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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Frankie loves his CANIDAE


FrankieThis is my three year old pit bull terrier named Frankie. We rescued him about a month ago from a shelter. As a puppy, he was abandoned and lived on the streets for the first few months of his life. Once he was rescued the first time, he got into an altercation with another dog and was stabbed 7 times in his back. That was about 8 months ago. Ever since we rescued him, we have promised to never give him up. (We have never given up any dog we ever had) and through sympathy, we pamper him. We buy him all kinds of cool stuff and buy him what we think is the best products for him. We do not buy cheap food for him, as we want the very best for him. We have tried many pet foods. But Canidae is his favorite, even when we put it side by side with other competitor foods, keep up the good work Canidae!

– Tyler

Thank you for making a product they love!

sleeping-dogsOctober 30, 2014

Our newest rescue Stark, who was recovering from surgery has improved so much he has been removed from all of the medication except for this anti seizure meds. His doctor has been overwhelmed with his progress. Buddy, our 12 year old, also had his bi-annual exam and again his blood work surprised and amazed his doctors. I contribute their health and well being to their diet. So thank you for making a product that they love and I love to feed to them.


Canidae contributed to his long life

Sam-shepard October 24, 2014

Over 14 years ago we switched our German Shepherd to CANIDAE All Life Stages. He had terrible food allergies, mainly to corn. After talking to a CANIDAE rep who was excited about and truly believed in the product, we made the switch. It is the only food that not only was gentle to his digestive system, but he would actually eat without hesitation. Our Sam was almost 14 years old when he passed on. I believe the quality of CANIDAE contributed to his long life.

Erors-puppyNow our German Shepherd puppy, Eros, eats CANIDAE PURE Foundations Puppy Formula and couldn’t be happier or healthier at 6 months and 72 pounds! Thank you for making a great product that I trust and feel safe feeding.

Lisa S.

Thank you for making such healthy food for my pups!

October 19, 20143dogs-ALS

We bought CANIDAE All Life Stages today and when I brought the bag home and they wouldn’t leave the bag alone!  This is a new variety for them! I see success without even opening the bag. Sadie the Pitt mix was the most excited! Her skin condition is almost fully gone and Logan, the yellow Lab, his stomach issues have  finally ceased and his skin issues are GONE!!!  Reese the Yorkie /jack mix is eating and has his energy back again, he will be 9 on November 11th but you’d never know it! CANIDAE is our #1 choice out of every healthy dog food out there, for our rescue pups. They are fuller and digestion is healthier. Thank you CANIDAE  for making such healthy food for my pups!!

Love always,
Sadie, Logan, Reeses and mom Maureen

Happily enjoying Canidae Grain Free food!

October 10, 2014

Two wonderful rescue dogs that decided to boycott their expensive grain free food of another brand, but who are once again happily enjoying feeding times with CANIDAE Grain Free food! Riley runs to check her dish a couple times daily now to see if by chance some more CANIDAE has miraculously appeared in between feedings!

Dawn T.

Lola-May Riley-Anne


Healthier Dog Food


October 6, 2014

I have been doing some online research looking for a healthier dog food for our boxer “Loki”. We learned of your product as a result of that search. My wife stopped at a nearby Petco and picked up a small bag to see if Loki would like it. I WISH we had pictures of the moment she brought that bag home! I have had dogs my whole life and I have NEVER seen a dog react like that before! He literally buried his face in that bag. He started gnawing on it trying to get it open. No kidding, it was almost like he was “making out” with that bag of food before we even opened it! It was hilarious! I don’t know what sets your food apart from the others concerning Loki, but from that moment you got a new customer for life…

– Dennis M.

Thank you Canidae for PURE Foundations

Nicolett-9-21-14w  September 30, 2014

I have been feeding CANIDAE to my show dogs for over 14 years. I started with CANIDAE All Life Stages and then added all of the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE formulas, which I rotate. I have been very pleased with my dogs’ coats, skin and overall health. On May 22nd a very special puppy, Nicolett, was born – the only survivor of an emergency c-section. She has been raised on CANIDAE PURE Foundations since weaning. I am so glad CANIDAE formulated this grain free puppy food! I couldn’t be happier with her rate of growth, which has been very balanced. Her coat is thick and beautiful, she has wonderful substance, and she is very healthy, never having had any digestive issues. Nicolett is clearly a very happy puppy and receives complements everywhere we go. At 17 weeks of age she showed for the first time and took a puppy Best Of Breed and a Puppy Sporting Group 3! Thank you CANIDAE for PURE Foundations!

Patti C.


Well balanced, high quality kibble at a reasonable price!

September 30, 2014

I have a new Sheltie puppy, and they as a breed can be picky eaters. This is my 3rd Sheltie in my life, and I wanted a dry dog food that had basic ingredients as the breed is prone to allergies, along with extreme sensitivity to many ingredients that don’t BELONG in pet food. My puppy chose CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Elements Lamb out of the samples of foods I tried. She never would eat puppy food-go figure, but enjoys this kibble. The proof that this is great stuff is her appearance-she has a shiny glossy black coat (tricolored) that everyone asks if I use hair products on, ah no, ha. She is now 8 months, healthy, happy and thriving, Never had any vomiting issues, or stool issues eating this brand, phew! Our Vet checkups have been excellent and so what more could a consumer want from a pet food? I think it is a well balanced, high quality kibble that is reasonably priced!

Zany Irish Lass

Thank you Canidae for producing such an amazing food line!

September 30, 2014

car-ride shadesDaisy is my 4 year old American Pit Bull. She is the sweetest dog you could ever meet! She has allergies to many dog foods. Thankfully she does not have a grain allergy. I have tried many types of foods for her and she seems to have some kind of issue with everything I have tried except for CANIDAE Life Stages Lamb Meal & Rice formula dry dog food! She has no issue (hives, loose stools, gas, or itchy skin) with this food. She loves it and she does not even eat the recommended amount because the food is so high quality and it fills her up and keeps her happy! She has a nice bright shiny coat and has plenty of energy. I have recommended this food to many people and have gotten people to change foods because of their positive outcome using this food! Daisy and I thank you Canidae for producing such an amazing food line! I do not know what I would do without this food, it has made Daisy happy again and look great again! Thank you!

Cori H.
Mankato, MN

My dogs are doing great!

September 29, 2014

smilespinkI switched my allergy prone dogs to CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea dog food and CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Heaven Biscuits with Salmon & Sweet Potato dog treats and they’re doing GREAT!

Karen D.

West Harrison, NY


His itching and horrible hives have stopped

September 23, 2014

ChocolateI have tried all kinds of premium dry food and CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Land Dry dog food with fresh Bison so far, has been best for him and his itching and horrible hives have stopped. I tried it because it had no chicken other than the fat.


Pam and Chocolate


Sure glad I tried Canidae!

September 22, 2014

Neo_3I’m writing to thank you for making such an excellent product. My dog has never liked kibble. I bought some CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Elements with Fresh Lamb at Petco and he LOVES it. This is the first time since he joined our family that he eats ALL of his dinner. Sure glad I tried CANIDAE. Thank you!

Cynthia G.

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