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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

We are so please — thank you CANIDAE!

April 26, 2015

We were challenged by the way our German Shepard Mix Olivia was reacting to the food we were feeding her. She struggles with limited energy, dry skin and horrible intestinal issues. Our Soft Coated Wheaten, Bailey could eat rocks but he too struggled with dry skin. Through research, trial and error we found CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food. We add vegetables and are amazed at the change in both. Olivia has regained energy, a smoother coat and intestinal issues are gone. As for Bailey — we struggled he never really liked what we served and would often not eat.  Now he is sitting patiently in the kitchen waiting to be served. His skin is less dry and scratchy. We are so please — thank you CANIDAE.

– Damien S.


I found your food and his skin has got much better!

April 24, 2015

MarleyHey there! Just wanted to let you know how much my dog and love your food. After feeding Iams for a year I noticed his skin starting to get dry. I found your food and his skin has got much better! 

Best wishes, 
Samantha & Marley

Hank is soooo much happier (and healthier)!!

April 24, 2015

HankHello, Canidae Crew!  We have a 2-year-old Spinone/lab mix named Hank we adopted when he was a puppy.  We fed him Science Diet puppy, and then went on to adult.  We found out he has food allergies not too long ago, as he had multiple ear and skin infections in the last few months.  He would shed like crazy and keep us up at night with all of the itching and head shaking.  We decided to give Canidae Grain-Free Pure Elements a try, since multiple people told us that their dogs had the same issue and switched to Canidae.  He’s soooo much happier (and healthier)!! He doesn’t itch very often and his ears and skin are clear!  And his coat: BEAUTIFUL!  An added bonus: he loves the lamb flavor!  Since it worked so well for Hank, we decided to make the switch for our 3-year-old cat, Gracie.  Both of them are so happy and healthy!  Thank you so much for making a food that we can trust and both of them enjoy!

-Mike and Jessy H.

Great food!

image1April 16, 2015

My first female Weim became diabetic. I tried everything and finally after searching online found Candidae. I switched my male as well and her blood sugar was stable for over 3 years. Great food!

– Lisa C.

Thank you Canidae for your great quality food and sincere support


April 2015

So glad we switched our Labs Sadie (black) and Zoe (yellow) to Canidae back in 07. Sadie was born November 17th, 2000 and we rescued her from a couple who was splitting up when she was 6 months old. We had wanted to get a Lab and name her Sadie and this was already her name, a real omen! We recently had to put her down as she was developing a cough due to a tumor on her lung. Sadie was the sweetest dog we ever had and we credit her long life to lots of exercise swimming, fetching & the Canidae food she loved. Zoe was born December 19th, 2007, she is also a great Lab that loves to swim & fetch, she misses Sadie big time. The good news is we will be getting an English Lab puppy in Sadie-11-17-14early May. Her name will be Sophie and she was born on March 2nd. We can’t wait to get her, Zoe will be thrilled!

Thank you Canidae for your great quality food and sincere support,

– Carl & Jane T.

Canidae is everything they say!

BonnieApril 5, 2015

I have a 5 year old golden retriever who just loves Canidae Dog Food. When she became picky a few years ago, I looked into another brand that was good for my pet. Canidae is everything they say. It’s good for my pet and she loves it. She no longer puts up her nose to her bowl but she know dives right in!! Thanks Canidae, for making my pet happy!!

Ian loves his new food and treats by Canidae.

IanMeet Ian, a rescued pitbull. He was used in a dog fighting ring as a bait dog and was beaten so bad that his jaw is now paralyzed. He has a very sensitive stomach and with the grain free sky he can easily chew and digest the food. He is doing great in his new home and loves his new food and treats by Canidae.

Thanks for making such a great food that keeps my boy happy!

Kaity C.

Murphy loves it and we are both very happy!

