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Her skin and fur had change remarkably

2008-04-074/7/2008 – This is my baby girl Choxie. She is 1 year old. Choxie was diagnose having allergies. The Vet recommended us to change her food, since medication was not work. We tried two premium foods. Unfortunately nothing seem to work. We tried every kind of ointment and shampoos. Nothing seem to help our little girl. We notice that Choxie wasn’t getting any better, her daily activities seem to stop, all she was doing was itching or constantly nipping at her skin. I decided to go on-line and do some research on dog foods, came across CANIDAE website. I was very interested in trying the Lamb and Rice formula dog food. At this point we were willing to try anything to help Choxie. However, nobody carried it around us. One day I stop by our friendly pet store Citrus Pet Resort, Homosassa, Florida and to my surprise they just started to carry CANIDAE brand food. I instantly purchase the Lamb and Rice formula. Within a few days Choxie was wanting to play again. In a week her skin and fur had change remarkably. My family and friends came over for Easter and could not believe their eyes. What a difference CANIDAE has made on my little girl. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. It has brought back my once sick baby girl to a beautiful, playful, Choxie.

Thank you,

Your products are terrific

4/15/2008 – I work part time at the Pet Valu Moore Square Store # 3516 in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I think your products are terrific and I am always encouraging my customers to switch to it. My own experience was with my Basset Hound, who was being fed a different premium brand and vomiting every day. I switched him to CANIDAE Lamb and Rice and no more vomiting. He also loves it. I recently added the Snap Biscuits and canned Lamb and Rice to his diet.

Our store sells a lot of CANIDAE and FELIDAE.


This is a great product

2008-04-21-cat4/21/2008 – Here is a picture of our Manx cat Sammy. He is laying on the dogs bed as he really loves the bed. We also have 3 German Shepherd Dogs and they love your CANIDAE Chicken and Rice formula. Since we have switched to your food, I have found that there is no more doggy odor from the dogs. Their coats are beautiful, and Sammy is very glossy. I highly recommend your products to anyone that asks me what we feed ours. This is a great product and also at a great price.


Back on CANIDAE and within three weeks the limp was gone

2008-04-284/28/2008 – I wanted to thank the CANIDAE people for making such a great dog food. We have a female American Bull dog, and as you know, these dogs are pretty big and stout. I first heard about CANIDAE from our breeder, that’s all he fed his dogs. So we continued feeding Dottie CANIDAE All Stages food. A week after we brought Dottie home we scheduled an appointment with the vet. We told her vet we were feeding CANIDAE All Stages, he suggested slowly switch to a puppy food. So we did. Approximately two months later Dottie started to limp, a week later it got worse. We took Dottie to the vet, and they took some x-rays, they found that the inner and outer bones of her left leg weren’t growing at the same rate causing her to limp. At that time I was told to put Dottie on adult food with less protein. I slowly put Dottie back on CANIDAE and within three weeks the limp was gone. Dottie has the best coat and is still growing like crazy. She’s 75 lbs. and 22 inches to the shoulders at 6 months old, wow. Thank You CANIDAE, I will not take her off this great food again.

Thanks again,
Blaine, Gail and Dottie

We have recommended CANIDAE to all our dog friends

2008-05-055/5/2008 – Molly and Polly wish to thank you for feeding them CANIDAE. Their best treat is in the morning each one has 1/2 of a snap biscuit. They are in and out within seconds sitting by the treat box waiting for them. Since we have been using CANIDAE they have maintained a perfect weight beautiful shiny coats no digestive problems and most of all they LOVE it and can’t wait for chow time. We have recommended CANIDAE to all our dog friends and they agree its a very wonderful product. Poodles are easily satisfied with the VERY BEST and that’s CANIDAE.

xoxoxo molly and polly

Sadie is my best friend and only gets the best

 – My name is Cindy and I have a 4 year old Yellow Labrador, Sadie, who is the pickiest eater. A friend told me her dogs eat CANIDAE and said I should try it. Well to my surprise Sadie loves it.

