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The Best Food on the Market

I really don’t know how to start out this email, I have so much to say! I have been feeding CANIDAE for a little over three years now and I have to say it is probably the best food on the market. I have three Dobermans (a 1yr old, 2yr old & 4yr old) which I train, and it is so convenient to feed them all one food! You also don’t lie at all about the coat conditioners. I have people ask me all the time what I use to make my dogs so shiny and I tell them it’s the food! I also wear my CANIDAE T-Shirt to a lot of my obedience trials, hoping maybe people will ask me about it. …

Ava-&-Wryley-Small-(2)…My male Dobie had so many skin problems when I got him that he was developing large bumps all over his body. His previous owner was feeding him a VERY low quality food (she should have just fed him whole corn the way she was feeding him) and complained about how picky he was. As soon as I whipped out the CANIDAE he was all over it! His skin problems have also gone away. A few weeks ago I convinced a woman to switch her Newfoundland… to CANIDAE because her dog had very dry, scaly skin. Just the other day she came into the store and almost hugged me because she was so thankful for showing her your food! Our store usually gets 2 or more pallets (50 or so bags per pallet) of CANIDAE in at a time and we just fly through them. There are many breeders in our area that are on your breeder program. It is great how you use these promotions to get your food out there. (I especially love the MANY coupons!)

The main point of this email was to say thank you for making such a wonderful product that actually DOES do what the bag says in keeping our pets (family members) healthy and happy.

Thank you.

More Power to CANIDAE

CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula is the best! I’ve never been more satisfied with a pet food product before. In comparison with other brands like Eukanuba, Science Diet, and Pedigree, your product is much, much more superior! CANIDAE made my dogs more active and vibrant. Aside from their healthy coats, they’ve become more healthy and active. I love it. I love your product!

Gerald P.

I will never have to browse the labels again

When I got my first dog (Ivy) years ago I was faced with a world of choices at the pet store. I wanted the best for her, but with so many options it was difficult to know where to begin to find the highest quality food and treats.

IvyHazelTreatSitLuckily a kind gentleman who saw me scrutinizing the ingredients labels of the bags of dried food pointed out CANIDAE. One glance and I realized this gentleman saved me a lot of time and energy. I have been using it exclusively for 4 years now. Yet, the story doesn’t end there… although I’ve been tempted by the flashy looks and promises of other brands, none of them have maintained the ingredient standards of your product and I remain happily loyal to CANIDAE.

I am now feeding CANIDAE to a second dog that I recently adopted (Hazel), and I am confident that this decision will be reflected in a lifetime of good health for her too. Hazel is one of many foster dogs I’ve taken in for a local rescue group, and luckily for them, CANIDAE is the product I fed each one while in my care. Despite all of the reasons a stray might be too upset to have an appetite, they all had a hearty interest in CANIDAE. Hopefully they are still enjoying it in their new homes, because I walked each individual at the adoption events over to the area where CANIDAE is on display at the pet store, recommending that they continue the same healthy diet for their new addition. Thank you for understanding that our dogs are not merely pets, but family members. Responsible owners should look for the same quality foods for their animals as they would for any other loved one. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how easy CANIDAE makes that for us. I will never have to browse the labels again as long as you keep up the good work!

With gratitude,
Holly and the Hounds Birmingham, MI


gracieGracie loves the snap biscuits – she’s learned the word “cookie” and runs to the cabinet when I tell her she’s going to get one. I just got the canned food to put in her Kong when I am at work. I am so glad I didn’t have to play “musical foods” until I found the right one for her. Her coat is smooth and silky!

Jennifer and Gracie

Her allergies disappeared

allergiesGracie Hi, I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with CANIDAE. I am a current owner of a Miniature Pinscher, Ciara. Within the first week of purchasing Ciara from her breeder, I noticed her itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and flaky skin. At the time, I was feeding her Strong Point puppy food, that was given to me from her breeder. After a Vet visit, they had told me that Ciara suffered from food allergies. Right away I tried other puppy foods like Eukanuba, Iams, and Science Diet. Nothing seemed to stop her symptoms. I finally did my own research online and came across CANIDAE. When I read the ingredients list I was amazed to finally find a food with no corn, wheat, soy, or by-products. Ciara is now 7 months old and everywhere I take her, I get asked ‘how come your dog’s coat is so shiny?’. She has no more flaky skin, watery eyes or runny nose; it’s like her allergies disappeared! Also, it’s more convenient because we have (2) five-year old Tiny Toy Poodles, and a one-year old White German Shepherd, and they can all eat the same food! I recommend this food to all my fellow Dog Lovers! Attached is a photo of my gorgeous, healthy, and shiny Min Pin!

Thanks, Sarah

Since the very first bowl everything changed!

