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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

We have been so thrilled with the result!

Melissa11/27/13 – We tried quite a few different brands of dog food before finding CANIDAE. We have been so thrilled with the result! Our dog loves the food and we’ve been using it for two years now. He’s happy and healthy. We’ve watched as friends who use popular name brand foods see their dogs gain a lot of weight and have other health issues. We always recommend CANIDAE to them. Their staff is always friendly and helpful over the phone!

Melissa H.

My human parents say I’m pretty special, that’s why they feed me CANIDAE.

katie-111/25/13 – Hello, my name is Katie, I’m 18 months old.  My human parents say I’m pretty special, that’s why they feed me CANIDAE. All I know is that it makes me feel good and look pretty (everybody tells me I’m so pretty, even my breeder). Anyway, oh doorbell…

 Sorry, Kate had to go see who is at the door.

 We’ve raised dogs for quite awhile; pets, gun dogs and now a show dog. Dog nutrition has always been a mystery to us…until the internet. Our veterinarian for over 30 years strongly recommended CANIDAE this time and told us he fed it to his own dog.  We did our research, then purchased CANIDAE.

 Katie loves the taste, has plenty of that golden retriever energy, great coat, solid stools, and good checkups. We recommended your product to others who have had similar results. Glad to discover a company who backs up their claims with a rock sold product. Keep up the good work CANIDAE, Katie is counting on  you.

 Steve & Terry C.

CANIDAE is helping get our dogs skin and coats back to healthy.

Emily-WV111/25/13 – To save a few dollars we recently switched to supermarket food from another higher quality food. All of a sudden they both began to develop hot spots, and their coats were dull, dry, and they were shedding more than normal especially our Rottweiler (Nikki), while our Mastiff’s (Gus) ears started to act up again. They were on CANIDAE a few years back and that’s the last time I remember being truly pleased with their coats. I switched them to CANIDAE the day after seeing the hot spots and after just 1 day of feeding CANIDAE their skin was less irritating, and the hot spots stopped popping up. It’s been a week now and we are watching their coats gradually improve. Can’t wait to see the final results, and am so glad we are back on it! Even switched the cat to CANIDAE!


Emily in WV


Look how shiny her coat is! 

Nov 7, 2013

This is Honey.  She is an 8 yr old lab/hound mix.  She is a rescue from Tennessee that ended up in upstate New York.    My brother got her from a woman who adopted her first.  She told us she fed her Canidae.  I picked it up for my brother and brought the food to him for her as they do not sell it in our small town store. Unfortunately, my brother died 6 months after he adopted her, so I took her because I knew my brother would have wanted that. That was 2009, and she only gets Canidae.  Look how shiny her coat is!  She is so sweet and I love her so much.  And she gets the Canidae biscuits too.

-Margaret D.

Wow! What a difference.


Patty-29-15-13 – CANIDAE is the best animal food available! I say this from years of raising pets and feeding only this food from puppyhood on. I have had dogs and cats all my life. Years ago I investigated what is in the dog food we fed our pets. I was appalled! The fillers and unnecessary ingredients I was paying for were not only unhealthy for my pets, they were not providing me the best product for my money. Our pets are family members and we strive to feed them the most nutritious food available to keep them healthy, happy and energetic. Our pets were experiencing “hot spots”, dry coats, ear inflammation and infections even though we were on top of their medical care and grooming. After careful comparison we started feeding all pets only CANIDAE. Wow! What a difference. We only see the vet now for routine shots and checkups! Sure the vet is missing us and our little pet family of 5 dogs and 1 cat. A wide variety of flavors are available and our pets have tried them all! We will never change from feeding CANIDAE and we are looking forward to many years to come with Madonna, Tinkerbell, Kitty, Missy, Lucy and Romeo! Enjoy the pics!

– Patty

We love our CANIDAE and so do our dogs!


 September 14, 2013   I have 3 large dogs, a black lab, a yellow lab and an English mastiff. Ten years ago we were having issues with our black lab who was a puppy at the time. Our trainer suggested a higher quality, higher performance type food to see if that would help a bit. She gave us a list of 4 foods for us to try, CANIDAE was the only one she could tolerate and it also calmed her down and she had less waste as well. As she got older she now can’t tolerate anything but her CANIDAE, not even other treats! We now have our other dogs on CANIDAE as well. I felt so strongly about this product that when we moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania and there were no stores that carried CANIDAE I begged and campaigned at a little pet store to please carry it. Within a week that store had a small supply that they held just for me! After awhile they got more food in and more people became aware and started buying it too. Now only two stores in my area carry it. It’s too bad more stores don’t carry this great product! Without our CANIDAE our sweet black lab Mystic would be one sick girl as this is the only food she tolerates. And trust me we have tried everything!

