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You’ve given us hope that we will have him for many more years

2009-03-02a3/2/2009 – I’m writing this letter because of how impressed I am with CANIDAE Lamb & Rice dog food. We have a Rottweiler, who will be 6-years-old on May 16th, and was diagnosed with Diabetes on November 8, 2008.

We had always fed him a name brand food. When he was first diagnosed, I was told not to change his food, that I should adjust his insulin to his food. I went home and looked at the ingredients in his food. The first 2 ingredients were ground whole grain corn and chicken by-product meal. I am very familiar with diabetes, so I knew that a food that was primarily corn was definitely not something I wanted to feed any dog, let alone a diabetic one. Plus, what the heck is “chicken by-product meal”? That’s when I hit the web trying to find a dog food that was free of corn and by-products. I also realized just how expensive some of these quality foods were. Hines went from a dog that had only eaten one brand of dog food his entire life, to eating 3 different brands in 4 months, none of which helped his blood sugar. My last two choices were CANIDAE and one other premium brand.

I finally decided to give the CANIDAE Lamb & Rice a try. Before I made the switch I was giving him 38 units of NPH insulin twice a day, and his blood sugars were still running in the 300 to 400 range. He was lethargic, drank obsessively, needed to go out constantly, throwing up occasionally, had TERRIBLE gas, and we were all down right miserable. He started the CANIDAE on a Friday night. On Sunday night my husband noticed he was acting very erratic. He checked his sugar and it was 50. I decided that I had better decrease his insulin because it was obvious this food was decreasing his blood sugars. Monday morning I decreased his insulin from 35 units to 30 units. Monday night, he had another hypo incident. As scary as the hypos were, I was starting to get excited that maybe I had finally found the right food. I knew your food was a quality food, but I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference that quickly. Tuesday morning, I decreased his insulin yet again, from 30 to 28 units. That evening he was only at 143. I was a little nervous that the 143 might still be a little too low, so I decreased him once again, all the way down to 20 units. He has been on 20 units twice a day for 3 days now, and his sugars are averaging 261. I realize that I still need to tweak his dosage for optimum numbers, but I now feel that we may finally get him under control. We are actually saving money with this food. One vial of insulin should last us almost twice as long as before, plus with the higher kcals, he’s eating less and feeling more satisfied.

The other day we were in a pet store. I was browsing the treats when a woman asked if I needed any help. I said that I was just looking over the treats but that my dog was a diabetic and I had to be careful what I gave him. She asked what I was feeding him and I proudly said “CANIDAE Lamb & Rice”. She told me that was a good choice because it is a quality dog food. It turns out she was a rep for another pet food company. Needless to say, that made me feel even better about my choice when a competitor gives a compliment about their competition.

We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing such a quality food at a great price. Hines is such a big part of our family, and we were devastated when he was diagnosed.  You’ve given us hope that we will have him for many more years. I will definitely recommend your food to others. In fact, I already have.

Donna, Al, & Hines

The mood and ability of my animals markedly improved

 – I began working with sled dogs at the age of 6 after going for a run with a family friend. Now 17, I am a high school senior in my final year and manage Cottonwood Kennels, a small racing/recreational operation of 11 huskies. My dogs currently range in age from 9 to just yearlings. Because I enjoy working with my dogs as individuals and appreciate the skills that older dogs obtain, I have never gotten into the breeding end of sled dogs. The majority of my animals come from larger kennels that may not have the manpower to utilize each dog’s potential, or they enter our yard with physical issues or personality “quirks”. Every year as our season begins, the dogs begin to settle down and develop into a cohesive unit, which I feel both honored and humbled to observe.

Rubie is now running and playing like a puppy

rubiebefore4/7/2009 – It was November 18, 2006 when Rubie stepped on the scale at Glenwood Vet Clinic in Glenwood, Iowa and had climbed to 105 pounds. Rubie should weigh anywhere from 65-70 pounds. Rubie is a medium sized mix breed dog (chow/lab mix) that we believe was dumped after Christmas 1998 as a puppy. We think she was about four months old, so we designated November 1st to be Rubie’s birthday.

