Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Great product!

Alan-Milgrim12/19/11 – I have to tell you that I use your food for three dogs, Ashby (little terrier type), Waffles (pit and golden lab mix) and Kubana (chocolate lab mix). Now three of my friends also use it and they all thank me a lot. Kubana is a good eater, but the other two were a problem. When we discovered CANIDAE, they ALL became good eaters. We all use the All Life Stages formula and are very happy. My dogs all eat it, easily with no additives or anything. Great product! Thank you so much!

Alan M.

They would do anything for these treats!

Tiffany_Tse_112/16/11 – Hi. My dogs tried the TidNips treats today and they LOVE them!! One of them even spun around in circles and they would do anything for these treats. They are very soft and just wonderful for one of my senior dogs. Eeyore is the Yorkshire Terrier and Roxy is the one holding the treats. These are their new favorite treats.

Tiffany T.
San Jose, CA

His coat looks amazing!

1/19/12 – I got my pup at 8 weeks and from the beginning the vet had me put him on adult dog food so he wouldn’t grow too fast. I chose CANIDAE All Life Stages. He has done amazingly well and is now just a little over 90 lbs. Everyone comments on how good he looks and what an amazing coat he has. I notice that he doesn’t hardly shed, he is soft & shiny, has almost no odor, his breath is not stinky, and his eyes are clear.

I credit the CANIDAE ALS for his great health and lack of “doggy” smell. He absolutely loves the food and licks his bowl clean. Red Dobermans are notorious for having skin and coat problems and I’m so thankful to have a happy healthy two year old doberman with such a beautiful coat and no skin problems. Thank you CANIDAE for a great product!


His feet started to heal and he is just fine now!

Bobbi_K3_12-15-1112/15/11 – I am an employee at the Belle Plaine Country store in Belle Plaine, MN. One of our customers had a dog that was chewing his feet so bad they were bleeding. It wasn’t only his paws; he also lost hair all over his body. She spent a lot of money on dog food to no avail. The vet couldn’t even figure it out. Then she came to our store. We carry three varieties of CANIDAE and I suggested she try CANIDAE grain-free. She said if it didn’t work, they were going to have their Lab put down. It worked! ?????????????????????????????????????His feet started to heal and he is just fine now. They are enjoying their dog and the dog is enjoying life without chewed bloody paws. She said it was a blessing. Her dog will be on CANIDAE for the rest of his life.

All of my dogs are on CANIDAE, too. I have three small house dogs and a farm dog that is Golden and Newfie mix. They all eat the same food, CANIDAE! My Newfie puppy is 10 months old now and her coat is beautiful, soft and shiny. We sell a lot of different dog foods at the store, but my personal favorite is CANIDAE PAWS. Thanks for a great dog food.

Bobbi K.

We can see a HUGE difference in his coat!

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have stumbled across CANIDAE! Our Chihuahua was itching terribly, sneezing, and had a dull coat.  After trying other, so-called “premium” foods, I saw an ad for CANIDAE. He’s been eating the dry food solely for over 3 months now, and we can see a HUGE difference in his coat, and no more itching! Thank you for a wonderful product.
Mary, Glen & Zippy, the Wonder Doggie
Bellevue, IA

CANIDAE has made a difference in their health

Elaine-Hagelin12/14/11 – I have a 1 1/2 year old male golden retriever that we got at 8 weeks old. He was being fed CANIDAE originally from the breeder and I changed it when I brought him home to another brand, a large breed puppy formula. He was such a beautiful healthy dog and I wanted to give him the best food, so I switched him back to CANIDAE. He seems to really love it. He’s very healthy with a beautiful coat. My son brought home a rescue dog from Colorado; he is a mix, border collie and pit. He was so bony and his fur was dull. I switched him over to CANIDAE and now he has meat on his bones and his coat is full and very shiny. He is a picky eater and has a sensitive stomach. We don’t feed them people food because he gets diarrhea. I add about a tablespoon of the All Life Stages canned food to the dry formula. They are both very healthy and happy dogs. I think CANIDAE has made a difference in their health and appearance.

Elaine H.
Vernon, CT

CANIDAE is the only food my dogs will eat!

Cheryl_Lambert12/07/11 – Just a note of thanks for a wonderful product! CANIDAE All Life Stages is the only food my dogs will eat! Recently my hours were reduced at work resulting in a 25% pay cut. Consequently this has really impacted the way I shop for myself and my 4 dogs (all rescues). I had to purchase a less expensive Brand X dog food, but not one of them would even touch it! One sniff and it was all over! I ended up donating it to the rescue that I got 2 of the 4 from…then it was back to Pet Club for a bag of CANIDAE.

