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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

She dove right into her new kibble

2008-08-23b8/23/2008 – I just switched Jennie, my beautiful 8 year old Australian shepherd, over to your new Platinum formula about 2 weeks ago. She was not picky at all when I made the switch and she dove right into her new kibble. I was actually quite surprised how well and how fast she took to it. She has already lost a little weight, she’s looking more and more beautiful every day, and I just wanted to share with you how happy I am with her new diet.

Thank you again for a great food!

Diane S.
Fort Collins, CO


The transition from the old formula to the new was seamless

2008-09-039/3/2008 – Thanks so much for your time on the phone. I appreciate you answering my questions. I wanted to let you know that the new CANIDAE ALS formula is working very well for my mastiffs. The transition from the old formula to the new was seamless. I have seven mastiffs ranging in age from 6 months to 4 years old. They each did very well with the switch and they clearly love the taste of the new formula. I will proudly continue to use CANIDAE ALS here at Crossroads Mastiffs.

You can see from the pictures that we have some nicely muscled, active mastiffs with beautiful, healthy, shiny coats. My recent litter of 12 puppies was weaned to CANIDAE ALS. You can see the picture of the whole litter taking their meal very seriously. The four puppies I kept have been fed the ALS formula exclusively since that time. I couldn’t be happier with the way they are maturing. Thanks for a great product!!

Jennifer P.
Fayetteville, NC

We are so happy with CANIDAE ALS!

2008-09-089/7/2008 – I recently purchased a Shih Tzu puppy from a reputable breeder. When we brought him home we noticed that his bowel movements were quite soft and runny. We were reluctant to change dog food from what the breeder had started feeding him. On the many recommendations from friends who feed CANIDAE we switched him to CANIDAE ALS, and we almost immediately saw a firmer stool. His coat is beautiful. We are so happy with CANIDAE ALS! This is the dog food we will be sticking with. Also the new CANIDAE Snap-Bits are a great training aide. Our puppy loves them! It is so good to be able to reinforce his positive behavior knowing that we are rewarding him with such a nutritional treat, and they are the perfect size.

Covina, CA

I just wanted to tell you what an exemplary product you have

2008-09-08b9/8/2008 – I just wanted to tell you about my success story with CANIDAE All Life Stages. In April 2008 we adopted our second dog, a 9 month old Boxer. At the time we adopted him he was fed a diet of Ol’ Roy, pork and beans and various unhealthy table scraps. When we brought him home his coat was dull and his shedding was out of control. I immediately switched him over to CANIDAE and cut out all table scraps and his transformation over the next 12 weeks was amazing. His coat is shiny and I no longer have to brush him 4x and vacuum twice weekly just to keep up with him. Friends and family comment on how good he is looking and I couldn’t be happier. His energy level has increased, although in a 1 year old boxer I didn’t think that was possible.

This is my first experience with CANIDAE products as my first boxer has food allergies and only succeeds on a prescription diet. I just wanted to tell you what an exemplary product you have.

Would it be possible to receive some coupons that I can pass around? I am a die hard believer in CANIDAE and wish all of my friends and family to experience your product as well.

Kind regards,
Emily H.
Nashville, TN

After a few weeks had gone by we noticed a sudden burst of hair growth

2008-09-159/15/2008 – I have been feeding CANIDAE to all my dogs since 1999. I have been very pleased with how much they loved the taste and how shiny their coats always were. As our dogs got older we opted to switch them to CANIDAE Platinum which we fed for years. In Nov. 2006 Baby our chow of 10 years developed a very serious hot spot that the vet said was probably from a external allergen. The vet shaved her up to her mane (see picture), boy did she get small all of a sudden. Six months later I mentioned to the vet that her hair still had not grown back and he suggested we draw some blood to check her levels which all came back fine. I even tried supplements but nothing seem to bring back the hair. Not to long ago I picked up another bag of CANIDAE Platinum and noticed it was the new formulation. After a few weeks had gone by we noticed a sudden burst of hair growth. Not just patches but all over. A year and a half had gone by with no hair growth at all, and now 2 1/2 months later on the new formula I again have a full time job brushing her out (see 2nd pic). Proof to me is in the outcome and my now 12 year old chow looks & acts better than ever. The moral of this story I feel is that obviously the change is good, very good. I never doubted your old formulation but am even more convinced that CANIDAE strives to produce a quality food leading to better pet nutrition & health.

