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We love our Canidae! And most importantly so do our dogs!

Michelle-B-picI have 3 large dogs, a black lab a yellow lab and an English mastiff. Ten years ago we were having issues with our black lab who was a puppy at the time. Our trainer suggested a higher quality higher performance type food to see if that would help a bit. She gave us a list of 4 foods for us to try, Canidae was the only one she could tolerate and it also calmed her down and she had less waste as well. As she got older she now can’t tolerate anything but her Canidae, not even other treats! We now have our other dogs on Canidae as well. I felt so strongly about this product that when we moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania and there were no stores that carried Canidae I begged and campaigned at a little pet store to please carry it. With in a week that store had a small supply that they held just for me! After awhile they got more food in and more people became aware and started buying it too. Now only two stores in my area carry it. It’s too bad more stores don’t carry this great product! Without our Canidae our sweet black lab Mystic would be one sick girl as this is the only food she tolerates. And trust me we have tried everything!

We love our Canidae! And most importantly so do our dogs!

Thank you Canidae!!


We LOVE your food!


Let me start by saying first off that we LOVE your food! We recently rescued a golden retriever, and after a few weeks we thought he might allergic to lamb and maybe even chicken. He was itchy all the time and had stools that were far too soft and frequent. I researched dog food quite a bit before we brought him home, and I was feeding him a pretty decent food, so I was a little discouraged. Once we figured out his problem, I found your Pure line and grabbed a bag of Sea (and the corresponding “cookies“).
He’s no longer itchy, his coat is even softer now, and he is very regular with nice, easy to pick up poops, lol. Over the years I’ve heard so many good things about Canidae, but I haven’t had a dog of my own until now.

– JN F.

CANIDAE PURE Land = soft and shiny coat



Libby is a rescue that we had the pleasure to add to our family. We traveled 2 hours to pick her up and she is a great joy. She was shedding pretty badly and scratched and chewed alot. She had been on a name brand dry food with chicken and grains.

Two weeks ago, I started her on Canidae PURE Land with fresh bison – her fur is now soft and shiny and she barely sheds! Scratching isn’t even worth mentioning anymore!

 Thank you so much for making owning a dog such a good experience!

– Joyce R.


Picky Eater loves CANIDAE

January 9, 2015

My sweet Emma is somewhat of a picky eater and she just loves Canidae. Her coat and skin look great too!emma-dega

Canidae saved her


Jan. 2015

Just a quick story. I bought a golden retriever puppy at 7 weeks. We had all her vaccines etc.  Well, some how she developed parvo. We got her through it. Then she developed several sensitivities to foods and other things.  I didn’t know what to do.  Well this was 15 years ago, when (I think there was only one kind of Canidae).  We tried EVERY food out there.. Canidae saved her. Nobody thought she would live a long life but she made it to 15 years till her hips finally gave out and her quality of life was just poor.  Because of her good health once we found Canidae I just started our new golden on your life stages for large breed puppies. Attached is a picture of Sandy a couple months before she was put down.  She went to rainbow bridge December 1, 2014.

Thank you, 
Erin C.

A pleased customer.


I started my pug on Lamb Meal and Rice about 6 month ago and she has lost weight, more active and doing better, she is allergic to chicken so many dog foods won’t do. I am real pleased with CANIDAE. She will be 10 years old on the 10th of December and in the last year had health problems, when I change 6 months ago I notice a change in her and she is doing really well now. I just want you to know my Mandy and I are real happy with your products and have told others about your animal foods and shared with them my experience.

– Marvin

Wish we had tried CANIDAE sooner!!

BB pic


Briley had itchy red paws that just kept getting worse. When I took her to vet they only offered Benadryl three times a day to help the itching so she wouldn’t chew on her paws as much but that wasn’t good enough, after a lot of research I found going grain free helps many dogs with their food/grass allergy. We’ve been on Canidae about 4 months and her paws are all white and beautiful again!! She loves the Grain Free Pure Sea. Her coat is even prettier than before and I’m so happy not to have to give my dog drugs every day.

Thank you Canidae!

Laura B.

Frankie loves his CANIDAE


FrankieThis is my three year old pit bull terrier named Frankie. We rescued him about a month ago from a shelter. As a puppy, he was abandoned and lived on the streets for the first few months of his life. Once he was rescued the first time, he got into an altercation with another dog and was stabbed 7 times in his back. That was about 8 months ago. Ever since we rescued him, we have promised to never give him up. (We have never given up any dog we ever had) and through sympathy, we pamper him. We buy him all kinds of cool stuff and buy him what we think is the best products for him. We do not buy cheap food for him, as we want the very best for him. We have tried many pet foods. But Canidae is his favorite, even when we put it side by side with other competitor foods, keep up the good work Canidae!

– Tyler

Thank you for making a product they love!

sleeping-dogsOctober 30, 2014

Our newest rescue Stark, who was recovering from surgery has improved so much he has been removed from all of the medication except for this anti seizure meds. His doctor has been overwhelmed with his progress. Buddy, our 12 year old, also had his bi-annual exam and again his blood work surprised and amazed his doctors. I contribute their health and well being to their diet. So thank you for making a product that they love and I love to feed to them.


Canidae contributed to his long life

Sam-shepard October 24, 2014

Over 14 years ago we switched our German Shepherd to CANIDAE All Life Stages. He had terrible food allergies, mainly to corn. After talking to a CANIDAE rep who was excited about and truly believed in the product, we made the switch. It is the only food that not only was gentle to his digestive system, but he would actually eat without hesitation. Our Sam was almost 14 years old when he passed on. I believe the quality of CANIDAE contributed to his long life.

Erors-puppyNow our German Shepherd puppy, Eros, eats CANIDAE PURE Foundations Puppy Formula and couldn’t be happier or healthier at 6 months and 72 pounds! Thank you for making a great product that I trust and feel safe feeding.

Lisa S.

Thank you for making such healthy food for my pups!

October 19, 20143dogs-ALS

We bought CANIDAE All Life Stages today and when I brought the bag home and they wouldn’t leave the bag alone!  This is a new variety for them! I see success without even opening the bag. Sadie the Pitt mix was the most excited! Her skin condition is almost fully gone and Logan, the yellow Lab, his stomach issues have  finally ceased and his skin issues are GONE!!!  Reese the Yorkie /jack mix is eating and has his energy back again, he will be 9 on November 11th but you’d never know it! CANIDAE is our #1 choice out of every healthy dog food out there, for our rescue pups. They are fuller and digestion is healthier. Thank you CANIDAE  for making such healthy food for my pups!!

Love always,
Sadie, Logan, Reeses and mom Maureen

Happily enjoying Canidae Grain Free food!

October 10, 2014

Two wonderful rescue dogs that decided to boycott their expensive grain free food of another brand, but who are once again happily enjoying feeding times with CANIDAE Grain Free food! Riley runs to check her dish a couple times daily now to see if by chance some more CANIDAE has miraculously appeared in between feedings!

Dawn T.

Lola-May Riley-Anne


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