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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

This dog food has been a god send!

April 22, 2017

I have a 6 yr old 145 lb rott/lab mix that has had allergy issues since he was a puppy. Tonka has had lotions, powders, steroids, tons of vet visits and benadryl to try and curb the itching. After trying multiple dog foods i finally landed on Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea with Salmon and Sweet Potato. This dog food has been a god send! Shortly after switching Tonka his coat looked healthier and his itching got dramatically better. The buyers program is awesome and really helps out since I buy food so often. I recommend Canidae to everyone I know! I feel good feeding it to my baby and know that it’s great for him. I will be a Canidae customer for life!

-Alycia W.

Extremely difficult to find dog food with no chicken

April 21, 2017

I wanted to let you know that my husky does really well on Under the Sun Whitefish kibble and Under the Sun Lamb kibble, and I hope you add other protein varieties to the lineup. It’s extremely difficult to find dog food with no chicken, beef/bison, and potato, so a few more protein options would allow for more variety in my dog’s diet.

Thanks for a great product!


They love Canidae!

April 19, 2017

We adopted 18 month old Rosie last month.  We spent Easter at my parents house in Arroyo Grande, CA and my niece snapped these pictures we thought you’d enjoy.  We fed Canidae to our dog Jack who we had for 13 years and he loved it…so we decided to upgrade Rosie’s food to Canidae and she loves it too! Everyone we have shown this picture to says it belongs in a dog food commercial, don’t you agree? Enjoy!

-Nancy S.

They are more active

February 28, 2017

We have two furry children – brothers (rough collies) and for a long time we were looking for a healthy dog food for our boys…they have expectations!
We tried few brands but seems like they really like CANIDAE. They are more active, positive and happy and we are getting more hugs!
So we decided to stay with CANIDAE brand.

-Sandra M.

I will be a loyal customer for life

April 18, 2017

All three of our dogs: Buddha (left), Oni (middle), and Bentley (right) are fed a steady diet of Canidae. Both Akitas would get rashes from all of the foods we were trying until we were recommend by their vet to try the Lamb and Rice formula from Canidae. That has been six years now and we have had no rash outbreaks! I also love that as my Pomeranian ages he gets the nutrition and protein he needs from the Life Stages food. I will be a loyal customer for life and highly recommend them.

-Rebecca A.

We really believe this food is one of the “SUPER FOODS”

April 18, 2017

We wanted to introduce you to our pup Bailey!  He is our 14 year old Newfoundland (YES 14!!!) who has been eating Canidae Life Stages since he was about 2 years old.   We were informed about all of the benefits Canidae had to offer, which made the decision to switch to Canidae and easy one!

Over the years Bailey has naturally become more arthritic, (as we all would at age 98!!)  and has also kept lyme disease at bay since the early age of 2.  We really believe this food is one of the “SUPER FOODS” that have helped him throughout the years and we tell everyone who asks us about him exactly what we feed him.  CANIDAE!!!

So, thank you Canidae for helping our precious boy maintain a healthy living lifestyle and for protecting him in his golden years!

Nicolle, Dan, and Bailey (and his cat brother Oliver)

Our Collie devoured the first bowl!

April 15, 2017

Yesterday, I visited the Petco in Guilford, CT. Employee Kate saw me staring at the dog food section and offered to help. Our vet had suggested a limited-diet food and told me of a brand I could try. After two varieties, my Collie still didn’t like it and would take 2 days to eat a bowl. She has always been a “grazer” but this seemed over the top. Kate offered your brand as an alternative. She picked out the salmon variety. Being in holistic medicine, I was thrilled with your “real” ingredients! Kate mentioned the rep for your company had visited the day before and while I was checking out, she ran in the back to get me a manufacturer coupon.
As soon as I got home, I filled our Collie’s bowl. Much to my surprise, our Collie devoured the first bowl! This morning, I gave her 1.5 cups and again the same results!! Our Collie isn’t a grazer, she just had tasteless food!!

Thanks for a wonderful product and thanks to an amazing employee who took the time to help me. I’m going back for the big bag!!!

-Lori M.

Canidae did the trick

April 12, 2017

It’s not an unusual situation – my little Rat Terrier gained a bunch of weight after he was neutered. I tried the usual thing, cutting back on his kibble and adding some veggies for bulk. That helped at first, but then he hit a plateau and wasn’t losing any more. So I switched him to the weight management formula that the older, less energetic dog was doing well on. Things actually got worse! Not only did he not lose weight, he actually gained again, because he was constantly hungry. Not fifteen minutes after eating he’d be pawing at the food bin again, whining, throwing his food dispensing toys at me… I’d give in and give him a snack, and those snacks added up!

Then I switched to Canidae PURE Small Breed. And almost immediately he stopped begging for more food all the time, even though I was feeding less! He is satisfied and energized, and he’s also more focused during training because he isn’t starving. We’re starting to see the weight come off already too. Nothing against his previous brand, it’s also a great food, but it wasn’t working for him anymore, and Canidae did the trick. I’m so glad I made the switch!

-Lila S.

Good job to you

April 6, 2017

I am fostering a blind diabetic dog.  My vet wanted her on Science Diet for diabetic dogs.  I told him it had way to many chemicals so I wanted to use something else. I searched the internet and found your dog food.  I feed the Lamb flavor.  She is doing beautifully on your food.  If you go to Pope County Humane Society, MN, you will see her pictures there.

I also have a Yorkie with Cushing disease, she has to have food that is very low in fat.  Your food is lower in fat than the one he recommended.  So she is getting also. I have two dogs that are 16+ and they are eating it also.

Good job to you.

-Kathy L.

He went from mopping around to being a goofy puppy

March 17, 2017

I just wanted to thank you! My senior citizen bulldog has had a complete change since I put him on your senior kibble. He is happier, playful and full of joy. He has bad hip displysia and ruptured his ccl when he was a puppy.  After a month of your senior kibble he is walking better. Has more energy and I think he will be around a lot longer.  He went from mopping around to being the goofy puppy I missed.

So sincerely thank you!

Michelle R.

They never get rashes and they love the food!

March 8, 2017

When our first Golden Retriever, Cookie, began to have skin problems 20 years ago, I researched the cause and eventually the ingredients of our dog food.  I learned that Canidae uses the kind of high quality ingredients that can help her overcome her skin rashes, and switched to Canidae.  Her skin cleared up and she became better almost overnight, and we never wanted to try anything else again.  It’s a great cost effective way to keep our pets in optimal health.  Cookie has passed, and so did her younger friend Ginger.  We are now have Snappy, Pearl and MJ (all Golden Retrievers) and still feed them Canidae, because they never get rashes and they love the food!

-Roger C.

She loves the food.

March 7, 2017

We have a 15 year old Chihuahua Katie who in the last year has developed a pancreatic problem. We have tried different types of foods for sensitive stomachs but she still has flare ups and is in pain. She hardly eats and is so thin. One day at Petco an associate showed us the Canidae Pure so we have tried it. What a difference. Katie has only had one episode in the last three months and she is now eating a whole container and sometimes more a day. The terrine style dinners with chicken pate is her favorite. She inhales that one down in seconds. She loves the food. Sometimes she even whines at night before bed and wants to be fed again. She is acting like a puppy again running and playing with the cats and going on one mile walks and loving it. I am so glad we were told about Canidae I would recommend this to anyone who has a pet with stomach issues. Thanks.
-Penney P.


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