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CANIDAE has been just short of miraculous

We adopted our Golden Retriever, Jackson, two years ago. His allergies were so severe that his ears were swollen shut. We immediately put him on a raw diet, and saw some improvement in his allergies, but he still often had infected ears and he would chew his paws until they were hairless and raw. Also, it was hard keeping weight on him with the raw diet, and anything with grain in it would cause horrid allergic reactions. We tried  different supplements, holistic treatments and western medical treatments, but nothing seemed to work. Then, just 6 weeks ago, I read about CANIDAE in the Whole Dog Journal and decided to give it a try. I won’t say that Jackson is now allergy free, but I can say that his allergy symptoms are consistently the most mild they’ve ever been. CANIDAE has been just short of miraculous for Jackson. He’s back to his normal weight, his coat is thick and shiny, and best of all, his allergies aren’t tormenting him day and night.

Kristi S.

Well, you’ve made a believer out of a real skeptic!!!!

I have raised Boxers for years and have tried many kinds of diets, but yours has far out-performed the rest. I began my crew on CANIDAE and the Snap Biscuits about one month ago, slowly weaning them on to avoid stomach upset. They are now completely weaned off their old food and onto CANIDAE. Within two weeks of starting, before even complete weaning had taken place, their coats were thicker, shinier and softer. They no longer have any doggie odor of any kind and their breath is sweeter, all the time. I am so very impressed that I cannot express my satisfaction clearly enough. One of my girls is white and she has lots of severe skin allergies. No more scratching or chewing at her feet. Three of them have seasonal flank alopecia-the hair is growing back and filling in spots that were completely bald before we started the CANIDAE. Keep up the good work.


A VERY satisfied customer and VERY satisfied dogs

This is just a statement in support of your products. We have all rescue dogs, Weimaraners and a Dalmatian. We have used only foods that have been recommended by the Whole Dog Journal, and we have found that CANIDAE has by far worked the best for us. an example, Our Weimaraner Diesel, was 1 1/2 years old when we adopted him. He had been running loose in the desert for several weeks before he came into rescue and then to us. When we got him, his digestive system was always suspect never settling down. We tried everything including medication from a vet. The Red Barn in Reseda, CA suggested that we try CANIDAE. After one day it was a complete change. Everything was normal. At that point all of our dogs went on CANIDAE even the Dalmatian. The ingredients of CANIDAE greatly helped him too as he had always had regular bouts with indigestion. Now, he has them no more.
With the introduction of the Platinum Diet, we are using that for our senior dog and the Dalmatian. It is a fabulous food and VERY cost effective!In the dog rescue that I work for, every time a dog is adopted, I suggest CANIDAE as it has worked so well for us.

Thank You.

His coat is amazing

I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my dogs heart for your wonderful product. I have a 1 1/2 year old setter mix that I got from a no kill animal shelter where I volunteer. From the time Dexter was 10 weeks old until I found CANIDAE, he threw up daily and especially when he went on car rides. We tried 3 different types of food-(Eukanuba, Pro Plan and Nutro), nothing helped. When I started him on CANIDAE, 3 months ago, he has not thrown up, he can be in the car without being sick, he is more energetic, and his coat is amazing, shiny and no more dandruff. He LOVES CANIDAE. I also at the same time switched my 4 cats to FELIDAE. I have 2-11 year old cats, and 2-6 month old kittens. They all love FELIDAE., and the litter box is much easier to manage. Thanks so much for your wonderful products, my “children” are extremely happy with their meals:)

Thank you,

Good Day!!

sportI would just like to let you know that I first heard about CANIDAE from a lady in the states, as I live in Canada. We were going to be purchasing a Golden Retriever a few years back. I was researching the dog food lines, for just the right requirements for our new puppy. After length long research from web, sites, to reading all of the packaging on every dog food out there. To notice that most of the foods are not even fit for your dog. They contain the worst preservable things inside, along with ingredients not fit for a healthy dog. When this lady I spoke to over the phone, mentioned to me, how to get CANIDAE to come to Canada. I was so very pleased once it came to my store after a very long and lengthy process. I CAME ACROSS CANIDAE. CANIDAE is the most wonderful product for your dog, to eat. I was especially looking for the 4 meats groups, no preservatives, omega 3 and 4. Along with chelated minerals, and probiotics. Well, CANIDAE MEET AND QUALIFIED FOR MY NEW PUPPY. I only wish people would pay some kind of attention to what is inside the dog foods out there today. As they are not fit for any dog, what so ever. I have had my Golden retriever on it now, since it finally made its way into Canada, after my long and length process of my store owner, to get in touch with there suppliers,,, and he has been on it since. He has a lovely coat, great weight, small sized stools and, never have had any problems what so ever, with hot spots, which Goldens are prone too. He is lively, and in excellent health. Never with any sickness, ever. And I know that it is all due to the CANIDAE excellent dog food that I am providing for my Golden Retriever, which is now 4 years old. Before CANIDAE he still was on a holistic food,,,,, excellent product too, which was Innova, but CANIDAE, ingredients are superior to the Innova that I used to feed my golden before. I try to explain, the differences to people I met which have a loving pet. What a harm they are doing by feeding a regular processed dog food. My only regret is I wish the owners of there pets, which pay more attention to the nutritional requirements for there pet. Before feeding the terrible other dog foods out there. I can’t convince everyone to pay attention, to change. But I try my best any ways. To provide people with my knowledgeable information and the look of my dog. Which I receive so many compliments on, his coat, etc., when people see me walking him. I owe it all to his food, CANIDAE. I am very pleased with CANIDAE and wanted to let you know that my Golden Retriever “SPORT” enjoys his meals too. Ps: Just a thought, please think of resealable bags, that would be great !!