When Rubie joined our household we had two other dogs and free feeding seemed to work out good us. Then in November 1999 we moved and I took over the reigns of running a boarding kennel. Two years later we had to move again. We left the kennel and then moved just outside of Malvern, Iowa in the country. When we left the kennel, we left with four more dogs, totaling seven. We still continued to free feed for quite some time and that is when Rubie really started to climb the scale. I always joked about wanting to blame my older brother for Rubie’s weight gain. When he stayed with us for a time I would come home and catch him feeding Rubie a sandwich, a whole sandwich. I would ask him what he was doing and he replied “she is hungry.” I replied, “I bet she is,” only to find out that my brother seemed to think that Rubie needed a sandwich every time he had one. When people would come over to visit they would comment on how heavy she was and it broke my heart. When Rubie got to the point where she could hardly reach around to clean herself and struggled walking up stairs or just stand up I knew I had to take control. In November 2006 she topped the scale at 105 pounds. Rubie has arthritis and her weight was a serious problem.

rubieafterThe veterinarian at Glenwood Vet Clinic put Rubie on a prescription diet. I had to stop free feeding and switch to feeding twice a day. This was the beginning of my taking control of my dogs’ lives. We returned to the vet clinic in December 2006 and she weighed in at 102.6 pounds. I was really hoping to see better results, but it had only been a short time on this new diet and eating schedule. I continued to feed the prescription diet but Rubie was not responding to it very well. She knew the other dogs were eating something else and if I didn’t keep a close eye on her she would bully her way into someone else’s bowl. By February 2007 Rubie weighed in at 97.8 pounds and then again in August her weight was 96.6 pounds. This was a total of 8.4 pounds lost but I felt I needed to change something. I needed to find a high quality food that I could feed all of my dogs. I contacted Tracy at Paw Prints in Glenwood to help me research different foods and what would work best for not just Rubie but all of my dogs. I wanted a food that not only would help in promoting good health, but a food that they would all like. I decided to try CANIDAE Platinum.

In addition to changing Rubie’s diet I had to get over my denial thinking that I was starving her by cutting down her food portion. After consulting with the vet, I switched all of my dogs’ food to CANIDAE Platinum and I cut Rubie’s portion down to one cup in the AM and one cup for the PM feeding. To get over some of my guilt thinking I was starving her I would add some green beans as a filler from time to time. She thought it was great and I think she felt like she was getting something special. Rubie has quite the personality and she has a lot to say when it comes to feeding time.

I continued the CANIDAE Platinum diet and her weight started to drop. Rubie’s energy level started to increase and you could just tell she was feeling better and getting healthier. I was actually starting to see her hips. At one point Rubie was so heavy that you could have used her back as a self. Not only have I noticed the weight starting to drop but her skin and coat improved too.

Rubie and I went into the Glenwood Vet Clinic on October 3, 2008 and she stepped on the scale. Rubie weighed in at 71 pounds, which is a 34 pound weight loss. The veterinarian and I were amazed and just downright excited. The vet praised me and gave me a pat the back and said it was my efforts that made the difference. Rubie and I returned on January 17, 2009 and she weighed in at 67.2 pounds for a grand total of 37.8 pounds gone!

Rubie is now running and playing like a puppy. She climbs steps with ease. She bats her ball around the yard like a soccer player. Everything about her overall health has improved drastically. Rubie turned ten on November 1, 2008 and I believe that due to the weight loss she has gained years of her life back. This has also helped all of my dogs manage their weight. I have control now.

The veterinarian finally said the words I wanted to here for a long time. It’s time to level her off, she is at a perfect weight now.

I just have to say to all of you out there that think you are depriving your family’s pets, because you think you are starving them, GET OVER IT. I did, and it paid off big. I believe with the help from the Vet, the Vet Clinic, Paw Prints, CANIDAE Platinum and just thinking about what was in Rubie’s best interest, this was truly our key to success! We as pet owners really need to take a better look at what we are feeding our animals and whether we are doing what is in their best interest.

Rubie is truly a success story for our family and we wanted to share our story with you.

