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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

My dog can enjoy life now

2007-03-23I adopted a lab named Tucker from my local humane society five months ago. At 9 months old, he was a wreck; ear infections, skin itches, sneezing! The humane society gave us what I thought was a quality dog food and recommended we keep him on it. We did. 2 months later his ear infections kept coming back, his skin itched just as bad, and he had a bald spot on his side! About that time, I read a book that talked about labeling in dog food and what it all REALLY meant. I was astonished. Needless to say, I was online researching my heart out until I found a food that fit the nutritional needs of my lab with a label I could understand. I discovered CANIDAE and drove 45 minutes to the nearest store to purchase it. Three months later, his hair has grown back, he hardly itches at all and the ear infections are a thing of the past. Thankfully, a store closer to home has started carrying CANIDAE.  I thanked them profusely and congratulated them on such an excellent decision! Thank you CANIDAE. My dog can enjoy life now, instead of being plagued by pains and itches all day long.
Tami in Washington


Billie_A12/11/11 – I recently found your food and as a breeder I’m always looking for a way to make my pups and moms healthy. As on previous litters, my mama was looking pretty thin and exhausted. Within 2 weeks of starting CANIDAE she was her old self, milk production was up and I was relieved. I have just given my pups their first puppy “soup” with the CANIDAE All Life Stages, some canned CANIDAE with milk replacer and water. They LOVED IT!! I can’t wait to see how they develop with this food change. My dogs are European Golden Retrievers.


Billie A.

What a beautiful coat!

2007-03-23bI have an 18 month old Black Lab/Terrier mix, JACOB, who has been on the CANIDAE All Life Stages diet since he was 10 weeks old. He’s a whopping 85lbs now, mostly muscle. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received from passers-by, Vet’s and even breeders commenting on what a beautiful coat and physique Jacob has. I was especially pleased to hear from my Vet that his teeth are in excellent condition, not a hint of bad breath or tartar. I’m convinced it’s CANIDAE!!!

Stephanie in Illinois

CANIDAE is the key to their successful diet

2007-03-26Four years ago I found myself dog less for the first time since I was a child. After much research I decided that adopting a retired racing greyhound would be ideal for both the dog and my life style. Within nine months I had adopted three!! Sirius, Belle and Casey who now range in ages from 6 – 8 yrs of age are the most amazing and wonderful companions! During my initial research I learned that many experienced greyhound adopters recommend feeding CANIDAE. I am so glad that I took their advice. My greyhounds are happy, energetic and literally glow with health! We take overnight road trips quite often and CANIDAE easily goes with us as our main staple. I rarely see any ill effects from the stresses related with traveling and I’m convinced that CANIDAE contributes greatly to this. I am told frequently “Your dogs are SO soft and shiny! What do you feed them?” I am so proud of the wonderful impressions my “Ambassadors” leave with people who inquire about retired greyhounds and gladly share that CANIDAE is the key to their successful diet. Thank you for such a “greyt” product!

Becki in Washington

They simply looked healthier top to bottom.

Angie_Sitzes12/09/11 – I have tried EVERYTHING with my dogs, but was never quite satisfied until I found CANIDAE. I couldn’t believe the results I saw after just the first bag! And I have quite a variety: Levi the Great Dane mix, Roxie the Weimaraner and Rhudy a beagle mix. 

Their eyes looked clearer (no drainage) their coats were shinier, their stools where better. They simply looked healthier top to bottom. 

Thank you CANIDAE for giving me happy, healthy pets! 

Angie S.

You can visibly see a difference

I can’t tell you what a difference this dog food has made in my dog. For years he’s been over weight and growing fatty tumors. I’ve been feeding him another premium brand at the direction of my vet. I’ve recently had the opportunity to get a lesson in proper nutrition from someone who is very well versed in the subject; when I really began to understand what was in the other food I couldn’t believe it. And I couldn’t believe my vet would steadfastly recommend it. I’ve had my dog on CANIDAE for a little better than 6 weeks now and what a difference!!

He’s lost 8 lbs, his fatty tumors are beginning to shrink, his coat is shinny and he’s got more energy than he’s had in a long time. You can visibly see a difference. I had a vet appointment on Friday and discussed with my vet the virtues of CANIDAE and the down side of the other brand and inquired as to why, as a vet, she would recommend a product so lacking in nutritional value. Well, you can imagine how this went over but I was passionate about the results I can already see and she was passionate about all the data done for the brand she recommended. We parted still in disagreement and as I stepped into the reception area to pay the bill I noticed all the food stocked and sold by the vet was the same brand. I was disappointed to truly realize it was the almighty dollar instead of the true health of my beloved family member that was important here. I have become the biggest fan of CANIDAE and now, knowing with certainty that you don’t participate in forced animal testing, I will make sure everyone I know gets this link and I will be your biggest walking advertisement. People need to be made aware. I thought I was a great pet parent and a pretty smart human being and I spent years feeding incorrectly. We’ve put 3 animals down due to cancer and I will make every possible effort to ensure that doesn’t again. Thanks again for a great product and for giving my boy a whole new lease on a healthy life.

