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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

No more “rumbly in the tummy” for them!

August 31, 2017

I recently had to switch my babies food.  Since both my babies have delicate tummies, I researched and chose Canidae Limited Ingredient Pure Land Bison.  Wow, what a difference!  My Lyndie Lou is 5 and is acting like a puppy again, chasing her brother Rowdy Roux all over the house and killing her toys.  No more “rumbly in the tummy” for them!  I didn’t realize how Lyndie Lou’s tummy must have been continually bothering her until now!  Thank you for making such a wonderful product, keep up the great work!

-Elizabeth L.

It’s a win-win!

August 12, 2017

Our Aussie is a picky eater. We went through several brands before finding one he couldn’t get enough of, it was yours! Thank you so much for a making a healthy product that my boy loves. It’s a win-win!

-Heather M.

He seems much happier and full of energy!

August 10, 2017

A few days ago I started feeding my dog Sammie Under the Sun with chicken and he absolutely LOVES it. He gets so excited when he hears his bowl being filled. After just a couple of days on his new food he seemed much happier and full of energy! Definitely will be buying again! Thank you so much Canidae!

-Maggie K.

Canidae Pure has worked wonders for us!

August 8, 2017

Tilda’s purpose in life was to become a guide or service dog, and she would have been great! However, around a year old, Tilda started exhibiting symptoms of allergies – constant ear infections, itchy and yeasty feet, eye drainage, and whelps with hair loss. She was itching constantly, so the first thing we did when she was released from the program was change her food. We tried 3 different foods before deciding to do an allergy test. The allergy test really gave us a good start to finding a good food for her. The ear, feet, and skin issues came back as we tried different brands. We then tried the Canidae Pure Sky formula. For the first time in months, Tilda has done great! I love that their is no fish oil, because my crazy pup is allergic to proteins AND some lipids. If we hadn’t found Canidae Pure, I’m not sure what we would have done! Every pup is different, but Canidae Pure has worked wonders for us!
-Sarah V.

Look at the difference a healthy diet makes

July 27, 2017

From Z to A. When we first met this little guy, the shelter had named him Zorro because it looked like he had a mask due to demodex mites. He was shipped to MO from a high kill shelter because he basically had no fur and no one wanted him, even as a puppy!

He won our hearts and we brought him home, renaming him Angus. Mainly because its Scottish, but also because it means unique choice & he is! Part border collie, part corgi and all puppy – smart as all get out! We started him right away on Canidae All Stages dog food and just look how much of a difference a healthy diet and a lot of love make!

-Janice N.

All he will eat is All Life Stages

July 18, 2017

This 10 year old lab of mine has eaten Canidae since day one and all he will eat All Life Stages.

-Mike M.

I could not be happier with the results of your recommendation to switch formulas to Pure

July 15, 2017

Our Labrador Retriever came from a rough start- breeder delivered Guido  to us just shy of 8 weeks, covered in fleas, diagnosed with  mange and giardia!  We started him on the “best” Raleys had to offer for kibble but felt we needed to up his  immunity and after lots of research I found Canidae. I  loved their story of how the business was being run and now  they are even taking the first steps to grow their own  ingredients! We started with All Stages Puppy formula but  that didn’t sit quite right with his digestive system. I called the company and Beth was so fantastic! She wanted  to know his story to help me determine which kibble would  work best.  She sent express mail a huge bag of Grain Free Pure Limited Ingredient Puppy formula at NO cost!! Wow, you don’t get that kind of customer service very  often! Beth then followed up over the course of about a  month via email to ensure Guido and I were doing well on  this formula. I also use a portion of his allotment as  training treats and he is responding so well!   We also  like the Bakery Snacks– break them in half as reward for his  instant recall to my whistle.  I love Guido and I love  Canidae!!

Guido is  approaching his 6 month birthday and I could not be happier  with the results of your recommendation to switch formulas  to Pure. He is such an enthusiastic and smart puppy and it  makes my heart so happy every time he poops such proper  poops!!  Ha Ha but you know I mean it.  After such a  rough start to life I am so rewarded to see his systems  operating in a healthy manner.