She really loves the snap biscuits…. Thank you CANIDAE for providing us with a food we can be proud to say we can trust and a food that we know is safe. Sadie is very spoiled as she is a Certified Narcotics Detection Dog and a Certified Therapy Dog, doing visits at hospitals, assisted living facilities and reading programs at the libraries with the children.

Sadie also does competition in Dock Jumping. She loves to ride my jet ski and do agility. Sadie is my best friend and only gets the best, so that is why she eats CANIDAE….

Cindy and Sadie, California

Keep up the good work!

6/27/2008 – I just want to say something about your new formula of CANIDAE lamb and rice!  It is fabulous! My dog Loves it a lot better then the other formula!  Keep up the good work! I just wanted to let you know this positive comment I have for you all.

Thanks much,
Rhinelander, WI

Nitemare & Rico

7/1/2008 – 2008-07-01Hello! Attached are pictures of our babies.

Nitemare – 11 1/2 years old & a cancer survivor!

Rico – 11 months.

We love CANIDAE!
Thanks again!


All three of my dogs now eat All Life Stages

2008-07-01b7/1/2008 – Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your food is. My Labrador Retriever had horrible skin problems and I had spent over $1000 in vet Bills trying to get her skin cleared up. She was on multiple antibiotics and steroids and nothing was helping. Even a biopsy came back inconclusive. Someone suggested CANIDAE. That was 11 months ago and I haven’t fed her any other dog food since then. Her skin cleared up within the first month. All three of my dogs now eat All Life Stages. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Jennifer L.

Happy, healthy, shiny new Chester!

2008-07-067/6/2008 – Chester is 12 1/2 years old. No more in/out of vet and fighting with skin problems! Switched to CANIDAE about 6 weeks ago and now, happy, healthy, shiny new Chester! Thank you so much, CANIDAE!

Cathy B.
Huntington Beach, CA

She cleaned her bowl immediately

7/10/2008 – Just wanted to write to let you know how much Bridgett, my Golden Retriever, loves your new Lamb and Rice dog food. She had been on another brand since we brought her home, but over the last year she has slowly been losing hair down both sides of her body. The vet said she was negative for mange and it was probably an allergy. He put her on a food he sold which did not help at all. She was almost hairless in spots and we were getting very worried. The clerk at the pet food store mentioned CANIDAE was good high-quality food with skin and coat conditioners in it so we tried your new Lamb and Rice formula. She loved it! She cleaned her bowl immediately which she never did before. Best of all, after about five weeks now her hair is starting to grow back!!! Thank you CANIDAE! Bridgett and I are fans for life!

Eva G.
Eugene, OR

I will continue to feed all my dogs CANIDAE Lamb & Rice

2008-07-107/10/2008 – Hello, My name is Matty and I am a breeder of quality Blue Nose Pitbulls located in Florida. I have been using CANIDAE Lamb & Rice for two years now and have raised my adult male and female Blue Nose Pits on this formula. The food has given them beautiful soft & shinny coats, awesome muscle tone, and my male has one of the BIGGEST heads I have seen on a pit his size. I am totally satisfied with CANIDAE dog food! Now they have had a litter of beautiful healthy puppies, 13 to be exact and none were lost during labor! I am positive that the cause of this perfect delivery and health of all 13 puppies was 50% from the excellent CANIDAE dog food and 50% of how I take care of my dogs. The pups are 8 weeks now and are only eating the New Improved CANIDAE Lamb & Rice formula. Now I have a total of 2 adults and 13 puppies that are eating the new CANIDAE Lamb & Rice and loving it. I am a convinced, as a breeder, that the greatness of the food you feed your dogs will make a difference in every area of a dogs life. I will continue to feed all my dogs CANIDAE Lamb & Rice as long as CANIDAE is still in production.

Thank you.

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