Shari M. & Rubie
Malvern, Iowa

Its protein level and calories are ideal

2009-04-144/14/2009 – Jiggs is a three month old French Bulldog. At three months, his breeder recommended that he be taken off puppy food and put on an adult or all life stage dry food to slow the growth of his skeletal structure to prevent some of the orthopedic problems sometimes occurring in bulldogs, such as hip dysplasia. After a considerable amount of research I decided that the new formula CANIDAE ALS Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish meal was my hands down choice. The first three ingredients are meat meal and it is relatively low in carbohydrates, most of which are the “good” carbs. Its protein level and calories are ideal in that they were not too high and not too low for a puppy. I was also impressed by the fact that the food was blended and manufactured by Diamond a company with an outstanding reputation for quality control. My only concern was if it was palatable and I found that mixing the dry with a tablespoon of canned was well received by Jiggs. He seems very happy and so am I since his stools are solid and easy to pick up.

Dr. Robert S.
Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

They continue to be amazed at how healthy he is

2009-05-045/4/2009 – On early Monday morning, July 7, 2008 one of my colleagues found a dog lying along the side of a dirt road. He was badly injured around his head. “Tyler” was brought to a veterinary clinic here in Bixby. The vet was given money to cover the cost of putting him down in case she was unable to save him.

The vet determined through examination and x-rays that Tyler had suffered a severe injury to the right side of his mouth. The injuries included the loss of three upper teeth and a fractured lower jaw. The x-rays showed many bone and teeth fragments that had been “blown” into the flesh in his neck area. None of the fragments were close to the spinal column, thereby not requiring risky surgery. The vet and her staff nursed Tyler back to health and after two months of having his jaw wired and gaining strength, we adopted Tyler and brought him home on September 11th.

When Tyler was brought to the clinic he weighed 21 pounds and in her estimation, was one day from death. As of this date, May 1, 2009 Tyler weighs 46 pounds and as seen in the photo has a very shiny thick coat. Since we brought Tyler home he has been on a steady diet of CANIDAE All Life Stages food. Each month we take Tyler back to the clinic to have his nails trimmed and they continue to be amazed at how healthy he is and how good his coat continues to look. The veterinarian has said that his nails grow very fast and it must be the food we are feeding him. We are convinced that the CANIDAE products we have fed Tyler since we brought him home have allowed him to totally recover and to continue to be healthy. Tyler is a wonderful dog and is extremely intelligent and LOVES everyone, both people and dogs.

Frank & Stephanie K.
Bixby, OK

After the switch we noticed healthier coats

2009-05-265/26/2009 – We used to feed our two Golden’s (Dakota and Grizz) a food often recommended by veterinarians before the big dog food scandal a couple of years ago. When that occurred my wife did a lot of research and found out that we were not feeding our dogs healthy food as we thought we were. So after some research, we came across CANIDAE dog food that was sold locally and had all the nutritional benefits that our two active dogs need. After the switch we noticed healthier coats in both, and in our 10 year old Dakota, she was doing much better with her joints. Thanks CANIDAE for an excellent product for Dakota and Grizz!

Mike & Jenn
Traverse City, MI

He showed improvement in only a couple of weeks

“He showed improvement in only a couple of weeks”

 – Gunner, a 3 year old Chocolate Lab, came to us because the previous owners could not keep him for unknown reasons. Gunner was only 3 months old at that time. We started him in obedience training and he quickly showed us he had potential.

In 2007, we attended a sport, vacation & boat show and part of the show was a dock diving event. We really enjoyed watching the dogs fly through the air and land in the water. In 2008, we decided to give it a try to see how Gunner would react to jumping in the water. Gunner’s first event was in Ft. Wayne, IN. It took some effort to get Gunner to jump, but he finally did with hesitation. His very first jump was one foot, ten inches. After competing in dock diving events we became hooked on the sport and Team Air Gunner was formed. Myself and our daughter Krista handle Gunner. Now a year later and with several events under his paws, Gunner enjoys the events and speeds down the dock to leap into the water. As of May 2009 Gunner’s personal best is 19′ 2″.

Thank you for caring about all of us four footed creatures

2009-06-046/4/2009 – We’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Havanese brother and sister, Desi and Lucy and have enclosed a picture of us. Desi is the larger one and Lucy his sister a little bit smaller than him. We will be two years old in August of this year.

We would like to let you know how much we really, really like your All Life Stages (Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish) Dry Formula dog food. Our Mom bought it for us and we have cleaned our plates at each meal. She says that maybe it’s too healthy for us as we run and play continuously, sometimes we get to rough housing in the house and that will make her kind of mad at us. We really are quite adorable (we’ve been told so by many people) and love the energy we have. I Desi, have malformed hips and when I get older I will no doubt switch to your Platinum formula but for now not much slows me down. Thank you for caring about all of us four footed creatures and giving us such a good product.

