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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Hotel for Dogs casting call

2007-07-16Last Tues I had a cast call at Dream Works Studios for Sunny to play a part in the new movie, Hotel for Dogs.  They were so impressed by his coat, (I know a lot is genetics) but he’s being fed good food and a think he has become nicer since I’ve changed to CANIDAE. Thank you.

Anne P. in California

Bianca is wolfing her food down

I just wanted to send you some wonderful feedback. I have two Olde English Bulldogges. Bianca is 2 years old, and Mike just turned 9 weeks. Bianca has been a finicky eater her whole life. She has tried many other premium brands and has always been a tough pooch to please. We recently switched over to CANIDAE because our new puppy Mike was having digestive problems on another puppy food and they both love CANIDAE. Bianca is wolfing her food down to the last drop and Mike’s tummy issues no longer exist. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product and we’re officially done switching foods. I stand by your product whole heartedly and will be recommending your product to anyone I know looking for a good quality dog kibble.

Jennifer in Ohio

The only food I have ever, or will ever feed him is CANIDAE

I have a 16 month old fawn colored male English mastiff. He came into our lives as a puppy. He is AKC registered and came from a bloodline of champions. The only food I have ever, or will ever feed him is CANIDAE. In addition, I use the CANIDAE biscuits for training purposes. I highly recommend CANIDAE to all dog owners I meet. If you ever consider doing a commercial on the benefits of feeding your dog CANIDAE, I would be more than happy to e-mail you some pictures.

John in IL

I can’t thank you enough for making such an awesome product.

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your dog food is. Our 11 year old Chesapeke appeared to be on her last leg, and our vet thought so too. I did research and decided to try CANIDAE dog food. What a difference! Her eyes are clearer. Her hips are better, and she keeps ups, and sometimes outlasts our 1 1/2 year old lab and 7 month old Chesepeke! She’s now 12 and still going strong. I can’t thank you enough for making such an awesome product. I’m spreading the word about your dog food. My only problem with it, is that it’s not easy to get!

Maureen in MN

He gobbled up the CANIDAE

I just wanted to take a moment to email you about your Chicken and Rice Dry dog food. I have been reading, researching and evaluating many foods for my 5 fur babies. Loved reading the CANIDAE dog food reviews on your site. After having a lot of trouble with perfecting a home cooked diet that worked for all of them, I needed to go back to a more nutritionally regimented diet. CANIDAE was one of several possibilities. I found it at a local pet supply store and the price was very good, less than another brand not as well recommended. So I purchased a bag and gave some old, and some CANIDAE this evening. Most liked it just fine, but my fussy eater picked the old food out and spit it on the floor. Then he gobbled up the CANIDAE. Guess we know where he stands. Thank you for making a quality product.

Ellen in NC
Earl, Harley, zephyr, (Mr Picky), Brady and Patches


I love the CANIDAE Chicken & Rice

2007-09-18Hi, my name is Levi, I’m a 10 month old Newfoundland. I love the CANIDAE Chicken & Rice. My mom says it has helps her maintain a great weight for me as I grow and makes my coat very full and shiny so I can stay out in the show ring. Thank you so much for making a great food!

Eleva and Levi in WI

Thank you for making a great pet food

I just wanted to say that I recently switched my two dogs to CANIDAE all life stages and it is wonderful. They are both doing great on it and their coats have never looked better. If I can budget it in I plan to switch our two cats to FELIDAE when the bag of food we currently have runs out. I’m sure they will do equally as well on it. Thank you for making a great pet food and saving me I’m sure hundreds in future vet bills.

