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Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Keep up the good work!

6/27/2008 – I just want to say something about your new formula of CANIDAE lamb and rice!  It is fabulous! My dog Loves it a lot better then the other formula!  Keep up the good work! I just wanted to let you know this positive comment I have for you all.

Thanks much,
Rhinelander, WI

Nitemare & Rico

7/1/2008 – 2008-07-01Hello! Attached are pictures of our babies.

Nitemare – 11 1/2 years old & a cancer survivor!

Rico – 11 months.

We love CANIDAE!
Thanks again!


All three of my dogs now eat All Life Stages

2008-07-01b7/1/2008 – Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your food is. My Labrador Retriever had horrible skin problems and I had spent over $1000 in vet Bills trying to get her skin cleared up. She was on multiple antibiotics and steroids and nothing was helping. Even a biopsy came back inconclusive. Someone suggested CANIDAE. That was 11 months ago and I haven’t fed her any other dog food since then. Her skin cleared up within the first month. All three of my dogs now eat All Life Stages. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Jennifer L.

Happy, healthy, shiny new Chester!

2008-07-067/6/2008 – Chester is 12 1/2 years old. No more in/out of vet and fighting with skin problems! Switched to CANIDAE about 6 weeks ago and now, happy, healthy, shiny new Chester! Thank you so much, CANIDAE!

Cathy B.
Huntington Beach, CA

She cleaned her bowl immediately

7/10/2008 – Just wanted to write to let you know how much Bridgett, my Golden Retriever, loves your new Lamb and Rice dog food. She had been on another brand since we brought her home, but over the last year she has slowly been losing hair down both sides of her body. The vet said she was negative for mange and it was probably an allergy. He put her on a food he sold which did not help at all. She was almost hairless in spots and we were getting very worried. The clerk at the pet food store mentioned CANIDAE was good high-quality food with skin and coat conditioners in it so we tried your new Lamb and Rice formula. She loved it! She cleaned her bowl immediately which she never did before. Best of all, after about five weeks now her hair is starting to grow back!!! Thank you CANIDAE! Bridgett and I are fans for life!

Eva G.
Eugene, OR

I will continue to feed all my dogs CANIDAE Lamb & Rice

2008-07-107/10/2008 – Hello, My name is Matty and I am a breeder of quality Blue Nose Pitbulls located in Florida. I have been using CANIDAE Lamb & Rice for two years now and have raised my adult male and female Blue Nose Pits on this formula. The food has given them beautiful soft & shinny coats, awesome muscle tone, and my male has one of the BIGGEST heads I have seen on a pit his size. I am totally satisfied with CANIDAE dog food! Now they have had a litter of beautiful healthy puppies, 13 to be exact and none were lost during labor! I am positive that the cause of this perfect delivery and health of all 13 puppies was 50% from the excellent CANIDAE dog food and 50% of how I take care of my dogs. The pups are 8 weeks now and are only eating the New Improved CANIDAE Lamb & Rice formula. Now I have a total of 2 adults and 13 puppies that are eating the new CANIDAE Lamb & Rice and loving it. I am a convinced, as a breeder, that the greatness of the food you feed your dogs will make a difference in every area of a dogs life. I will continue to feed all my dogs CANIDAE Lamb & Rice as long as CANIDAE is still in production.

Thank you.

Bravo to you for putting out an amazing product

7/10/2008 – 2008-07-10bDear Makers of CANIDAE: Bravo to you for putting out an amazing product! I have three Chihuahuas: Bailey (7), Rocky (3 1/2) and Chloe (2 1/2). They were originally on Brand X for Chihuahuas, but it began to cause much stomach upset for them. So I transferred them to Brand X, which contained no wheat or corn products. They got very bored with this food very fast. True, it is fairly inexpensive for a food with no byproducts, but I don’t mind paying extra if I know my dogs will benefit from the food. After attending a Pet Expo in Valley Forge, PA, we were introduced to your food through a series of samples. My dogs couldn’t get enough. They get 1/4 cup of food in the morning and 1/4 every other night (I alternate wet and dry foods at night due to their stomach upset). By the time I put the food down, turn around to wash out the measuring cup and put it away, your food is GONE! I’ve never seen my dogs take to a food the way mine have. And I can rest assured that they are getting all the nutrients they need to support a healthy body. Thank you CANIDAE! Sincerely, Angela, Bailey, Rocky and Chloe Marchetti.

