Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Our family loves your products!

2012-12-22a12/22/12 – I just wanted to let you know how much our family loves your products! We have a very picky poodle who was a little bit underweight because he was so particular about food. A few months ago, we adopted a second poodle, and quickly learned she was allergic to grains. 2012-12-22bWe tried a few brands, but neither dog liked them. We finally found CANIDAE Pure ELEMENTS and it clicked! Both dogs love it, and have gained a healthy amount of weight. I’m so relieved to have found a food they both like that is high quality. Thank you so much!

Marritt B…and Tucker and Lily, the picky poodles!
Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you for making such a great product!

2012-12-1712/17/12 – Annabelle, my 3.5 lb Yorkie, has always eaten CANIDAE. She seemed to do well on it, but I had a few doubts about how important it was for her. We were gone a month and ran out of her food, so I bought the “top of the line” grocery store food. I noticed that her hair was shedding and you could even see her skin. I thought she was sick, although she had just as much energy. Within two weeks back on CANIDAE, her coat is beautiful. I never would have believed her food was so important! I didn’t notice much difference in her “sister,” an 85 lb Briard. I guess the size difference showed up more rapidly because of Annabelle’s weight. You can bet we’ll never run out of CANIDAE again. Thank you for making such a great product! 


I’m here for the long haul and will use your products on all my pets

2012-12-1212/12/12 – I originally contacted CANDIAE to ask how their food compared to another advertised name brand food. I was so pleased to find out that CANIDAE is a far superior product and I really didn’t want to switch, but was really curious about their claims. We are really happy with our two boxers, Sandy and Rocky, with their health on your food. Our Vet is also very pleased with our dogs and she has said they are amazing with respect to the physical condition, lack of fat, and clarity in their eyes, etc. This is no coincidence with the great quality food you provide, coupled with our dedication to give them regular exercise and a comfortable, loving home. No fear – I’m here for the long haul and will use your products on all my pets – present and future – because I can’t live without them. 

Terri M.
Sydney, NS Canada

It’s the only food they all do well on, and all love to eat!

2012-10-3010/30/12 – CANIDAE is all we feed our dogs, except fruits and vegetables. I have tried many, many foods over the last 25 years and it’s the only food they all do well on, and all love to eat. From puppies to seniors, they all love CANIDAE! We recommend it to everyone we meet; we even stop people in the grocery store and educate them on dog food and ingredients and recommend that they check out CANIDAE. Yeah, we get some weird looks, but maybe it will put a bug in their ear and they will rethink what they are feeding.

Sue S.
Tillsonburg, ON Canada

It keeps him energized throughout the entire day

 – I’m a police canine (K-9) handler with the Grosse Ile Police Department in Grosse Ile, Michigan. My drug dog, (K-9 Jury) absolutely loves CANIDAE. I feed the All Life Stages recipe. I like how it keeps him energized throughout the entire day and makes his coat nice and shiny. I think it’s excellent for working dogs and a small portion goes a long way so you don’t have to feed as much. It’s a great premium dog food.

Officer J. F.
Grosse Ile, Michigan

She is healthy and beautiful because of her good nutrition

2012-10-1010/09/12 – Kiwi is a pound puppy from Cleveland, Ohio. She is at least eight years old. She might be short as she is an Aussie but she is super strong and muscular. Kiwi has eaten CANIDAE ALS all of her life with us and our many moves around the country. She is healthy and beautiful because of her good nutrition. Thank you, CANIDAE!

Andrea D.

I can’t tell you how much our dogs thrive on CANIDAE

2012-10-09a10/09/12 – We love our German Shepherds, and love to feed them the best as it has always kept them healthy. Our dog Gracie has been on the dry from the time she was a pup at the breeders. I have never seen such a beautiful coat on a GSD. I can’t take my hands off it! We also had a GSD, Misty, that had a horrible coat and we put her on CANIDAE and after that her coat not only smelled great, but was beautiful. We also have 2 Labs. I can’t tell you how much our dogs thrive on CANIDAE. I will continue to get them the best food so they can continue to look great and feel great too. 

Maryann H.
Winton, CA

He is one healthy senior citizen

2012-09-0609/06/12 – Our dog Songo (almost 12) has been eating CANIDAE dry food all his life – the past several years your senior platinum formula. He has developed some teeth issues so although the dry formula is still his favorite, we sometimes have to mix in a little of the canned formula to make it easier for him. He is one healthy senior citizen and loves to eat. Every time we go to the veterinarian’s they ask what we feed him and when I tell them CANIDAE, they say “That is an excellent dog food.” Thank you!

Sue B.
Holden, MA

I’ll not ever feed anything to my dog or future dogs but CANIDAE

2012-08-2908/29/12 – I’ve been feeding Grain Free Pure to my female German Shepherd since she was weaned. She was “Miss November” for the GA German Shepherd rescue calendar. The breeder recommended your product which at the time, was unknown to me. I had always fed my dogs a different brand, thinking I knew a lot about dog food. Man, was I wrong. I switched to the grain free as soon as it came on the market, and have recommended it to just about everyone I know and don’t know who has a dog. I’ll not ever feed anything to my dog or future dogs but CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Elements. You shouldn’t either!!

Larry W.

She has all but stopped shedding altogether!

2012-07-2807/28/12 – Wow, what a difference! I am absolutely sold on your CANIDAE Pure ELEMENTS. I have a 3 1/2 year old Boston Terrier, Skyy, that I started on your food about 3 weeks ago, and already I notice a huge difference. Her coat is so shiny and she has fewer and fewer issues with her tummy.

But the best thing I have noticed is that she has all but stopped shedding altogether! This is a wonderful thing in my household as my boyfriend has allergies. I cannot thank you enough for developing this wonderful product.

Elizabeth C.

Update on CANIDAE Sponsored Great Dane Rescue, Bella

2012-07-18a07/18/12 – Our very own sales manager Caroline Pettersen submitted this testimonial. She arrived at Feed All Pets in Stratford, Ontario and had a special guest, named Bella, waiting there for her. Bella was rescued and taken in by the Perth/Stratford County Humane Society and was quickly placed in foster care. The staff at Feed All Pet Centre quickly called Caroline to ask if she would sponsor to feed Bella, and of course, she said YES. Bella arrived in their care at the end of April, she was severely underweight, weighing in at only 95lbs. Today, after eating CANIDAE All Life Stages formula at 10 cups a day, she weighs 120lbs, with a goal of 150lbs+.

Bella also suffered from a SEVERE bed sore on her left hip bone which is now almost unnoticeable. She is under good veterinary care and they are very pleased with her progress. 2012-07-18bHer coat is definitely improving.

What a nice surprise for Caroline, going to a great store to give a seminar and being greeted with a CANIDAE fed Great Dane Rescue. Lastly, Caroline just wanted to add that Bella is HUGE, quite probably one of the tallest female Great Danes she has ever seen. At only 95lbs, her situation was very grave indeed and now she is well on her way to recovering.

On CANIDAE he stopped having intestinal issues

 – We trust CANIDAE to provide our dogs with the proper balance of nutrition day in and day out. We believe quality dog food is the first step in preventative health issues, and thank CANIDAE for making it so easy to keep them healthy and happy.

When we adopted Watson, a terrier mix, from a second chance shelter he was severely underweight. We were warned that he had a sensitive stomach and they had a hard time finding a food he could keep down much less thrive on. Once we put him on CANIDAE he stopped having intestinal issues and started gaining weight. Look at him now!

Meg R.

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