Testimonials From Your Dogs!

I’ve learned another important thing from my baby Shadow

2009-01-166/10/2009 – I am still feeding CANIDAE dog food, both dry and canned, to Coco and Shadow. A friend of mine gave me a coupon from a different premium brand for a free bag of dry dog food. I redeemed it at the store and tried to feed it to my dogs. Coco, my “bottomless pit” of course ate it. On the other hand, Shadow turned his nose up at it and simply refused. After several futile attempts to feed him the other premium brand, I simply dumped the bag of food outside at a local forest preserve for the outside critters and promptly bought another large bag of the CANIDAE ALS dry dog food. Shadow reminded me how difficult it was for him to digest various dry dog foods prior to finding CANIDAE. If he could talk, he’d be shouting, “Mom, What are you doing to me!?” Once again, I’ve learned another important thing from my baby Shadow.

Nancy N

She was the healthiest looking and the most social

2009-06-176/17/2009 – I’m so satisfied with CANIDAE dog food and so is “Tiara” my four pound Maltese puppy! Went to a Maltese puppy party with 21 dogs and I thought she was the healthiest looking and the most social — that all attributes to her being satisfied with her daily food!

Her pictures says it all, “I’m sitting on top of the world — wuf wuf!”

Lois A.
New Jersey


Thank you for making such a wonderful food

2009-06-186/18/2009 – I have 3 very different dogs, Happy a 5 year old Beagle Cross, Tanao an 8 year old Black Lab/Shepard Cross & Irish a 2 year old pure breed Chinese SharPei. Tanao has a lot of food allergies. Happy would often go on hunger strikes. Irish, due to breed, is prone to allergies and different skin infections. When we got Irish we put all of our dogs on CANIDAE All Life Stages and switched to CANIDAE Snap-Biscuits dog treats. Since that day Happy has never gone on a hunger strike, Tanao’s allergic symptoms have lessened and all three dogs are regularly complimented on their beautiful, shiny coats. Their poos are also much easier to deal with – less smelly and more firm. We enjoy not having to buy 3 different dog foods to cater to each dog and the CANIDAE system has certainly benefited our dogs. Tanao, at 8 years old, romps around like a puppy – lots of energy and no joint problems. Thank you for making such a wonderful food that we trust and recommend to all pet owners.

Marnie C.

I knew it was going to work wonders for poor Rocco

7/16/2009 – In late June, my neighbor found a small dog hiding behind a dumpster and barely alive. The first picture shows how malnourished he was. My neighbor rescued this little guy and took him to the vet. He had a very high fever, was far too thin, and was infested with ants. It didn’t look good.

I told my neighbor I would foster him until a home could be found. With two other big dogs that are a huge part of my life, and because I had just started a new business, I didn’t think I needed another dog. Shortly after bringing him home though I knew the fostering idea had gone out the window. By his second day with me I had already named him “Rocco.”

A few days after bringing him home, Rocco and I were lucky enough to have a CANIDAE employee come into my place of work. As soon as I found out she worked for CANIDAE, I told her Rocco’s story and the condition he was in. After hearing our story, she told me CANIDAE would give me free food to help bring him back to health and that they had the perfect formula to feed him.

rocco2009-06-22CANIDAE sent me some of their new Grain Free Salmon formula and told me about its benefits. After hearing about all of the healthy ingredients I gladly accepted their offer. I knew it was going to work wonders for poor Rocco.

About a week later I could tell Rocco was looking and feeling better. The second picture shows how he had already started to gain some weight back!

The people at CANIDAE were a huge part of nurturing Rocco back to being the playful lovable dog he was meant to be. I’ve been feeding him the Grain Free Salmon formula, which he can’t get enough of, for almost a month now. In the first week and a half he went from 9 to 14 pounds and he is just about back to the weight the vet says he should be. I am so happy!

rocco2009-06-29The third picture was taken a few days ago. See how great he looks! His energy level has increased, making him the perfect playmate for my Retriever and other Boxer. Rocco and I want to thank the people at CANIDAE for all they have done. They truly care about the well being of your animal and I can’t thank them enough for helping to save my Rocco.

Peggy M.
Norco, CArocco2009-07-13

You can almost watch him grow

2009-07-3037/30/2009 – Here is the newest addition to our Great Dane family. He was born Thursday July 2nd via C-section. His pedigree name is “Ink Spots, in solitary confinement” and his call name will be Warden. Get it? Solitary Confinement? He was the only one in the litter. He was 1 pound 1 oz at birth and this morning he weighed 2 pounds 3 ounces. In one year he will weigh in at 175 to 190 pounds. You can almost watch him grow. Just imaging how much CANIDAE dog food he is going to eat!


John G
Temecula, CA

All my animals are thriving on it

2009-08-198/19/2009 – I went camping and forgot to grab my canned CANIDAE and purchased a grocery store brand to make do and my puppy refused it, my senior threw up every time she ate it. I feel that’s testimony enough of how great your food really is. All my animals are thriving on it and it’s really helped my senior’s skin and coat. The red one is Princess and she is 13. The black one is Moose and he is four months old.

Teresa B
Bluff City, TN

I can feed all my dogs the same food!

8/28/2009 – I wanted to tell you about my little Yorkie Bandit. He was very sick as a baby and had surgery to save his life. The vet had to remove a portion of his intestine. He was put on a special vet formula food as he has a touchy stomach and had bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.

After years of being on vet formulas, I decided to transition him over to another food. I chose CANIDAE as my other dogs were already on it and doing great. Well, Bandit has been on CANIDAE three years now with no problems.

I’m so grateful I can feed all my dogs the same food!