Desi and Lucy
Kingman, AZ

I’ve learned another important thing from my baby Shadow

2009-01-166/10/2009 – I am still feeding CANIDAE dog food, both dry and canned, to Coco and Shadow. A friend of mine gave me a coupon from a different premium brand for a free bag of dry dog food. I redeemed it at the store and tried to feed it to my dogs. Coco, my “bottomless pit” of course ate it. On the other hand, Shadow turned his nose up at it and simply refused. After several futile attempts to feed him the other premium brand, I simply dumped the bag of food outside at a local forest preserve for the outside critters and promptly bought another large bag of the CANIDAE ALS dry dog food. Shadow reminded me how difficult it was for him to digest various dry dog foods prior to finding CANIDAE. If he could talk, he’d be shouting, “Mom, What are you doing to me!?” Once again, I’ve learned another important thing from my baby Shadow.

Nancy N

She was the healthiest looking and the most social

2009-06-176/17/2009 – I’m so satisfied with CANIDAE dog food and so is “Tiara” my four pound Maltese puppy! Went to a Maltese puppy party with 21 dogs and I thought she was the healthiest looking and the most social — that all attributes to her being satisfied with her daily food!

Her pictures says it all, “I’m sitting on top of the world — wuf wuf!”

Lois A.
New Jersey


Thank you for making such a wonderful food

2009-06-186/18/2009 – I have 3 very different dogs, Happy a 5 year old Beagle Cross, Tanao an 8 year old Black Lab/Shepard Cross & Irish a 2 year old pure breed Chinese SharPei. Tanao has a lot of food allergies. Happy would often go on hunger strikes. Irish, due to breed, is prone to allergies and different skin infections. When we got Irish we put all of our dogs on CANIDAE All Life Stages and switched to CANIDAE Snap-Biscuits dog treats. Since that day Happy has never gone on a hunger strike, Tanao’s allergic symptoms have lessened and all three dogs are regularly complimented on their beautiful, shiny coats. Their poos are also much easier to deal with – less smelly and more firm. We enjoy not having to buy 3 different dog foods to cater to each dog and the CANIDAE system has certainly benefited our dogs. Tanao, at 8 years old, romps around like a puppy – lots of energy and no joint problems. Thank you for making such a wonderful food that we trust and recommend to all pet owners.

Marnie C.

I knew it was going to work wonders for poor Rocco

7/16/2009 – In late June, my neighbor found a small dog hiding behind a dumpster and barely alive. The first picture shows how malnourished he was. My neighbor rescued this little guy and took him to the vet. He had a very high fever, was far too thin, and was infested with ants. It didn’t look good.

I told my neighbor I would foster him until a home could be found. With two other big dogs that are a huge part of my life, and because I had just started a new business, I didn’t think I needed another dog. Shortly after bringing him home though I knew the fostering idea had gone out the window. By his second day with me I had already named him “Rocco.”

A few days after bringing him home, Rocco and I were lucky enough to have a CANIDAE employee come into my place of work. As soon as I found out she worked for CANIDAE, I told her Rocco’s story and the condition he was in. After hearing our story, she told me CANIDAE would give me free food to help bring him back to health and that they had the perfect formula to feed him.

rocco2009-06-22CANIDAE sent me some of their new Grain Free Salmon formula and told me about its benefits. After hearing about all of the healthy ingredients I gladly accepted their offer. I knew it was going to work wonders for poor Rocco.

About a week later I could tell Rocco was looking and feeling better. The second picture shows how he had already started to gain some weight back!

The people at CANIDAE were a huge part of nurturing Rocco back to being the playful lovable dog he was meant to be. I’ve been feeding him the Grain Free Salmon formula, which he can’t get enough of, for almost a month now. In the first week and a half he went from 9 to 14 pounds and he is just about back to the weight the vet says he should be. I am so happy!

rocco2009-06-29The third picture was taken a few days ago. See how great he looks! His energy level has increased, making him the perfect playmate for my Retriever and other Boxer. Rocco and I want to thank the people at CANIDAE for all they have done. They truly care about the well being of your animal and I can’t thank them enough for helping to save my Rocco.

Peggy M.
Norco, CArocco2009-07-13

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