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Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Great Product – Great Customer Care

buster-1-29I have a 13 year old German Short Hair / Chocolate Lab mix that I rescued in 2009. He was in very poor shape. I have always tried to find quality food for him without breaking the budget and I would say he has done very well for his age and history.

Last year he was diagnosed with kidney failure and I did a lot of research to determine the best approach for keeping him as healthy and active as possible. I was looking for a lower protein, lower fat, low phosphate & sodium, and high fiber food. I did not want to go to the extreme diets that reportedly left the dogs with no energy.

I tried some that seemed to fit what I was searching for and realized that Buster was not really responding the way I had hoped. He began to suffer from loose stool and was developing a serious problem with digestion. Vomiting increased and I became very concerned.
After some further research, I found out about Canidae Platinum and decided to switch Buster to that food. The switch had to be immediate, due to the recommendation from the vet, so I was not able to gradually switch him over. Buster handled the switch well with minimal problems and within a couple of weeks his improvement was remarkable. His stool was normal and his digestion much better with no more vomiting.

His coat is shinny again and his energy level is much more normal. He wants to play around every morning and goes on 3 to 4 fairly long walks every day. We are on the third 30# bag of Canidae Platinum and you would have a hard time convincing me to switch to anything else. The staff at Canidae worked with me to provide the AS FED values without hesitation. They knew their product; they were friendly and knowledgeable. No hype, just great dog food and excellent customer care.

– Phillip W.

Look how shiny her coat is!

HONEY-LUVS-CARSThis is Honey. She is an 8 yr old lab/hound mix. She is a rescue from Tennessee that ended up in upstate New York. My brother got her from a woman who adopted her first.  She told us she fed her Canidae.  I picked it up for my brother and brought the food to him for her as they do not sell it in our small town store.  Unfortunately, my brother died 6 months after he adopted her, so I took her because I knew my brother would have wanted that. That was 2009, and she only gets Canidae.  Look how shiny her coat is!  She is so sweet and I love her so much.  And she gets the Canidae biscuits too.


Canidae Pure line has really changed Torque’s life

TorqueWe rescued Torque 3 years ago and his first year he seemed to be a normally puppy. After his first 4th of July our neighbor accidently left our gate open and the curious pup he was he took off for an adventure. For a long 4 weeks he went missing with sightings in a neighborhood a mile away from home now and then but no one could catch him they kept saying. When we gave up a phone call came in from my many missing posters. We found out he was sniffing his way back home and he was only 2 blocks from his safe haven. Torque seemed fine at first just hungry with bloody feet from all the running. Couple months after being home he couldn’t keep his food down, he had no energy and just laid in bed losing more and more weight. He was supposed to be at least 60 lbs at his age and he was 40 lbs now at 1 year 6 months. We took him to 4 vets and finally heard about a specialist who diagnosed him with Addison disease. He lived and takes a pill everyday and an injection every month but is back to his normal self. With all he went through and his rare disease, which is not from genetics, his skin was dry, chapped, bleeding sometimes and thin. We were told that was normal and he would fight it the rest of his life. Since we found Canidae at an off-road convention our dog has been on it 3 months and has gained 10 lbs, his hair is shiny and thick and no more dry skin. Everyone told us he would always have these problems but Canidae Pure line has really changed Torque’s life, thank you Canidae.

 – Christi

The dogs love it as well and it’s helped keep them healthy, wealthy, & wise

Christmas-2013-w-dogsJust wanted to drop a note of thanks for continuing to provide a great product.  We had won a contest through a promotion you were doing with Speedway Illustrated where our dog had won ‘Shop Pet of the Month’ and you all had given us a year’s worth of Life Stages dog food.  We now have two Cockapoos and have continued to use the Life Stages line of food and have been happily paying for it now for about 2 years beyond the contest supply.

Just wanted to take time again to say thanks for supporting the contest and thanks for creating such great products! We really love your product!  The dogs love it as well and it’s helped keep them healthy, wealthy, & wise… (well… Cody may not be too wise) for a very happy family !


 Joe C.

Thankfully I bought Canidae

dog My Shepherd is a rescue with a lot of digestive problems due to her diet of a nutritionally insufficient pet food that she had been fed since puppyhood.
She had irritable bowel disorder, and an array of skin problems. I was doing some research and found that the “culprit” was corn, as well as protein sources. While searching for the food that would agree with her – I tried many, and none of them worked. Thankfully I bought Canidae, and although all the benefits were not immediate, some were. My kitty is the same way – with chronic UTI’s which were not helped by using a variety of brands of cat food.

catI am very grateful for Canidae – the company has maintained its standards where many in the industry have “cut corners.” My Shepherd is 10 years old – “usually” German Shepherds don’t live much past that age – but despite some “old age” problems she is still enjoying life :), and I am glad that her diet is one of the things that I don’t have to be concerned about because I feed Canidae!!