Thanks again,


His diarrhea and itchy ears has totally disappeared

July 10, 2017

This is a story of a pure breed plush coat white German Shepherd named Trigg (True and trusted one – Norwegian).  Trigg was born in January 2015.  He came to us very ill with Giardia.  He suffered from chronic diarrhea even after testing negative for giardia.  I tried everything on the market to stabilize his gut and tried many dog foods all of which proved to cause diarrhea and itching ears.  I started a regimen of homemade food.  Trigg also almost died on the surgery table when neutered in 2016.  The Vet said he suffered an arrhythmia, but should resolve in time and not to worry.   Then Trigg collapsed in May 2016 revealing a severe heart disorder and very high blood pressure requiring multiple holter monitor tests and 6 pills a day to keep him alive.  The regimen of homemade food continued, but nothing helped his gut.  I contacted Canidae customer service, Beth Goodwin.  She listened to my plea to find a dog food that Trigg could tolerate and shipped samples of dog food directly to my door.  I also contacted WSU Veterinary Hospital that recommended a GI panel be sent to Texas University.  The lab proved Trigg’s gut bacteria is indeed compromised and a treatment of Tylosin was ordered as well as B12 shots as my homemade food and Trigg’s intolerance to vitamin supplements (itchy ears) created a huge B12 insufficiency.  For 2 months Trigg has been on the Canidae Bison dog food and his diarrhea and itchy ears has totally disappeared.  Trigg weighs in at 74 pounds and looks gorgeous.  I am so grateful for Beth, in Canidae’s customer service, for hearing my cry for help.  Thank you for your help and patience as Trigg and I navigated through this very difficult journey.  I have my other two dogs, Shiloh 86 pounds and Leelannee 65 pounds, on Canidae’s Life Stages and they are doing great.  I am very pleased with how over and beyond Canidae’s customer service went to help us.

-Connie C.

Want to let you know what a great thing you did for my little dog

July 10, 2017

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference your Canidae Life Stages Chicken and Rice formula has made in my little dog.  When we first met Nitchi at the Animal Shelter it was love at first sight!  She had lots of sores and was scratching and biting herself like crazy.  She couldn’t keep most of her food as she had a swallowing problem.  She would eat and about 20 to 30 minutes later she would open her mouth and the food would just come right back out in the shape of her throat with no signs of any digestion.  I searched and searched and finally found you guys… I bought the canned Life Stages Chicken & Rice formula and she loved it.  She was 2 when I adopted her and is now 8.  She has no problems with your food like all the others I tried… it took about a year to find you.  She no longer has those problems of having this happen every time.  In fact she rarely has it and she has learned to let me know if she is having problems and I massage her throat so this doesn’t happen.  I did want to let you know what a great thing you did for my little dog and say thanks for making a great canned dog food.

-Anita J.

I am AMAZED at the difference in my dogs.

July 7, 2017

I’m so excited to share my personal experience with this amazing company. We have 6 dogs in our pack, all different breeds, ages and activity levels. We have dogs with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues, skin sensitivities, one with mouth problems, and one who had to have surgery in order to enable her to eliminate waste. We have quite the motley crew and I needed one food that would be beneficial to the entire pack, including the special needs.

However, I also needed a pet food company that was in line with my own personal values: high quality, fresh ingredients (not frozen for weeks, months, even years as that is what is legally allowed), supportive of local and ethical farmers, and no feeding trials or animal testing. I also wanted a company that would stand behind their product and take the time to educate the public as this shows true integrity, dedication and passion in what they put out to the public. It was quite a list, but it is all so very important to me and I knew there had to be a company out there that had the same values. I spent weeks, maybe even months, researching and searching for this perfect company but always coming up disappointed. Until I found CANIDAE.

We have been using CANIDAE Life Stages now for several months and I am AMAZED at the difference in my dogs. Their coats are truly shinier and silkier than I’ve ever thought possible – including my wire hair schnauzer! There is considerably less shedding from my Sheppard mix, everyone’s breath is so much better, and the older ones have noticeably more active minds and an extra spring in their step! The entire pack is thriving on this food and it has even been noticed and commented on by our vet. I gush over the compliments like a mom over her babies! My pack is happier and healthier with brighter eyes and sharper minds and I owe it to the integrity, devotion, dedication and passion that go into every bag of food from this wonderful company.

I’m truly thankful for CANIDAE, and I’m very happy a family owned business can really outshine anything and everything else out there. With them I am able to bring home probably the highest quality pet food available, from people who are clearly passionate and dedicated about what they do.

From my pack to yours,

Thank You CANIDAE for what you do!!
Teri S.
Vail, AZ

My two dogs adore your Grain Free Bison food

July 3, 2017

I am writing to tell you how much my two dogs adore your Grain Free Bison food.  I have tried many top brands before finally finding one they (really my little 10 year old yorkie) likes. I would love to try more of your amazing brands.


-Delane K.

Thank you for an awesome product!

June 30, 2017

My cocker spaniel and boxer/springer spaniel were both  experiencing skin allergies.  I switched to Canidae limited ingredient about 3 months ago and their coats are back to normal. Love, love, love Canidae, and thank you for an awesome product!

-Kristy F.

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