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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

My dogs love your food!

After switching to CANIDAE, my beagle has not had his ears cleaned in three months!!! This from a beagle who had to have his ears cleaned at least weekly and was constantly scratching them!

My boxer had hot spots on her paws and was constantly licking. Her hot spots are gone and her white paws are back and look perfect!

Thank you for a terrific product–I am highly recommending it!

Heather S.

Winner Dog

Here is a picture of my bulldog and my daughter. Benya ate CANIDAE All Stage for 1 year. No allergy no problems. Benya won recently “Winner Dog” at “Las Vegas Bulldog Speciality Show”.

Her coat is extremely soft and shiny

It has been one year since our beloved Golden Retriever died. Throughout her life she suffered from allergies (which at one point caused her to lose most of her hair) and ear infections which eventually caused her to become deaf. I never realized that the supposed “high quality” dog food we were feeding her from the time she was a puppy was the cause of her sufferings. When it came time to bring another golden into our lives, I started to research web sights regarding nutrition and dogs. That’s when I came upon your web sight, and I am so thankful I did! CANIDAE provides the real story about dog nutrition. The testimonials given by other dog owners helped to convince me about what your product did for their dogs.

Our new addition is almost 1 year old and has been eating CANIDAE since she was 3 months. Her coat is extremely soft and shiny and she is the picture of health. I’m getting the word out to other dog owners I know, because their dogs deserve to have the best nutrition available. Thank you

Jeri E.

You make a great dog food

Our Ridgeback puppy is now 10 months old and Candidae is her dog food (her breeders’ also – they recommended it to us).
See attached photo taken at 9 months winning BOS over specials and major points. Tori did that once before at 6 months! She’s never been on supplements, just Candidae. We think that is a compliment to your company.
Thank you,
John & Judy K.

No More Flaking

Family 009We have been using CANIDAE for almost a year with our almost 2 year old schnauzer. His coat is gorgeous. He is in great shape!!! We just rescued a 9 year old mini schnauzer in the beginning of June. She was a wreck. Her skin and coat were horrible. She smelled awful, had crusty flaky skin and her coat was really hard, and had no shine to it at all. She barely shuffled around the house. She had been fed Mighty Dog because she only had 3 teeth left in her poor mouth. We switched her over slowly to the CANIDAE kibble and canned food. I add warm water to her kibble to soften it up.
Her skin is in great shape now. No more flaking. Her coat is so soft now and shiney. She also moves around much easier. No more slow shuffling dog. She even runs around for short spurts. She is so much happier looking now. Oh, and she doesn’t smell anymore either.
She loves the CANIDAE kibble and canned foods too. She gets so excited when she sees the canned food especially. She starts hopping up and down on her front paws and she howls for it. TOO CUTE!!!
We are hoping this will keep her and our 1 year old mini healthy and happy for many years to come.

Thank you,

Aurora’s Coat is Fantastic!

I want to applaud your company on a GREAT food! While we do feed CANIDAE to our other dogs, it’s our Australian Shepherd puppy, Aurora, that I really see the results in. While our breeder is a fantastic breeder, she was feeding her dogs little more than a commercial pet store brand of food. On July 4th we met her at a dog show so that she could see Aurora’s progress. She was overcome when we walked in with our pup. She was amazed by how fantastic Aurora’s coat was. She loved how well she had grown. I thanked it all to CANIDAE. Our breeder then asked how much we feed her. Again she was shocked when I told her that our 40lb, very active pup, eats only 1.75 cups of food a day! I want to thank you for your strides to make dog food better!

Beau’s coat is thick and shiny and his eyes are bright

Beau2 BeforeI am writing you this letter to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the quality dog food you make available to pet owners.

In December 2002, I went to a local animal emergency care facility to take a photo (to put him up for adoption) of a stray Australian Shepherd who a good Samaritan had brought in. When I arrived, the technician brought out the most pathetic, sickly looking dog I had ever seen. He had open sores from his mouth to is tail. His coat was missing in several places and he was emaciated. Pretty much near death. When he saw me, he lifted his infected head, stood up on his back legs and wrapped his front paws around me. Needless to say, I took him home. I named him Beau.

Since bringing Beau home, we have made countless visits to the vet, the animal hospital, and the doggie dermatologist. After many, many, treatments of prescribed medication, all but his ears, the top of his head, and random skin eruptions were healed… but nothing would totally heal him. His ears were literally rigid because of the scabs. I kept the breakout of new sores under control with a colloidal silver spray every night, but as I said, new sores kept coming. He got healthier, but not WELL.

