feel free to use his pic as well 🙂

Thanks, Tori & Scooby

I can’t believe the difference!

Oct 11, 2015

I have 5 labs – 3 black, a chocolate and a yellow. When we acquired the black and the yellow, they both had issues. Eye issues for the black and the yellow had skin issues scratching and chewing at herself constantly. We have put all 5 labs on Canidae and  in all 5 of them. Its so much work and time devoted to all 5 but we wouldn’t give them up for the world.
Tonawanda, New York

My dogs are pleased with your product

October 10, 2015

I just wanted to reach out to yCharlene2ou today and say that I have four dogs: a 3 year old male Boxer, a two year old male Chocolate Labrador Retriever, a 18 month old female Miniature Pinscher  and a 13 month old female Boxer Brindle, and buying food, treats etc. can be challenging. I recently switched my dog’s food from Royal Canin to Canidae  after some extensive research.  It’s been about 5 months since I switched and I must say that I and my dogs are pleased with your product.  They are all eating the same food and at reasonable price.  They have not experienced any allergies and I can buy it either on line or at my local pet store.  So thank you very much for producing a great dog food product.

Clayton, DE


Sept 25, 2015

Hyde-2-yearsWhen we picked up Hyde at 10 weeks old, the last thing we thought we would have a problem with was getting him to eat. Brand after brand, he just was not having it. After some trial and error we discovered he was sensitive to chicken. Looking for a low ingredient, high quality food for our then 6 month old, 100 lb mastiff, we were stumped. Finally a friend of ours suggested Canidae! We purchased their large breed duck and lentil and crossed our fingers. To my relief, Hyde LOVED IT. After stressing for 6 months, we finally found food he couldn’t wait to eat! Now, 2 years old and 150 lb, he still comes running at dinner time. Thank you Canidae for being great at what you do!

-Chelsea F.
Pottstown, PA

She has tried everything and hated it!

Sept 22, 2015

DaisyI have a great dog named Daisy. She LOVES Canidae dog food. She has tried everything and hated it!

– Jennifer S.
Laramie, Wyoming

I absolutely love the Canidae company!

Sept 10, 2015

JonathanI absolutely love the Canidae company! All three of my dogs are on the PURE grain free lines and they seem to love it! Not only does Canidae provide a product of great quality, but they go above and beyond to make sure it is affordable! Along with already reasonable prices, their coupons, frequent buyer program, and presence on cash back apps, like Ibotta, allow me to provide my dogs with high quality food without paying a fortune. I seriously  recommend Canidae to people at least on a weekly basis!

Thanks so much!
Lauren (plus Holly, Heidi, and Harper) 🙂

I couldn’t be happier!

August 26, 2015

JaimeI just recently switch to Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements for my dog Macy.  I have already noticed a huge difference in Macy after only one week of being on your food. I recently discovered her food allergy to grains and glutens after having a digestive issue flare up. Even the prescription food from my vet was making her ill.  After lots of reading, I settled on your product and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I can’t wait to see how my other dogs improve on it as well!

-Jaimie S.

Thank you Canidae for keeping my dog healthy and happy.

August 25, 2015

RuthMy dog, Reny, is (of course) very special. He is the 4th Samoyed to join our family but the first one we have had the privilege to show.  We want to see him out there in the ring and to succeed.  Therefore through our handler we learned about Canidae.  What great information.  Reny is well nourished as well as beautiful.  One time I made the mistake of trying to feed him a different brand of kibble.  What a smart dog!  He walked away and would have nothing to do with it.  Thank you Canidae for keeping my dog healthy and happy.

-Ruth W. 

I love your salmon dog food!

August 23, 2015

Jennifer2First I would love to say my pets and I love your salmon dog food, it’s the first we found that both of our small dogs (which are both very picky) absolutely love. My Pomeranian, Leah, has allergies to chicken products and your food does not sneak in other things into yours. What is written on the bag is in the bag and her stomach issues are gone.

Jennifer1Thank you for loving our pets too.


I am a huge fan of Canidae.

August 23, 2015

Diane2Hi. I am a huge fan of Canidae. Our dog trainer friend suggested it and our 10 year old dog, Smoothie, loves her dog food. However, was so thankful for Canidae Grain Free Pure Sky version. My mom’s dog, Bunny, was on Pedigree for 7 years, and I gave him Science Diet the beginning years. My mom’s stubbornness to change his food diet finally came about when Bunny started not feeling well. He became weaker, he shed a lot more than usual, and he had all sort of stomach problems and sensitivity to the point he almost stopped eating because he was throwing up at times. Diane1A very knowledgeable dog owner friend highly suggested the Pure Sky brand, and I swear it saved Bunny. It took him a month or so but he’s back to normal. He’s more energetic (as a jackwawa should be), his fur has grown back more lush, and he loves his food! He doesn’t throw up any more, and seem very conscience. I am super grateful to Canidae for your Pure Sky version. I hope to switch my dog Smoothie to that version after she’s done with her regular Canidae at the end of December. Thanks so much for continuing to create such quality food for our dogs!!! Appreciate it! 🙂

-Diane W.

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