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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

She can’t get enough

2008-11-03b11/3/2008 – Hello Becki (CANIDAE Area Sales Manager). While we were talking at the Petapalooza, my husband was talking to the Greyhound Rescue people regarding a Borzoi that had been in rescue for a year. Since we are totally gaga over our other Borzoi, we inquired about this girl and, last Friday, she arrived at our home. She is incredibly skinny and we were told that she is a very picky eater. Well, you will be pleased to know that she may have been a picky eater but, not anymore. We started her on CANIDAE Lamb and Rice (that’s what the other dogs are eating) and she can’t get enough. We cook stew to mix in with the kibble but, she picks through it to get the kibble. We are feeding her lunch to try to beef her up and she even wakes up from her nap for that! So, even though we’re aware of the changes CANIDAE has made of late, thanks for making a product that is good tasting as well as good for them.

Dr. Dave and Janice G. (DVM)

We are going for the Guinness record for the oldest bulldog

2008-11-0511/5/2008 – I wanted to write to you to tell you how appreciative I am that you have continued to provide an excellent product that I feed my dogs. I have been feeding CANIDAE to my 13 year old bulldog for 11 years now and have never had a complaint or issue! Even though he is on the Platinum, he still acts like a 2 year old puppy every day. I have had 3 bullys and this one has outlived the others by 3 years and with 1/100 of the veterinary costs throughout his life! He continues to thrive on the new formula and the snap biscuits. I think we are going for the Guinness record for the oldest bulldog! If only I knew his birthday.

On another note I used to be a small business owner and I think that it is wonderful that you are protecting your retailers and keeping the customers like me coming back month after month. I hope they appreciate it as much as I would have! I cant wait to try the new grain free on my younger ones… seems like another ace in the hole you have created!!!! Thank you again for the excellent product you have!

Mimi C.
Temecula, CA

The Finest Pet Food Out There

2008-11-1411/14/2008 – I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeding my 4 year old Sheltie, Nitro, your wonderful food since he came home at ten weeks old. I’d like to describe some amazing story about his health or such, but I cannot. It is not amazing to me that my puppy is the happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful Sheltie in the world. His coat is silky, his eyes are bright and shiny. It’s because I’ve always fed him CANIDAE. Not amazing. It’s the finest pet food out there in my opinion! Nitro chows! He self-feeds and empties his bowl every couple of days (down to the last morsel if Mom hasn’t been attentive enough to top it off). He loves the stuff and it shows. He is a very solid and active dog. Crazy dog with a happy personality. He is just SO healthy! Thank you for a great product, and I can’t wait to try your new formula! Kudos to Angels With Tails, where I shop!

Patti B.
Fox Lake, IL

Your product has changed the lives of two dogs

2008-11-17a11/17/2008 – My name is MaryBeth and I recently adopted two Labs from Safe Harbor Lab rescue here in Colorado. Their nutritional needs were abundant and CANIDAE was my choice to get them healthy. They both have incredible stories of their life challenges before I adopted them. Cady, my 6 year old female Chocolate Lab, came from a Puppy Mill. She survived living in a crate for 6 years having numerous litters of puppies while being abused by a male handler. Safe Harbor performed a full examination on her with surgery for spaying and multiple tumors removals in her abdomen from being spayed at such an older age. She was also chipped for identification if ever lost. When she entered my life, she didn’t know what grass, birds, water play, balls, toys or all the things a normal dog should know. She was weak with very little muscle tone, which lead to her legs giving out when she tried to walk or run, and a belly that drooped from all her litters. Her hair was falling out and her nails were overgrown with the start of arthritis. Instantly, I fed her CANIDAE and added additional supplements and yogurt to her diet and it wasn’t long before she looked healthier and had a skip in her step. She has a Spirit in her that is just Beautiful.

2008-11-17bAustin, my 5 year old Vanilla Lab, also came from Safe harbor Lab rescue, was abandoned and left to die in a back yard. He had eye problems and was malnourished and also had hair and skin problems. He had sores on his face where a gentle lead had grown into his beautiful face. Safe Harbor Lab rescue had their doctors perform a $3000.00 eye surgery on him as well as neuter him and implant a chip as well. He is the happiest dog I have ever known, despite what he has been through. He is just full of life and loves everyone, especially those who will play ball with him. He is teaching Cady all that a Lab should know but doesn’t because of her unfortunate history. As I did with Cady, I immediately began to give Austin CANIDAE as well and his transformation was a miracle to me.

Your product has changed the lives of two dogs that were desperate for good food in their bodies. I have shared my stories with many others at work, where there are many therapy dogs due to the patients I work with, dog parks and general web sites where I chat with other dog owners. Many people have made the transition to CANIDAE with their pets and are ever so thankful as I am. 