Thanks again for a great product… I tell everyone I know with dogs about CANIDAE!

Cheryl L.

Your food contributes to her being with us today.

I have a story I would like to share. I got a Yorkie and had her only a few weeks when (believe it or not on my birthday she became very ill) I thought she was going to die and they even made me sign a do not resuscitate form. I spent close to $2000 trying to diagnose her. I never did receive a definite diagnosis and finally brought her home with the understanding she may not live. They thought she had an intestinal problem. They put her on hills prescription diet (RD) but I noticed she really wasn’t doing well. I was searching for something and somehow came upon your food. I tried it and Ms. Koko on Feb. 13th became one year old. I truly believe your food contributes to her being with us today and ran into one of your representatives at Wilson’s feed Napa, CA today and shared my story with him. He was very informative and told me I should share my story. Thank you for putting out such a good food. I have four dogs and each and every one of them gets your food and Ms. Koko and my kids thank you for her well being and life with us still going strong and feisty.
S. W.

Thank you CANIDAE for helping with my dogs’ health.

Susan-G11/14/11 – Here is a picture of my 3 golden’s, Baylee 2, Callie 5 and Chloe 6. When Callie was very young we found out that she had allergies to many foods, which caused her hair to fall out. I was told by a friend to try CANIDAE. Of course we did and within 6 weeks you could hardly see where the hair had fallen out. Not only did the food make a huge difference, I have dogs all different ages, and CANIDAE has a food for all stages. It was much cheaper feeding the “girls” all the same food. It also helped Chloe drop the added weight that she needed to lose, and she didn’t seem hungry all the time.

Thank you CANIDAE for helping with my dogs’ health and making my life easier for feeding.

Susan G.

Our dogs love your food

image002I’d just like to tell you how wonderful your food is. I’ve got three dogs, all eat CANIDAE. My oldest, Ilsa is on CANIDAE Platinum, and she LOVES it! Ilsa has had a bald chest for quite some time (unknown cause), and CANIDAE Platinum seems to be helping her regrow her coat! It keeps her at perfect weight too!

My “middle dog”, Ronin, is an extremely fussy eater. CANIDAE is one of the only foods he’ll touch – and he eats it with gusto! He has gained enough weight on CANIDAE that his breeder has decided that it’s back to the show ring with him!

The ‘baby dog” is Ada, a four month old Welsh Corgi. She refused to eat the food her breeder sent her home with, once she got a whiff of Ronin’s CANIDAE – she’s now a CANIDAE girl, and her weight is ideal. Obesity is a big no-no in corgis, so I’m very happy CANIDAE is keeping her fit and trim!

L. H.

Wholesome, nutritious, and palatable pet food that our dogs truly enjoy!

 – My local feed and seed (Carolina Country Store) carries your CANIDAE products, but until recently, I hadn’t really thought about purchasing them before.

LuckyThen one evening, being very short on time and completely out of dog food at home, I decided to swing through and purchase a few cans to tide my Maltese mix and Border Terrier mix over until I could make it to [a local chain store] the next day. These two are normally VERY picky eaters and it’s been difficult finding that “one” brand of food they’ll consistently eat. So, suffice it to say I was apprehensive about whether they’d give this new food a chance.

To my surprise and delight, they dove hungrily into their bowls and licked the dishes clean in a matter of seconds! (Seriously, these two normally sniff their food, look up at me as if to say “You’ve got to be kidding” and take reluctant bites, usually leaving half the food untouched.)

GroverSince that time, my husband and I have been purchasing CANIDAE on a routine basis and each time we feed it, our dogs leave their bowls sparkling clean. We like to mix it with brown rice and sweet potato chunks for extra texture, and to make the canned food last longer. They can’t get enough of it! Our next step is to transition their dry kibble over to your brand, since the moist food has been such a hit.

I just wanted to thank you for producing wholesome, nutritious, and palatable pet food that our dogs truly enjoy! Keep up the good work!

Carey F.
Waxhaw, SC

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

11-8-1111/08/11 – I could just HUG HUG you all. Thank you for the most fabulous dog food ever made!!! My beloved 10 year old yorkiepoo was limping and in so much pain. I bought vitamins, but could not get her to take them. In desperation, I bought your CANIDAE PLATINUM senior food at Healthfoods Unlimited.

It is a MIRACLE!!!! She is full of energy and begging me to play fetch with her. Her walks last forever. No trace of a limp, and no pain. It’s like the clock was rolled back and my sweet girl is 5 again!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent product. I am your lifetime client.

Linda Z.
Dayton, OH

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