Just a quick note to let you how much our 2 year old Sheltie, Jasmine, loves CANIDAE! When my wife and I first got her as a puppy we grabbed a bag of another brand of food and didn’t think anything about it. But shortly after that our puppy was having stomach problems and very loose stools. A friend of ours mentioned that she uses CANIDAE and we found a local feed store that carried it. Since the very first bowl everything changed! Our dog’s eyes are bright and glassy, her coat is soft and shiny and her intestinal health is excellent. Even our vet was impressed. (They told us all dog foods are the same.) Thank you so much for making such an important product. I only wish more people knew about you!

Thanks again!

CANIDAE is incredible!!

aatysapjBefore using CANIDAE, my dogs had dry and dull coats, runny eyes, and seemed like they didn’t have the energy levels that young dogs should have. I switched to CANIDAE almost a year ago, and the difference this food makes is incredible. Their coats are amazing, I’ve never felt Rottweilers coats that were as soft or look as shiny. The dry and dull coats of the past are gone. Their eyes are clear and seem to sparkle now, on top of which their energy levels have boosted. The overall results are just astounding, my dogs are much healthier, and much happier! In turn, so am I. It didn’t take long to see start seeing results either. Even during the gradual transition, I noticed things improving. Not only that, the dogs absolutely love it! During the transition stage, they’d actually pick out the CANIDAE first, and then eat the other brand when there was nothing else left. I’ve done nothing but rave on about what a great food this is. I’ve had numerous people comment on my dogs, and asked me what I feed, as well as telling friends and family about it. CANIDAE is awesome! Such an amazing product. So glad to finally see a food available that isn’t crammed with fillers. 🙂

Thanks a bunch from Tysa, PJ and me!

Karen M.
Windsor, ON.

She’s in the Best Shape of Her Life

bestshapeI just wanted to take the time to comment on how much of a change your product has made in my dog. At 66 lbs, she was a total porker. But after 6 months on the Platinum formula, she’s in the best shape of her life at a slim, healthy 55 lbs. Thank you so much for helping my baby get her energy back!

Alisha T. – IN

My dogs continue to thrive powered by CANIDAE!

chipI Just wanted you to know that we had a fabulous time in Arizona. Their was almost 1000 dogs there from all over the world. Gracie did well but had an ‘off course’ so she didn’t advance to the finals. Chip, however, did awesome! He was one of 12 dogs to make the Finals…. a huge accomplishment. And he came 6th out of 40 dogs in his division. A proud moment for me for sure. I’ve enclosed a photo of Chip in Arizona taken by professional photographer Tien Tran. Thanks again for the coupons… it is much appreciated. My dogs continue to thrive powered by CANIDAE!
Best regards,

Your dog food has literally saved the lives of all 15 animals I care for

I run a small but quickly growing wolf sanctuary out here in Pahrump, NV. For years we used ### dry food as this was the only thing their delicate systems could handle. Recently, ### changed their formula and when I called to ask them about the changes, they stated they hadn’t changed anything. Yet I had a yard full of sick animals.

I was very worried, and started to change their diet to human meat which quickly became more that we could afford. With research I found your website and felt I had to try it.

Your dog food has literally saved the lives of all 15 animals I care for. We were very fortunate that the Animal House on Lola Lane had just opened and they carry your food because it’s what they use for their own animals. I have wolves from 2 years old to 14 years old all at the healthiest weight they have ever been on your food. I even had an akita mix who has visited every doctor, dermatologist and specialist in the surrounding counties without a cure for her swollen, sore ridden feet. After a week on your food, her feet have healed and her swelling is all but gone!

I know you were running a campaign awhile back to spread the word about CANIDAE, and we have. Not because of a prize, but because truly you have allowed us to see first hand the benefits your food has over anything on the market today! I would like to link to your website, on our sanctuary website and get some information from you to post there. Whatever you normally give out to a press release or if you prefer our own experiences with your food.

Thank you for caring enough to make a high quality food for these guys, and still making it affordable to those of us crazy enough to fill our homes and yards with these wonderful creatures!

With Highest Regard,
Kelli C.

It’s a pleasure serving Dusty every bowl!

dusty1/31/12 – CANIDAE has been the only food that my service dog, Dusty, has eaten his entire life. Your customer service has been top-notch over the past 4 years that we’ve been communicating. It’s a pleasure serving Dusty every bowl of CANIDAE. Thank you all so much. 

Asheville, NC

His skin is completely clear of itchy lesions.

 – After only giving Indy the CANIDAE All Life Stages for many months now, his skin is completely clear of itchy lesions, and he only gets dandruff when he needs a bath. That is very little, too. So I am a firm believer in your CANIDAE dog food, and I have recommended it to many other friends.

Sandi B.
Stevens Point, WI

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