We love our CANIDAE! And most importantly so do our dogs!
Thank you CANIDAE!!

Michelle, Ohio 

How our family became such loyal customers

Carol9/12/13 – I wanted you to know how our family became such loyal customers. Our first Corgi, had a medical problem with a yeast overgrowth. The vet wanted to do a mini plastic surgery to remove excess skin. My daughter started researching and trying various and very expensive foods, and when we put her on CANIDAE it went away in 60 days and never came back, our vet was amazed.  That was 10 years ago, so all our other dogs and our friends are now using CANIDAE.

 – Carol

Canidae helps to keep her fit

dog8/28/2013 I give my dog CANIDAE food only, due to she is never oily, as other dog food I have used in the past and would never use it again. My dog looks younger then she is at 6 years old. I like how the bag and can tell me details of how much food to feed her and with that it helps me to keep her fit with her playing around outside. The best thing is in the morning she waits by the door and whoever makes her breakfast or dinner, walk in and sit there – she licks the hands who makes it (can and dry food is used all the time) and walks over to us to her doggie talk and eats it all up.

Barb L.

North Liberty, IA

Thriving on CANIDAE

– Priscilla, my 4 1/2 year old rescue from Tennessee, was adopted in 2009.  Soon after arriving at her new home in Dorchester, Massachusetts, my girl was transitioned to Canidae dog food and I could not be more pleased with the results.  Her rotational diet has consisted of Grain Free pure Elements, Grain Free pure Sky and Single Grain Protein Plus, all three supplying the nutrition that gives her boundless energy as well as promoting a beautiful, lustrous coat.  Also, she loves Snap-Biscuits, Snap-Bits and Tidnips.  Needless to say, Priscilla has thrived on Canidae products which, in my opinion, have contributed greatly to her being a happy and healthy dog.

Peter S.

Aela’s New, Healthy Coat

aela-patches8/11/2013 – I have previously given a review of Canidae food in regards to my dog, Huckleberry who has skin issues.  I now need to give a rave review in regards to my other dog, Aela.  Aela has the same parents as Huckleberry. hey are just from  different litter.  Both of them are Australian shepherd/golden retriever, and boxer mix.  While Huckleberry has the long fur like a Golden Retriever, Aela’s is thicker , but shorter hair.  Her hair always felt more course where Huckleberry’s was soft.  I thought there was no changing that.  After feeding her the Canidae lamb and rice, I am amazed how  soft she is.   The skin conditioners in this food is amazing.

Thanks again,
Patches B.
P.S.  they loved the samples of duck formula.

A Happy CANIDAE Family

annie-moose-jake-sarah8/7/2013 – After years of spending excessive amounts of money to satisfy our three dogs and their very different needs in terms of their food (Annie, the Wheaten Terrier cannot have grain or high protein diets like salmon; Moose, the French Bulldog cannot have salmon either but also needs a kibble small enough to fit his smaller mouth; and Jake, the Pit Bull cannot have anything with poultry), we are so happy to report that we have found the one food that caters to all of their needs:  Canidae Pure Sky.  In addition to having to accommodate all of the aforementioned needs, we also make it a point to only give our dogs top-of-the-line nutrition (our way of thinking- it is better to spend a little more money per bag for higher quality than to pay it in dividends in the way of Vet bills due to poor nutrition and ingredients) and Canidae comes as highly recommended by Vets and Pet Food Advisors as any brand out there.  And, as if all of this wasn’t enough- it is certainly worth mentioning how much our three dogs love this food.  They get so excited when it is dinner time and given how much we have struggled in the past to meet their needs and wants in their food; this has been just wonderful.  We are Canidae customers for life!

Sarah G.

Reagan the Lab

Reagan8/21/13… when I bought Reagan from the breeder he was on a different food, which he did not like.  My friend and I started researching by-products, not good. We found CANIDAE full of vitamins and special nutrients, so we put our dog  on CANIDAE. One of the best products is  CANIDAE All Life Stages formula dog food for all breeds, ages and sizes. Probiotic For Life cultures to support health digestion. Powerful Antioxidants to help maintain a healthy immune system. Healthy Omega Fatty acids to maintain beautiful skin and coat. With that being said when Reagan tee tees on our pretty lawn no brown spots ever. When he poops very little in yard because the nutrients in CANIDAE  absorbed in his system. CANIDAE is  the best!

Betty M.

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