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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

The Diary of Bella


BellaHi (wave paw)

I’m Bella. I have to tell you that I just love your food!  I am a sheet zoo (giggle), I am 3 years old and I was adopted but I really adopted my mommy! Since I am a sheet zoo I can’t eat hard food so I love canned food. I have to tell you that my puppy power makes me dance for your food, I love the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sky it makes me so happy and my tummy doesn’t hurt any more. Giggle, giggle paw clap .  I have to run,  it’s dinnertime and I know I can eat and be pain free! Thank you .

Your little friend Bella
Bowling Green, KY

No more burping!

Penny1/28/2014  In January 2013, I adopted an amazing Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler mix named Penny! With our previous dog food Penny seemed to burp, a lot!  About a month ago, we made a switch to CANIDAE Grain-Free Pure Elements, I’m very happy we did! Her stomach seems much more at ease and I am overly satisfied with the food quality. The other brand seemed greasy and full of crumbs, not the case with CANIDAE! I know she is getting a much better quality food! Thank you!

Bryan P.

Erie, IL

No more bad breath!


My 13 year old Japanese Spitz Mix is very healthy and active, but she had bad breath even after her teeth were cleaned. She drinks spring water and had been eating a high quality dog food. I switched her to CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea Adult Dog Food–No more bad breath!! Thank you!

Beth D.


Sea formula perfect for sensitive tummies

Jan 20, 2014

I have standard poodles and my apricot three year old male Brody had allergies so whatever I fed my little group it had to help them all. I love your no grain sea formula it’s perfect for sensitive tummies and no scratching. Make sure you keep up the good work.

-Mariea A.

Thank you CANIDAE!

Tux-Gilbert1/15/2014 When I got my rescue dog Tux (on the left), his coat was dull and thin in some spots. I have always fed my other dog, Gilbert, CANIDAE and he is always very healthy. I hoped this great food would help Tux too. After several months, one day I noticed that Tux’s coat had grown in and was now very dark and shiny. A spot on his tail cleared up as well. I have been stopped on the street and at the vet’s office by strangers telling me what good care I take of my dogs.

Thank you, CANIDAE!

Michele E.

Lou Thanks You!

Lou01/14/2014 Lou is a rescue from Tennessee that has a long history of medical issues and a not so easy first six years of her life. We have had Lou since November 2013 and when we brought her home she had a double ear infection, skin infection and hypo-thyroid with lots of hair loss. We started her on CANIADE Life Stages formula and now use CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Elements and she is thriving. Her hair has come back on her tail and elbows and has not had itchy skin or any ear issues. She has been put on meds for her thyroid but a high quality food such as CANIDAE has really helped her along the way. We could not imagine life without her and she will continue to eat the best!

Thank you,

Angela E.

All the dogs love it!

Wilford1/14/14 Hello, I am the owner of Wilford Dog Training. We feed CANIDAE All Life Stages and have for the past 6 years. All the dogs love it! My personal dogs are certified search and rescue dogs, their coats are beautiful and they are full of energy! I recommend CANIDAE to all my clients!

Barbarann B.

Superior dog food plus fantastic savings equals a well fed dog and a very happy customer!

Priscilla1/8/2014  When I discovered that CANIDAE was reformulating their Grain Free PURE products, I was quite concerned. Priscilla, my mixed breed rescue from Tennessee, had thrived for the better part of four years on both Grain Free PURE Elements as well as Grain Free PURE Sky and my fear was that my girl would not find the new recipes palatable. My worry, thankfully, quickly vanished after opening a new bag of Elements, filling Priscilla’s bowl and watching her gobble down her dinner. She absolutely loved it and I was thrilled to have gotten a great deal on her food from Petco, which had recently begun carrying Canidae products and were offering too good to ignore introductory pricing. Superior dog food plus fantastic savings equals a well fed dog and a very happy customer.

Peter S.

Thanks for creating such great products!

12/31/2013  Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for continuing to provide a great product. We had won a contest through a promotion you were doing with Speedway Illustrated where our dog had won ‘Shop Pet of the Month’ and you all had given us a year’s worth of Life Stages dog food. We now have two Cockapoos and have continued to use the Life Stages line of food and have been happily paying for it now for about 2 years beyond the contest supply. We buy through PetFlow and love their service as much as the dogs love your food!
Just wanted to take time again to say thanks for supporting the contest and thanks for creating such great products !

Here’s a snapshot of us with Maddie (left) & Cody (center). Just wanted to say Merry Christmas from the “C” family in Newnan, GA ! Santa came to see Maddie & Cody with a fresh new bag of CANIDAE to start off the new year!  We really love your product!  The dogs love it as well and it’s helped keep them healthy, wealthy, & wise… (well… Cody may not be too wise) for a very
happy family!


Joe C.

Newnan, GA

Behold the power of quality food!


12/29/2013  …I must say, after just a few days back on CANIDAE  we have already noticed a pleasant ability to be able to sit in the same room with our pets without feeling the need to wear gas masks. behold the power of quality dog food! Our old kitty cat loves her CANIDAE, and Granola the hedgehog thinks it’s delicious as well.


Susan B.

Chattanooga, TN




Jewels is one Happy Customer


12/19/13 My Shepherd is a rescue with a lot of digestive problems due to her diet of a nutritionally insufficient pet food that she had been fed since puppy-hood. She had irritable bowel disorder, and an array of skin problems. I was doing some research and found that the “culprit” was corn, as well as protein sources. While searching for the food that would agree with her – I tried many, and none of them worked. Thankfully I bought CANIDAE, and although all the benefits were not immediate, some were. My kitty is the same way – with chronic UTI’s which were not helped by using a variety of brands of cat food. I am very grateful for CANIDAE – the company has maintained its standards where many in the industry have “cut corners” .

 My Shepherd is 10 years old – “usually” German Shepherds don’t live much past that age – but despite some “old age” problems she is still enjoying life , and I am glad that her diet is one of the things that I don’t have to be concerned about because I feed CANIDAE!!

kittyI hope you don’t mind, but I am attaching a picture of “Jewels” so that you can see one of your happy “customers.”

Robin R.

Lawrence, KS

Canidae Pure line has really changed Torque’s life

Nov. 30, 2013

We rescued Torque 3 years ago and his first year he seemed to be a normally puppy. After his first 4th of July our neighbor accidentally left our gate open and the curious pup he was he took off for an adventure. For a long 4 weeks he went missing with sightings in a neighborhood a mile away from home now and then but no one could catch him they kept saying. When we gave up a phone call came in from my many missing posters. We found out he was sniffing his way back home and he was only 2 blocks from his safe haven. Torque seemed fine at first just hungry with bloody feet from all the running. Couple months after being home he couldn’t keep his food down, he had no energy and just laid in bed losing more and more weight. He was supposed to be at least 60 lbs at his age and he was 40 lbs now at 1 year 6 months. We took him to 4 vets and finally heard about a specialist who diagnosed him with addisons disease. He lived and takes a pill everyday and an injection every month but is back to his normal self. With all he went through and his rare disease, which is not from genetics, his skin was dry, chapped, bleeding sometimes and thin. We were told that was normal and he would fight it the rest of his life. Since we found Canidae at an off-road convention our dog has been on it 3 months and has gained 10 lbs, his hair is shiny and thick and no more dry skin. Everyone told us he would always have these problems but Canidae Pure line has really changed Torque’s life, thank you Canidae.

-Christi M.

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