I hope you don’t mind, but I am attaching a picture of “Jewels” so that you can see one of your happy “customers.”

– Robyn R.

All pets doing well on CANIDAE PURE Sea!

WP_20141019_014I just wanted to write you and let you know that I recently switched my two dogs and two cats over to Canidae Pure Sea, and they are all doing very well on it. My recently rescued PitBull had a skin condition and a very sensitive tummy when we got him home. We tried a couple brands before we switched to Pure Sea. Since making the switch, my pit is not having tummy issues, and his skin and coat are shiny and healthy. Thank you so much!

– Kayla M.

My dog looks younger


I  give my dog Canidae food only: due to she is never oily, as other dog food I have used in the past and would never use it again. then she is as 6 yrs. I like how the bag and can that tells me details of how much food to feed her and with that it helps me to keep her fit with her playing around outside. The best thing is in the morning she waits by the door and who ever make her breakfast or dinner, walk in a sit there – licks the hands who make it (can and dry food is use all the time) and walks over with us to her doggie talk and eats it all up.

– Barb L.

He has no stomach issues anymore.

imageEnclosed is a picture of a very satisfied Leo the Lowchen! He has a heart & roar of a lion. Leopold is 13 and has always had a very sensitive stomach. He had developed intestinal issues. Plus he was very picky wasn’t eating his food. Since he had been eating Canidae all issues disappeared. He loves the food and he has no stomach issues anymore.

Thanks for making such a great product. We are so glad to have found Canidae.

Thanks again, Pattie & Leo

Awful Shedding Problem Solved!



DeeDee is 3 years and 8 months old.  We made three trips to Humane Shelter checking out dogs and DeeDee stole our hearts. She came to us on our son’s birthday.  She was 2 1/2 when we got her and she came from an abusive home.  Took her a while to relax with us.  We are 64 and 59 disabled / retired and she is just what we needed.  She had an awful shedding problem – the amount of fur she shedded was amazing.  We went to the local feed store and the girl waiting on us said she knew just what we needed and that is how we learned about your dog food.  DeeDee really slowed down on the shedding within a few weeks after switching to your dog food.



Once again excited about her meal!


It’s almost impossible to find one food brand that can satisfy more than one dog, but Canidae came through!  Both of my dogs are seniors but have different medical issues, so finding food that promotes good health for both of them can be tricky.  On top of that my girl Dee became a very picky eater.  Last year we couldn’t find anything that she liked to eat, we tried several brands of dog food and all kinds of incentives (including bacon grease) but she would never finish her meal.  Finally we tried Canidae Grain Free Pure Formulas and she is once again excited for her meals. I am relieved to know that my dog’s choice in food is a healthy one.


I’ve attached 2 photos of my dogs, Dee and Duke, who both LOVE Canidae Grain Free Pure Formulas.

– Lauren D

We love our Canidae! And most importantly so do our dogs!

Michelle-B-picI have 3 large dogs, a black lab a yellow lab and an English mastiff. Ten years ago we were having issues with our black lab who was a puppy at the time. Our trainer suggested a higher quality higher performance type food to see if that would help a bit. She gave us a list of 4 foods for us to try, Canidae was the only one she could tolerate and it also calmed her down and she had less waste as well. As she got older she now can’t tolerate anything but her Canidae, not even other treats! We now have our other dogs on Canidae as well. I felt so strongly about this product that when we moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania and there were no stores that carried Canidae I begged and campaigned at a little pet store to please carry it. With in a week that store had a small supply that they held just for me! After awhile they got more food in and more people became aware and started buying it too. Now only two stores in my area carry it. It’s too bad more stores don’t carry this great product! Without our Canidae our sweet black lab Mystic would be one sick girl as this is the only food she tolerates. And trust me we have tried everything!

We love our Canidae! And most importantly so do our dogs!

Thank you Canidae!!


We LOVE your food!


Let me start by saying first off that we LOVE your food! We recently rescued a golden retriever, and after a few weeks we thought he might allergic to lamb and maybe even chicken. He was itchy all the time and had stools that were far too soft and frequent. I researched dog food quite a bit before we brought him home, and I was feeding him a pretty decent food, so I was a little discouraged. Once we figured out his problem, I found your Pure line and grabbed a bag of Sea (and the corresponding “cookies“).
He’s no longer itchy, his coat is even softer now, and he is very regular with nice, easy to pick up poops, lol. Over the years I’ve heard so many good things about Canidae, but I haven’t had a dog of my own until now.

– JN F.

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