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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Their bodies are absorbing the nutrients much better in Canidae.

March 25, 2014

With four dogs at home and two of them being full grown Great Danes, a 50lbs bag of dog food lasts for just under two weeks. We have recently switched to Canidae. The dogs seem to be more energetic and happier as well as not leaving behind such large piles of feces. Their bodies are absorbing the nutrients much better in Canidae . The only problem with Canidae is the price, but we have found that you definitely get what you pay for. I just wanted to inform what a difference your product has made.

-Colby W.

We are very happy with Canidae!

March 19, 2014

We are very happy with CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea! No more biting at their skin.

Jill G.


I’ve been recommending it to all my dog-owner friends!


March 6, 2014 Just writing to say, I have a VERY sensitive English Bulldog. I’ve tried food after food since she was a puppy, from Blue Buffalo to Wellness, and she has ALWAYS had, well, “issues” when it comes to bathroom time, as well as other allergies irritating her eyes and skin.

I recently saw my local pet store carrying the CANIDAE PURE line of foods and tried out the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sky. I bought a small bag at first as I’m so used to having to return them and try something else.

Imagine my surprise when in a couple weeks of being on the food, almost every issue she had from allergies/puffy eyes/runny poop VANISHED! And she really looks forward to eating it too! I’m tempted to try out the other kinds, but I just went back and bought a big bag of the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sky because I can’t believe it worked. Halfway through it and she’s still doing great, I’ve been recommending it to all my dog-owner friends now!

So just thanks for making a quality food that actually works for my puppies needs! It’s such a relief to know I’m feeding her something daily that works for her now.

Darla says thanks as well! I’ll be a lifelong CANIDAE buyer now as long as this product exists!

Jared S.
Champaign, IL

His skin has completely cleared up!

dukeMarch 4, 2014

We have been so pleased since switching our dog over to CANIDAE!! Our dog, Duke, started off eating one of the big name dog food brands during the first few years of his life until he started having an allergic skin reaction. With help from our vet, we narrowed it down to him having some sort of food allergy. After switching to a “pure” version of a different brand and not seeing a difference, we were suspicious it was a food allergy. We decided to contact Duke’s breeder, who suggested we try CANIDAE. We could not be more grateful!! His skin has completely cleared up and we’ve seen a huge difference in how excited he is when it comes to meal time.

Kate S.

Aliso Viejo, CA


Both pups are full of energy with happy tummies!

2/25/2014 I appreciate what CANIDAE is doing for the dog community by providing a quality dog food that is safe and good for the pups. After adopting a second Doberman, it was priority for me to find a food that I could feed both of my dogs without having to feed two separate foods.

Finding a food that one dog did well on turned into the other dog not doing well or not liking the other. I finally found CANIDAE All Life Stages and my dogs have been on it ever since with great results! My 7 year old doberboy went down to a very healthy 93 lbs and my year and a half old dobergirl gained weight up to 82 lbs.

dobiesNow both of the pups are full of energy with happy tummies! Thank you CANIDAE!

Mark G.

Orlando, FL

Thank you for helping me keep my dog healthy!

February 18, 2014

lab1Ilab2 have an 8 year old Labrador. She broke her tibia as a pup. I choose CANIDAE Platinum to give her the nutrition but keep her weight down. She does well on it and she is a healthy dog . I am sold on this formula for her.
Thank you for helping me keep my dog healthy.



Soft shiny skin & coat


I just transitioned my dog over to CANIDAE Grain Free PURE and he’s doing fantastic, soft shiny skin and coat, his ears cleared up and he looks fantastic. Fortunately there are still a few companies left with quality dog food. I did lots of research based on recalls, quality of product, etc. and chose CANIDAE and I am so glad I did!! I feel it’s the best quality food available presently!


An abundance of energy & alertness!

Karma2/17/2014  I fed CANIDAE All Life Stages to our Dobermans for YEARS. Our last two died 2 years ago and we began raising and showing Toy Fox Terriers. Thinking the kibble size was going to be too large for their little mouths, I stupidly switched to a different brand of small bites food. They did ok….but I always wanted to go back CANIDAE All Life Stages.

FAST FORWARD to recently and we acquired a gorgeous Doberman puppy who has been fed ProPlan Focus Puppy since weaning. I read the label on the bag and nearly fainted. ARGH.
So….. with heart in hand, we began the changeover back to CANIDAE All Life Stages……for everyone: one Doberman and 7 Toy Fox Terriers. In ONE week, our Dobe puppy girl has NOTICEABLY less frequent stools, they are firmer, she has an abundance of energy and her alertness has improved. OH….AND SHE LIKE THE TASTE OF All Life Stges! She is not wolfing her food down like today is half gone and tomorrow is never going to come. She’s actually CHEWING her food, and looks to be savoring it. SO ARE THE LITTLE DOGS!!
Thanks CANIDAE…..glad to be back home with ya! And here we’ll stay….Doberman AND Toy Fox Terriers…….who have proved to me they CAN do the larger size kibble….and lovin’ it!

Judy P.

What a difference it has made!

Lily2/8/2014 Well it’s been about a month that my Lily has been on CANIDAE and what a difference it has made. Her hair is back to being thick and soft. I found out that Wellness was sold to Proctor & Gamble and God only knows what they did to that food, but it doesn’t matter because I will continue to feed Lily CANIDAE. Please tell the owners of your company to keep doing what they are doing and don’t sell!!! There are maybe a handful of dog food companies out there that really care about what is being fed to our fur kids and I’m happy I found CANIDAE!

Milena C.

Union Beach, NJ

Beautiful fur and shiny coat

abby-santa1/31/14 – CANIDAE has been the mainstay diet of Abby (age 9).  She is so much a puppy in every way… attitude, health and looks.  We are stopped daily to the comments of “beautiful fur” and “shiny coat.”  We think it is the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sky she has been on for years.

– Kandi

He snaps the food right up!

Jeremy1/30/2014  I recently started feeding my Great Dane, Jeremy, CANIDAE. I’ve got him on the CANIDAE Life Stages Chicken & Rice formula. I want to say that you guys make a great product, and he’s LOVING the new diet. He snaps the food right up. His coat has never looked/felt better, and he has a LOT of energy. I’ve done some reading on CANIDAE, and I really like supporting a company that’s doing exactly what it advertises, and is very humane and open with product information! It’s refreshing!

Jacob M.

Thanks so much for such a great product!

GreyHounds1/29/2014 I’ve been using CANIDAE dry for my retired racing Greyhounds for several years now. They do very well on the food and have soft shiny coats, lots of energy and overall well being. Feeding four fairly large dogs can be very expensive and I totally appreciate the bigger 44lb bag. Thanks so much for such a great product!

Sheila P.

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