Beau2During this 12 month period, I tried various dog foods hoping they might have a positive effect. Some were recommended by the vet, some by friends, and some I just tried out of desperation. But again, nothing changed.

In late December of 2003, my daughter suggested I try CANIDAE, she had heard it was a very good food and thought it might help Beau. I bought a 40 lb bag (I have three dogs) and began feeding it to my two large dogs.

Now, for the reason I was motivated to write you. From the first week I started feeding him CANIDAE, he began to get better. It is now Thursday, February 12, 2004 and Beau’s ears and the top of his head are almost totally cleared up. There is even some fine hair growing where there were nothing but sores and scabs. His ears are soft and almost 100% normal. Something I thought would never occur. His coat is thick and shiny and his eyes are bright and happy for the first time since I adopted him. You have cured something that all the medication and so called healthy dog food could not touch.

Thank you !!!
Larry F.

Thank you “CANIDAE”, you have truly saved Rocky’s life!

Rocky_BeforeRocky, a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, came to us as a rescue. He was to be put down because of a severe case of eczema. As you can see in the ‘before’ picture, his fur is gone along most of his back and the skin is swollen and oozing. He was miserable, to say the least!

After three weeks, a diet of CANIDAE , you can see the difference! Swelling gone, and what we thought were dead hair follicles; the fur came back to life! What a miracle! In 25 years of breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers, we have never seen such a remarkable improvement in such a short time! Thank you “CANIDAE”, you have truly saved Rocky’s life!

Rocky D.Rocky_After

After three days of feeding CANIDAE, she’s more energetic than ever

Maggie_01I just wanted to thank you and send my testimonial. The president of the rescue group I volunteer with, feeds CANIDAE to her dogs and recommended it when I told her that my three-year-old border collie/lab mix Maggie was frequently licking her paws. I had been feeding her Iams Large Breed dog food. After researching your product online and comparing it with several others, I bought and began feeding it to Maggie on September 13, 2004. Just three days after feeding her CANIDAE she became more energetic than ever! Within two weeks she began eating two regular meals a day, and her coarse fur turned soft and shiny (without being recently bathed). I have also noticed that on our daily morning car ride to take my children to school, she has become surprisingly less car sick. This greatly pleases me because she loves to ride along everywhere! After several months on the Iams food she had gone from eating two meals a day to barely eating one, which puzzled me. And ever since we adopted her in September of 2003 she easily became carsick. Now she occasionally shows signs of carsickness, but has not gotten sick since we began feeding her CANIDAE. Thank you for your products. We’re trying the snap biscuits next!

Laurie & Christopher, children, and of course Maggie
Omaha, NE

Also, I thought I should add that Maggie no longer licks her paws to the point of having hot spots on the pads of her feet. I can only attribute it to the CANIDAE! Maggie also has a much thicker coat of fur.

My name is Jake…

jake2Hi, my name is Jake and I love CANIDAE dog food. I have been chowing down for about 5 months now and I am already big and strong. I love to wrestle with my best friend Mazart back in NY and he always is very surprised to see how strong I have gotten.  I am fed 3 times a day but that is never enough. The taste is so mouth watering that I wish I could just have a little bit more. Well CANIDAE, I want to thank you for your wonderful dog food and I will continue to grow strong and healthy as long as I keep eating it.

Thank you again,
Your biggest fan, -Jake-

We just love your food

Hi, Just wanted you to know that 10 months ago, I started feeding my 9 yr old American Bulldog, “Jane” your food CANIDAE senior dry and the senior can food. She is thriving and her redness on her under carriage-belly is finally all gone. Finally after 9 years, we don’t have to take her to get prednisone shots! Yaaaaayy!! We found the perfect food for her.

We just love your food and I am telling everyone I know about your dog food!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alene B. 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for your awesome food.

Baron_BellahIt is so hard to find a food that truly is good for our dogs. I like every ingredient in CANIDAE. We had trouble with our young Selah German Shepard keeping weight on with other foods. But we put her on CANIDAE and she no longer has a weight issue at all. It is so nice to not worry about whether or not she is getting the right and enough nutrients. We now have both our dogs on CANIDAE and our lab/hound mix is absolutely gorgeous. He shines and shimmers.

Thanks A TON!!!
Elizabeth S.

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