Kathy H.
Evansville, MN

Couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of my CANIDAE Dog Food

2009-08-318/31/2009 – On August 22 I participated in the first annual Paw Walk and float parade and adoption event in Canton, Michigan.  Almost 200 people attended the walk and almost $6,000 was raised for the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV).  I entered my dog, Ohana, in the Best Costume contest with the prize being a one year supply of CANIDAE Dog Food.  We were lucky enough to be chosen as the winner of the contest and were awarded 12 months of food in any formula we wish. I chose CANIDAE All Life Stages. Ohana’s costume was inspired by the Caterpillar character in the movie Alice in Wonderland. It consisted of a mushroom float which I built along with a caterpillar costume that I made.  Ohana sat atop the mushroom float as he rolled down the Paw Walk trail. It was a great joy and honor to be selected as the winner for HSHV Valley Paw Walk Best Costume Contest and I couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of my CANIDAE Dog Food.  I am also very thankful for and proud of Ohana for being so patient and well-mannered while dressed in his Caterpillar attire.

Allison C.

The results after one month spoke for themselves

2009-10-25a10/25/2009 – Monte Carpo de Algonza breeds Afghan Hounds, German Shepherds, Yorkshire Terriers and St. Bernards. We have a good reputation for breeding high quality dogs in Costa Rica, but were struggling to find a high-quality nutritional pet food that satisfied all of our breeds. We tried all the different options on the market without success.

At one point, we were feeding almost each dog a different brand and type of food. When you have a lot of dogs, this solution becomes a difficult chore every day. CANIDAE came to the Costa Rican market and we decided after a lot of study to try it.

2009-10-25bThe results after one month spoke for themselves. The St. Bernards and German Shepherds gained weight and looked beautiful. The Afghan Hounds and Yorkshires now show a shiny healthy coat, and they loved the food. We now feed only two varieties – All Life Stages and Lamb and Rice for the puppies, adults and pregnant bitches. Also, our costs are lower compared to other brands.

Can’t get any better!

Juan C.
Costa Rica

Maverick’s Story: The Upset Tummy

2009-10-3010/30/2009 – My Golden Retriever, Maverick, has had a sensitive stomach since he turned 5. I have tried every kind of dog food on the market. He was on a weight loss formula for the past 2-1/2 years and Maverick was able to tolerate the brand with some supplements. Then the company discontinued the food. I had no idea what to do. My Papillon puppy, Annabelle, was also trying to eat the food, so feeding my two dogs became a hassle every night. Keeping Maverick out of Annabelle’s food was a battle and the nights were filled with chasing Maverick outside to go to the bathroom before it hit my carpet.

A friend who fosters dogs told me about CANIDAE dog food. I looked into it and was unsure if it could really help Maverick, but I gave it a try. I put Maverick on the Grain Free CANIDAE dog food and he gobbled it up! It has worked GREAT! He has been on it for about six months now, and I can now feed both of my dogs the same food.

Maverick has not had to run to the backdoor in the middle of the night and mommy can stay in bed. I appreciate your company for making the Grain Free CANIDAE dog food. I don’t know what I would have done if we hadn’t found your food.

Crystal E
Phoenix, AZ

He Was Offered CANIDAE and Has Done Wonderful Ever Since

2009-12-0111/30/2009 – Stewart was rescued from horrible conditions when he was 8 weeks old. He was living in filthy conditions and not being taken care of. He was found almost lifeless, his gums and tongue were white, he was covered in fleas. When I picked him up cockroaches scattered (they had been eating his hair). I took him straight to my wonderful vet, who removed most of the fleas, instructed me on how to care for him to help build him back-up and wished me luck, advising the next 48 hours would be crucial to his survival. That was 5 years ago!

Once he could eat dog food, he was offered CANIDAE and has done wonderful ever since. He still has some health issues, but nothing that slows him down. We were unable to get CANIDAE temporarily and had to rely on a popular brand of dog food the vet carried. Every one of our 7 dogs ended up with skin and hair issues. Within 2 weeks of being back on CANIDAE they cleared up.

Thank You CANIDAE!
Kim G.

It’s Given Us a Second Chance With Our Beloved Hines

2009-12-0712/7/2009 – This is Hines. He is a 6-year-old Rottweiler. Hines was diagnosed with Diabetes on November 8th, 2008. At that time, he was eating a so called “premium” dog food. He weighed 126 pounds and his blood sugar was 493. Since he also has a sensitive stomach, our vet told us not to change his dog food, we would adjust his insulin accordingly. After several months of blood sugars in the 400 to 500 range and getting 38 units of NPH insulin twice a day, which we were still increasing, I decided I needed to make a change. I needed to get his diabetes under control, not only for his health but for his eyesight. Cataracts are a major complication of Diabetes. It’s not a matter of if they get them, but when. The longer their numbers are over 200, the sooner they will develop cataracts. I spent countless hours researching Canine Diabetes and dog food. I settled on CANIDAE Lamb & Rice, for 2 reasons. The first one was the quality, the second was the price. It’s extremely expensive taking care of a diabetic pet. I’m happy to report that Hines has been on CANIDAE Lamb & Rice since February 21, 2009. His blood sugars are staying steady in the mid 100 range, his weight is great and his coat is beautiful. He used to vomit at least twice a week. Now he very rarely does, and that’s only when he’s bad and gets in the mulch. Unfortunately, his eyes are getting a little cloudy, but I know that we are doing everything that we can to take the best care of him. With the high quality of CANIDAE, I’m able to feed him less than the other foods, and I’ve been able to decrease his insulin to 24 units twice a day, which saves us a lot of money. At his last check up his vet was extremely pleased. I make sure I tell everybody about CANIDAE food, and how it’s given us a second chance with our beloved Hines.

Thank you,
Donna M.

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