Thank you CANIDAE,
Mindi & Baby B.

Happy and healthy poodles and I think the CANIDAE has helped with that

2008-09-189/18/2008 – Hi – I received the coupon in the mail today, thank you as it will come in handy to feed these poodles of mine.

They do so well on the ALS CANIDAE, their coat is shiny, their eyes are clear and bright, they are very happy and healthy poodles and I think the CANIDAE has helped with that!

They eat it up like candy. Here is a pictures of my furbabies… Peter Pan and Paris

Thanks so much,

Lisa H.
Redmond, OR

Her symptoms totally disappeared

2008-10-0610/6/2008 – I am thrilled with your product. Shelby, my boxer/lab cross, had terrible food allergies. She constantly licked and chewed at her paws. A month after I started feeding Shelby your Lamb and Rice formula, her symptoms totally disappeared. Her coat is shiny and soft and thanks to your dog food she is happy, healthy and content. Thank you for making an affordable yet high premium dog food.


I’ve never seen a dog lay down to eat his food like this

2008-10-14b10/14/2008 – Just wanted to send you a follow-up email and express my appreciation for your help regarding the Lamb & Rice dog food. No complaints! I recently received the coupons you sent. Tango clearly enjoys the Chicken recipe much more and I decided to share a photo with you 🙂 Honestly, I’ve never seen a dog lay down to eat his food like this LOL. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend and thanks again for a speedy response!

Phillip & Tango K.

Loves it!

2008-10-2110/21/2008 – Our 8yo Golden Retriever, Keely, has been on CANIDAE for the last 6 years and loves it, as you can see from the photos! Keely is my work Cadaver Dog and has excelled in everything we have done with her. We now have one of her pups, a 2yo, on CANIDAE and he loves it as well.

Thank you!

Lori H.
Sullivan, WI

I would not feed anything else

2008-10-27a10/27/2008 – I just wanted to say how awesome this food is, I feed the chicken & rice dry food, love it, love it, I have a Wire Fox Terrier and I show him when I took him into the ring at 6 months old people could not believe the coat this dog had for only being 6 months old. I would not feed anything else after seeing the results first hand.

Thank You!!!

We put our trust in you

2008-10-2810/28/2008 – Thank you for emailing me the stores in my area that carry your dog food. I wanted to let you know that my husband and I liked the ingredients and decided to give it a try.

Oz is 8 weeks and 2 days old now but almost died at two days old and the breeders son brought him back to life.

As soon as we opened the bag of CANIDAE the little guy stuck his head right in the little sample bag and started eating it.

My puppy’s stool is lighter and maybe a bit fluffier but that is the only change except for his appetite. The Vet says the change in stool’s appearance is probably due to it being easy for him to digest, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Oz was bottle fed since he was two days old and I was trying to wean him from the bottle without too much shock to the system but couldn’t because he wouldn’t eat.

Thanks to CANIDAE he is doing very well. This puppy has been through a lot in his little life and we put our trust in you.

Oz was only 6.14 lbs. at 7 weeks old. He is a Rottweiler so that is very small. In just 2 weeks he has doubled his weight!

Kim B.
London, ON, Canada

Wish we had known about your product sooner

2008-11-0311/2/2008 – I just wanted to tell you how great we think CANIDAE is. Our adult male Boxer dog is over 10 years old and only eats CANIDAE Platinum. As any owner of a Boxer can tell you, they are prone to TERRIBLE gas. Since we switched to CANIDAE about two years ago, his gas has been practically non-existent. It has also helped control his shedding.

I only wish we had known about your product sooner! We just got a Standard Poodle this summer, and he is very happy with his CANIDAE All Life Stages.

You have a great product — I have had several friends switch based on my recommendation, and they all agree it was a good move.

Becky H.

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