Very Sincerely,
Pam I.

My Labs eat less and maintain a healthy coat and skin

2007-04-06We breed English Labradors and were feeding a very good food. My breeding males were getting “Hot Spots” and I had to place them on meds. My females were getting ear infections, paw licking etc. It was a nightmare! I ran blood work on all my breeding dogs and found that the corn in food was causing these issues. I researched and switched to CANIDAE 2 years ago and have not given the first Med! My Labs eat less and maintain a healthy coat and skin. This food is amazing and I send my pups home with CANIDAE and tell my clients “The Story” I have around 30 pups a year and 90% of them are still on CANIDAE with happy owners. I have had clients switch their other dogs as well and see the difference. Thank you CANIDAE for the great product!
South Carolina

If I only knew then what I know now

2007-04-10I want to send a note to thank you and our new standard poodle puppy thanks you for such wonderful wholesome food. I discovered your “All Life Stages” after doing considerable internet research on pet food. We recently lost our beloved golden retriever after a lengthy illness at only the age of 9. She suffered most of her adult life with skin and ear infections and lacked the energy of many other dogs. Never once did my old vet ever inform me that many of her problems could have been from the food she ate. I wish I had a better understanding of pet nutrition instead of spending a small fortune on medicated ear drops, shampoo; you name it. If I only knew then what I know now. The breeder sent us home 9 years ago with a bag of Purina and we just assumed that we were feeding her nutritious food. Little did I know that we were feeding her a cheap granola bar of corn, wheat and soy…We feel so guilty now it almost makes us cry. When we purchased our new puppy this breeder sent us home with a bag high quality holistic food. We had a hard time finding a retailer near us so I decided to do an internet search for a similar product. That’s when I discovered the real horror of what was in the Purina we fed our old dog. Time after time I found customer and independent reviews on the internet raving about CANIDAE. It was available at our local pet store and our puppy is now on his third bag and he loves, loves, loves it. I also love it because I know he is eating the best possible food we could find, we also get tons of compliments about how his coat shines. I have already converted one friend to CANIDAE and I have told many more about your product. Thank You CANIDAE…Thank You

Dave D.

I am SO grateful my vet carries CANIDAE!

In the wake of this pet food recall, I am SO grateful my vet carries CANIDAE! We already had a yellow lab on this food and we had just gotten a new lab from the humane society and she was acting sick. I took her to our vet and he suggested we switch her to CANIDAE food, like our other dog eats. Within a week, she was acting closer to normal, had more energy and was generally acting like a healthy dog. She’s been on the food for almost a month now and we can really see a huge difference in her personality and general appearance. Her coat thickened up and is shiny now. I’ve had dogs my entire life (don’t ask!) and this is the first time I’ve paid extra money for dog food. It is WELL worth the extra few cents to know our pets are eating a healthy diet. I wish I had known about this food 7 years ago, before our beloved black lab died.


We can’t thank you enough

Just wanted to say thanks, we have always tried to feed our dogs good quality, wholesome food. We recently decided that we could do better. We lost 2 Goldens to cancer in a short period of time and ended up rescuing another in need. This dog was in poor shape. He was beyond skinny, his almost non-existent coat was dead and he had the worst case of dermatitis that my husband, a veterinarian, had ever seen. Well, here we are two and a half months later and we have a GORGEOUS dog. He’s put on weight and muscle, his dermatitis is almost non existent and, he has the beginnings of a coat and it glows. We can’t thank you enough for making a quality product. In light of the recent recalls, we can sleep at night knowing that we are doing right by our beloved dogs. We have several friends and clients that have made the switch after asking for recommendations. They too are pleased. Thank you so much.

Janice G.

Dear little Mabel gobbled up your food

2007-05-2510 years ago, I had a very sick dog that was barely able to keep down any food. After numerous tests, the vet had no conclusive explanation. I watched my dear little rescue languish for months. Never one to give up, I found CANIDAE through much research, word of mouth and trial and error. I am happy to report that dear little Mabel gobbled up your food and never looked back- in fact thrived. As a result, I have been a loyal customer for almost 10 years. Not only have I fed your wonderful dog food to my own beloved dogs but also to numerous strays and fosters that have passed through on their way to ‘forever homes’. I have had nothing but wonderful results with your healthy food and have recommended it whole-heartedly to anyone I come across with a dog (or cat!) The reason I write today is because YOU NEED A NATIONAL COMMERCIAL! I know it’s expensive, but I truly feel that your food is the best on the market and right now there all A LOT of people that need to know about you! I will contribute!
PS. Mabel was the rescue that ‘stayed’ (NO ONE believes she is 13 years old!) and she encouraged me to write! Woof!     

His coat is markedly shinier

We first discovered CANIDAE when my dog (I bring him to work) barged into another dog’s office and began eating all his food. When he would barely touch his old kind and devoured yours, we decided to switch. His coat is markedly shinier and I feel much better feeding him multiple protein sources instead of just 1, and without extra preservatives. Love reading all those wonderful Thanks!

Rebecca & Rufus

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