Thank you again!
Angela M.
Blue Bell, PA

I wanted to feed her the best food possible

7/23/2008 – I would like to share my own testimonial about CANIDAE dog food. Last year, I adopted my dog Sophie from Homeward Bound after she was abandoned by her previous owners. Sophie is a high energy black lab mix who LOVES to run, often times more than 10 miles in a single trip! I wanted to feed her the best food possible, and some friends recommended CANIDAE. Every meal, she eats her CANIDAE in less than a minute and looks up hoping for more. I knew she loved it, but was astounded when she picked finishing her CANIDAE over a bone filled with peanut butter!

Thank you, thank you for making such a wonderful product. Sophie couldn’t be healthier, has a beautiful shiny coat, and loves eating it!

Minneapolis, MN

Gordon is doing so much better

2008-08-11b8/11/2008 – I wanna thank CANIDAE so much, thanks to their great food Gordon ( The lighter Golden Ret.) is doing so much better. Shortly after I got him his hair was falling out he was constantly licking, we took him to the vet and ruled out everything from mange to parasites. After doing research I thought I would try better food. I heard about CANIDAE from a Golden Retriever website I joined, and I decided to give it a try after 3 weeks the licking and itching stopped and his hair started to grow back in. When I got Bella my 4 month old GR, I decided there’s no other food she will be eating than CANIDAE.

Thanks for making such a good quality food for our pets!
Nicole K.
Gordon and Bella

Thanks for giving Matt back some quality of life

2008-08-188/18/2008 – I am writing to tell you what a difference you’ve made in “Matt’s” life… I found him on the floor of another rescue operation in a room with a bunch of other dogs. He was completely unable to walk with severe contractures in all four legs. He was skeletal and half starved, and barely responsive. His eyes were caked with “sleep” and he had fecal matter on his rump. I ask ed if I could take him on as a “project dog” since he obviously needed more attention than what he was getting. Matt was originally caught as a feral dog and has never enjoyed human interaction. Two years ago severe arthritis set in and he deteriorated into his current condition. He was completely unable to move other than a slight scoot here and there…never more than a few feet at a time. The gal that had him said often you could hear him howling in pain in the middle of the night, but they didn’t have the meds he would need. He was very near being put to sleep. When I picked him up he felt like a brittle branch…nary a muscle moved on him. His eyes “clicked” when he blinked because they were so sunken into his skull that they created air pockets around each eyeball. I’d never seen a dog this bad still alive. When I put him out in the grass the first time I was shocked because he looked like a long forgotten corpse of a dog… not the living, breathing, suffering dog he was. When he relieved himself, it was always a mess and he needed bathing several times a day. I immediately got him on CANIDAE All Life Stages dry and canned food mixed in equal amounts with a little warm water to soften the whole meal. He was weak, but the boy could eat!!!

After three weeks… he still cannot walk… but he is definitely more limber, more responsive, wags his tail, and his coat color has returned to a brilliant copper I never knew he had. The midnight howls of pain… they’re gone… and while Matt cannot take himself out, he IS completely housetrained. He will whine and wiggle until you pick him up in order to be put outside as he absolutely hates to soil himself. His stool is solid and normal now thanks to a healthy diet and plenty of it. He now takes pride in his appearance and can’t stand to be dirty or wet! He’s earned a place in my bed, and spends his days either on a cushy loveseat, or often times being toted around in a sling backpack to town for a ride. CANIDAE has helped him gain some much needed weight, brightened his lonely eyes, and released some of the tension in his long neglected joints. Thanks for giving Matt back some quality of life… on his behalf… he appreciates every bite!


The change is amazing

8/21/2008 – I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a difference your food had made to my dog’s life. We have two Irish Water Spaniels, one almost six years and one sixteen months old. The eldest one was a rescue and while she has been healthy she did not play or get involved with anything. She has been on your food for about three weeks now and the change is amazing. She is more alert, playful and her coat is much shinier.

I have her on life stages as she needs to be on a weight reduction program, and the younger one, who is much more active as he is a member of Ontario Dock Dogs and the main Dock Dogs association, needs to be on a normal formula, and I find that this way I do not have to buy two different types of food. I find that feeding CANIDAE, which is the highest form of kibble that I have tried, that has lived up to its advertising. I am quick to write a letter when a product does not live up to its promise so to be fair, I also try to be appreciative when I am completely satisfied with a product, with which I am with CANIDAE.

Wendy O.
Ontario, Canada

You have really improved an already perfect food

2008-08-238/23/2008 – CANIDAE has Improved perfection! I have fed CANIDAE for years to all my dogs with really great results. This June I found the new improved CANIDAE at my local pet store, wow talk about improved food, smaller poo than before, their shiny coats feel softer and shinier that before and stand back when I put dinner down, it’s gone in seconds! You have really improved an already perfect food in my book! Keep up the good work!

C. M.
San Luis Obispo, CA.

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