Thanks so much,

Susan G. & Sport

The Vet. raves about her skin and coat

I want to thank you for producing a magnificent product. Our young GSD, soon to be 1-1/2 years old, has been raised on CANIDAE dry dog food, and the results have been outstanding. The Vet. raves about her skin and coat, she has never had any hot spots or other problems, and she has boundless energy. She is the epitome of good health. We live in the country, with many animals around, and she is the first GSD (we’ve had from one to three of them in our lives for the past 30 years) who has 1) not had hot spots during the first year and a half, 2) not ever had diarrhea, and 3) had such a completely nutritional diet such as to never eat the droppings of horses, goats, deer, etc. We think this is all the result of the CANIDAE food. Thanks for making it.

Best regards,
David B.
Meridian, Texas

I switched to CANIDAE and the problem stopped

My groomer recommended CANIDAE when I told her that our Rottie had been scratching a lot. She said that maybe he was allergic to the additives in his dog food. I switched to CANIDAE and the problem stopped. An added benefit is that his coat shines like it never has. Thank you for a wonderful product. He loves the treats too. They are a great addition to his meals. I recommend CANIDAE to all my friends now.

Denise T.

My dogs love your food!

After switching to CANIDAE, my beagle has not had his ears cleaned in three months!!! This from a beagle who had to have his ears cleaned at least weekly and was constantly scratching them!

My boxer had hot spots on her paws and was constantly licking. Her hot spots are gone and her white paws are back and look perfect!

Thank you for a terrific product–I am highly recommending it!

Heather S.

Winner Dog

Here is a picture of my bulldog and my daughter. Benya ate CANIDAE All Stage for 1 year. No allergy no problems. Benya won recently “Winner Dog” at “Las Vegas Bulldog Speciality Show”.

Her coat is extremely soft and shiny

It has been one year since our beloved Golden Retriever died. Throughout her life she suffered from allergies (which at one point caused her to lose most of her hair) and ear infections which eventually caused her to become deaf. I never realized that the supposed “high quality” dog food we were feeding her from the time she was a puppy was the cause of her sufferings. When it came time to bring another golden into our lives, I started to research web sights regarding nutrition and dogs. That’s when I came upon your web sight, and I am so thankful I did! CANIDAE provides the real story about dog nutrition. The testimonials given by other dog owners helped to convince me about what your product did for their dogs.

Our new addition is almost 1 year old and has been eating CANIDAE since she was 3 months. Her coat is extremely soft and shiny and she is the picture of health. I’m getting the word out to other dog owners I know, because their dogs deserve to have the best nutrition available. Thank you

Jeri E.

You make a great dog food

Our Ridgeback puppy is now 10 months old and Candidae is her dog food (her breeders’ also – they recommended it to us).
See attached photo taken at 9 months winning BOS over specials and major points. Tori did that once before at 6 months! She’s never been on supplements, just Candidae. We think that is a compliment to your company.
Thank you,
John & Judy K.

No More Flaking

Family 009We have been using CANIDAE for almost a year with our almost 2 year old schnauzer. His coat is gorgeous. He is in great shape!!! We just rescued a 9 year old mini schnauzer in the beginning of June. She was a wreck. Her skin and coat were horrible. She smelled awful, had crusty flaky skin and her coat was really hard, and had no shine to it at all. She barely shuffled around the house. She had been fed Mighty Dog because she only had 3 teeth left in her poor mouth. We switched her over slowly to the CANIDAE kibble and canned food. I add warm water to her kibble to soften it up.
Her skin is in great shape now. No more flaking. Her coat is so soft now and shiney. She also moves around much easier. No more slow shuffling dog. She even runs around for short spurts. She is so much happier looking now. Oh, and she doesn’t smell anymore either.
She loves the CANIDAE kibble and canned foods too. She gets so excited when she sees the canned food especially. She starts hopping up and down on her front paws and she howls for it. TOO CUTE!!!
We are hoping this will keep her and our 1 year old mini healthy and happy for many years to come.

Thank you,

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