Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here
Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

She has the best haircoat and maintains her weight well.

Patricia-NI have been using Canidae food for my 5 year old Labrador since she was a puppy. She has the best haircoat and maintains her weight well. I recently noticed the proof of purchase rewards on the back of the bag and started saving my receipts. Where do I redeem these and what are the rewards other than knowing my dog is getting a high quality dog food which is reward enough:)

Thank you for providing a great food and keeping business in the USA.

Trish N. & “Halle”

They love CANIDAE Pure Elements and Sea

a-1b-1I recently switched to the Pure Elements and Pure Sea for my two German Shepherds. They love it! I signed up for the Canidae Blog and I’m really enjoying the articles!

The pics  are of Pharaoh and Whisper! Thank you for your assistance!

– Sandra K.

Her coat and skin look great too!

emma-head-cockedMy sweet Emma is somewhat of a picky eater and she just loves Canidae. Her coat and skin look great too!

– Angela F.

lost weight, more active and doing better

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I started my pug on CANIDAE Lamb Meal and Rice about 6 month ago and she has lost weight, more active and doing better, she is allergic to chicken so many dog foods won’t do, I am real pleased with CANIDAE , she will be 10 years old on the 10th of December and in the last year had health problems, when I change 6 months ago I notice a change in her and she is doing really well now. I could not enter you Friday thing, as I am 76 and do not use social or other media I just want you to know my Mandy and I are real happy with your products and have told others about your animal foods and shared with them my experience. I buy my dog food from Petco, and they were the ones who got me started on your food. A pleased customer

– Marvin J.

Great product!


Earl is about 7 years old. His buddy is about 4 years old. They are both rescue labs that are on a steady diet of Canidae Lamb Meal and Rice. They do very well on the food and really enjoy meal time. Great product.

– Roger M

We switched to Canidae and within a few months her health problems were gone


Our 12 year old dog Maggie developed severe skin allergies, which caused her to lose half her coat. She was miserable from the allergies and groggy from the medications. Because of her age, we started to think that this was the new normal. Then we switched to Canidae and within a few months her health problems were gone, she regrew her coat and her personality returned. We’re so impressed with the quality of Canidae and would recommend it to anyone.

-MacMurray Family, CA

THANK YOU, for being a small company with integrity and ethics

MontgomeryI just wanted to let you know that I have switched my 2 year old mini Goldendoodle over to your food. He has eaten Beneful for 2 years, but with all the claims I decided I needed to do my research for Dylan’s health and well-being. It has taken me a few weeks, but it came down to your dry dog food. I bought him the Sky and Land formulas. He devoured his first bowl of sky today. I have now watched your video and I’m even more confident about my choice for my sweet pup. So . I have now LIKED your page on Facebook and if you have a Twitter I will Follow you there also.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

 – The Montgomery Family

Within days there was a drastic improvement.


Before Canidae my lab mix Abby suffered from the worst food allergies. She was miserable always biting and scratching. One day I found Canidae and decided to try the Pure Sea Salmon. Within days there was a drastic improvement. She was no longer frantically itching and biting. Canidae is a lifesaver for dogs with bad food allergies. Thank you so much for your great dog food.

– Bri S

I was SO happy to discover your wonderful all life stage foods!!

TammyHI  have fostered dogs for the local shelter for many years, housing as many as 16 at one time. These have included moms with puppies, orphaned pups, the very elderly and/or end stage illness, and breeds/ages/sizes of all kinds. There were times I was feeding up to 4 different diets. I was SO happy to discover your wonderful all life stage foods!! This food helps me to get all dogs their proper weight, from the severely under weight to the terrible obese, as well as helping to keep all of my owned dogs maintain their proper weight and are healthy. Needless to say, I go through a lot of dog food so, I also love the buy 12 get on free offer as well as being able to get it shipped right to my home. I would also like to add that over the years I have had to contact customer support a few times and they were always wonderful to deal with as well!

– Tammy H


Your food is awesome, Chelsea loves it and so do I!


Just wanted to drop you a note we got Chelsea in April of 2002 she was eight weeks old. We took her to dog obedeiance class and the trainer told us about your food. We started her right away. She is now just turning 13 and her vet blood work came out great this year again! I believe that the food is the reason for this! It’s awesome Chelsea loves it and so do I.

Thanks all of you for the good work

– Chuck H.

You Have a Customer for Life!

PupI have a year old border collie named Ruckus who came to me in December of last year. I switched him from the food the breeder had him on to another grain free brand and he wasn’t making the transition well at all. I took him off it and switched him straight onto the Pure Sea and saw almost immediate improvement. I was amazed at how fast he recovered from stink bombing a room with terrible gas and having horrible diarrhea. I always like getting love mail (the opposite of hate mail lol) at my job so I just wanted to tell you guys that you have a customer for life!

Thank you!


Canidae was one of top best brands


Some dogs will literally starve to death because there food has the wrong ingredients in it. After a lot of research and reading. We started him on the Duck and he has not stopped eating since.  My dog is well worth the price!

– D. Lovelace

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