Very happy customer and her very happy pups-
Kristie, Faye, and Gadget in MD

Thanks, CANIDAE for such an amazing food

I would like to thank CANIDAE for the best dog food I have ever used! I have tried other foods and they haven’t even come close to the quality of CANIDAE. I made the mistake of switching from CANIDAE to another brand that was recommended by a close friend. After my dog acquired a skin irritation, dull coat and weight gain, I promptly switched back to CANIDAE and converted my friend also!!!! I will never use another dog food again! I get compliments constantly on how GREAT my Rottweiler “Bart” looks and I tell everyone I owe it to CANIDAE!!!! Thanks, CANIDAE for such an amazing food and for caring for my dogs health!
Dani, Reno

Thank you, CANIDAE, for not cutting any corners

2007-10-02Our bulldogs, Minnie Lou (2 years old in the picture) and Jack (3 months old in the picture), are avid fans of CANIDAE All Life Stages. They love the taste and inhale their food like each feeding will be their last! We are thankful to have discovered CANIDAE, as the dry formula has enabled our precious babies to maintain silky smooth coats and a level of health unparalleled by foods of several competitors. We know this because, prior to finding CANIDAE and before Jack was born, we fed Minnie Lou several other “high end” brands. She did not thrive nearly as well on any of them. We recommend CANIDAE All Life Stages for people looking to feed their dogs a safe and nutritious formula at a very reasonable price. CANIDAE’s product reflects the company’s stated commitment to providing “the highest standard of excellence for product quality, palatability, and customer satisfaction.” Thank you, CANIDAE, for not cutting any corners.

Marla, Brian, Minnie Lou, and Jack

We are convinced that this is a superior food

2007-10-20It was very nice to speak with you today. You will see why it was so important for us to have his health and skin in top condition. As a therapy dog, visits cannot be made if an animal has any lesions, open wounds or bare spots, or if they are on any medication. We struggled with Hero’s allergies for years. He would develop ear infections and skin lesions, they were very hard to clear up, and he was constantly on strong antibiotics to treat the secondary infection that would develop, and also to try to control his allergic reactions. We have not had to treat Hero for these symptoms for over a year since feeding CANIDAE. We are convinced that this is a superior food. Hero loves CANIDAE, and we do too. (Note: Now all five of our dogs eat CANIDAE.)
With warm regards,
Heddie and Hero

It has been almost a year since I switched and Chynna is doing great

After the recall scare, I decided to switch dog food for then 11 year old terrier mix dog, Chynna. The food she was on was not one of the recall but she has been having bladder infections her entire life and was overweight despite giving her a food for overweight dogs. After reading about all the stuff that was in other dog foods and all the great reviews for CANIDAE, I decided to let her try it. It has been almost a year since I switched and Chynna is doing great. She has lost close to 5 pounds, has a lot of energy and no bladder infections. I adopted another dog 6 months ago and immediately threw away the food the pound gave and started her on the CANIDAE All-Stages-Of-Life dry food formula. CANIDAE is more expensive than other food, but the money that I saved in medicine for bladder infections and vet visits more than make up for it. One thing to be thankful for with the food recall, it made me more aware about the nutrition of my dogs.

Immediately after switching Dot to your food we saw a miracle happen

2007-12-23aI purchased a Lowchen puppy (Dot) in September 2006. She has had inflammatory bowel disease her entire life and we’ve spent thousands of dollars with the Vets in an attempt to figure out the problem.

Dot suffered with mucus stools every day and had bloody stools every four to six days her entire life. She also had a gurgling stomach and would throw up often and become dehydrated when this would coincide with the bloody stools. The vets put her on ZD/Ultra thinking she might have protein allergies. It did not help. After a year, the vet’s final decision was to leave her on antibiotics permanently since the antibiotics would lessen the amount of bloody stools to every 10 to 12 days.

I decided I wasn’t happy leaving her on the antibiotics. In an effort to help little Dot I decided to try your CANIDAE Lamb and Rice food. Immediately after switching Dot to your food we saw a miracle happen. Her stools are normal. Her stomach is fine. WE and DOT ARE THRILLED!

Evidently Dot has an allergy to corn. Dot will always eat your Lamb and Rice formula from now on. We actually put all three of our dogs on it and they all love it.

Thank you for producing such a quality dog food! You’ve saved the life of one little Lowchen named Dot who is now healthy and very happy to eat your Lamb and Rice dog food!


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