MurphyMy dog Murphy has had stomach issues for years. I have tried many different dog foods and suggestions by his Veternarian and nothing helped. He was vomiting at least four times a month and mostly in the early, early hours of the morning. It was rare that he and I got a good nights sleep. I hated seeing him in this condition. Being the hunter that he is, I just thought he was maybe getting into something in the yard. After researching many different brands of dog food, I thought I would try grain free dog food as I read that this was for dogs with stomach sensitivity. I picked up a small bag of Canidae Grain Free Pure Sky Dog Food to try. Well, it’s been a month since and Murphy has not vomited and sleeps great. He loves it and we are both very happy ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU ! The fantastic packaging, the fewer ingredients with pure ingredients and real nutrition for gentle digestion and sensitivity, your website which has loads of great info, Canidae’s commitment to!

“Food safety” and “made in the U.S.A. ” are my reasons for choosing your products. I can see you put alot of care into your product and that means alot to me so keep up the good work. My almost 8 year old Brittany Spaniel Rescue is my family and he deserves the best that I can provide. Thank you again for providing me with Canidae Grain Free Pure.

-Don W.
Wyandotte, Michigan

CANIDAE Pure Sea is the best dog food


March 24, 2015

CANIDAE Pure Sea is the best dog food for my American bulldog and my English/American bully. I have noticed a huge difference in their shiny coats,  less shedding, less gas, tear stains gone, solid stool, and fills them up faster so they eat less in a day compared to other dog foods with a bunch of fillers added to them. I love that the first 8 ingredients in Canidae are pure ingredients with real nutrition and vitamins & minerals. My dogs love the Salmon fresh flavor, and I recommend this food to all my friends and family and other dog community sites I belong too.

Thanks Canidae,

Healthier Dogs

BenMarch 19, 2015

As for my dogs they are doing much better,and more healthier. Man,I just can’t say how much I love this brand of food. It has done so good for my girls. The skin and coat is much better. And the “poop” is more of a better improvement. As a owner I would say that yes I look at the way the “poop” comes out. Ever since I have been using CANIDAE GRAIN FREE its been more small and less runny, and seems more less messy. AND for the coat it seems to be more shiny and less shedding and less scracthy. They have been maintaining their weight better and seem more happy and not so hungry all the time. This food fills them up less as compared to other brands. I have been a HAPPY CUSTOMER since day one,and will continue to as long as I can. and on another insight I have never experienced such a friendlier person who seemed to care and understand the major ups/downs of ones personal life as much as you have helped me, Beth. The CANIDAE COMPANY is sure lucky to have a freindly and such a kind hearted person to work on their team.

– Benjamin A.

I have been blown away by what your dog food has done for my dogs.

March 27, 2015

IMG_20150404_093019089_HDRI went to your seminar a few weeks ago and was very moved my the information that was given to all of us. I have two Australian Shepherds that I love dearly. After the seminar I bought a bag of Pure Sky and hoped for the best. My female Australian Shepherd has been on prescription dog food her whole life. She’s 5 now and the vets have never been able to figure out why she was constantly sick. I tried every dog food in the market and nothing helped her. The prescription food didn’t work 100%. My male who is almost a year old was on his way to a prescription diet dog food as well. I have been blown away by what your dog food has done for my dogs. Aussie Girl has never been healthier and Clu is doing great. The vet has also been blown away. Aussie Girl no longer takes her stomach medication because she is doing so well on your food. She’s doing better then she ever did on the prescription dog food. I really can’t thank you enough for providing an honest dog food. All of you pour your hearts into this food and it really does show.

Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for you.

– Jennifer A.

Since the switch he is as healthy as a horse!

IMG_8031March 2015,

I have attached a photo of my big boy, Cascades Zeus of Mallard Lake.  He is the reason for the switch from frozen raw and Taste of the Wild to Honest Kitchen and Pure Sea.  He was having stool issues on and off throughout 2014.  So, I did a ton more research and liked what I read on Pure Sea.  Since the switch he is as healthy as a horse!

Thank you for your assistance,

Cheryl L.

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