I neglected to mention that I also have two cats that I will be transitioning to FELIDAE Cat food as soon as the store gets it in. So we will a Happy, Healthy CANIDAE family all around. Thank you kindly for what you have done for us.

MaryBeth P.

Not likely to switch my dogs again

12/8/2008 – I am a member of your breeder program. I stopped feeding my wolfhounds CANIDAE this past spring. WHAT AN ERROR THAT WAS! Now I am back on track with CANIDAE and have started buying solely CANIDAE again. I am not likely to switch my dogs again — they are doing great on the All Life Stages and that makes me very happy.

Mel R.
Corbett, OR

My vet is thrilled

2008-12-0912/9/2008 – My name is Lori and I am a volunteer for Florida Boxer Rescue as well as a demo-rep for CANIDAE Pet Foods. Last week I had a couple of posters made to take along with me to a demo. The first poster is of my foster puppies, their mama was surrendered to FLBR and she delivered her 7 puppies 3 days after coming into my home. Because Minnie Me was eating CANIDAE (the vet told me to put her on a high grade puppy food) I started the puppies on it as well when they were old enough to be weaned. My food processor hadn’t been used in 7 years but boy it did a lot of grinding so I could make a soft mush out of my CANIDAE ALS for my pups. The puppy on the bottom is RJ, now Auggie, and is the most gorgeous 80 lb. 1 year old Boxer boy you could ever want to see. I also sent home bags of CANIDAE with the adoptive families along with the other pups.

The second poster is of Ruff, another of my foster dogs. It’s funny because I was showing the poster to someone and they said “so you want me to believe he went from that to that eating CANIDAE?” Again, the vet told me to put him on a high quality puppy food and of course I started Ruff right out on CANIDAE ALS. Ruff was eating 6 times a day (usually 1 cup a feeding) and went from 36 pounds to 46 pounds in one week. Ruff is now a beautiful 65 pound Boxer boy and continues to be fed CANIDAE Dog Food.

So I guess you could say that CANIDAE ALS is for all stages, I have given it to puppies, a pregnant female, an incredibly emaciated Boxer as well as my two Boxers, one of which is 8 years old. I get nothing but compliments on how beautiful Twinkie, my little female Boxer is, and my vet is thrilled at how trim Brutus is at his age. And, let’s not forget that I suggest your food to every family that I adopt one of my foster dogs to.

Hope you enjoy the poster’s and thank you for producing a wonderful dog food.

Lori J.

I have never seen such a healthy, robust litter of babies

2008-12-15a12/15/2008 – We are active Breeders/Exhibitors of Champion Dobermans. We’ve always prided ourselves on the health and quality of our dogs, and have researched many many brands of dry kibble over the years to find what worked best for our dogs. They do not live in kennels or crates… they live in the house with us and are an integral part of our family. As such, they deserve the best we can do for them. They are not, however, fed table scraps and junk food.

Originally we fed another brand… and we were happy with it. Then the company changed the formula without notifying anyone. Many of us who fed that brand, however, began to notice a number of changes in our dogs… their coat quality, their stool consistency, vigor and stamina and other not-so-outstanding differences. Upon being bombarded with complaints and queries, they finally admitted that the food was no longer what it was when we were happy with it. We began the kibble hunt again.

There is a feed store in Longview, Washington… Western World by name. They carry a number of different premium brands of dog food among feed for other large and small animals. During a conversation with the manager, Jody, one day while I was reading label after label – and muttering – she suggested I might try CANIDAE. “Right”, I thought, “here we go again.” I must tell you, I totally expected our dogs to have projectile diarrhea, loss of appetite, and a number of other maladies from once again changing their diets. I bought a small bag and prayed for only a few bad results… and for the dogs not to be too uncomfortable with what I was giving them.

I have to tell you, I was astounded. There were no ill effects – even from an instant change-over… rather, the positive results were visible very quickly. Mostly in the smaller and less frequent stools I was picking up. Within days I saw differences in all the dogs, and they actually ENJOYED the food. Even DRY, which was a mind-boggling leap forward for our kids. I ALWAYS had to doctor dry kibble with something tasty to entice one or two of them to eat all their meals. NOT SO with the CANIDAE ALS… if one little kibble accidentally hit the floor before they got their bowl, all four of them dived for it!

Our show dogs’ coats began to gleam (and it actually even FELT better to the touch), their eyes were bright and shiny, they were actually eating less… and they were totally satisfied. I do add a bit of canned mackerel once a week, as well as raw ground turkey, also some water-pack tuna is a great addition to their kibble for a treat. But they don’t require the additions to enjoy their food… they eat it dry and are happy to do so. Anyone who knows a Doberman, knows that’s just not totally typical. For some yes, but for ours… not even.

The first litter of babies we had after we put the dogs onto CANIDAE was another awakening to be sure. We have always started our babies out on a pablum mixture of baby rice cereal, goat milk and some strained grocery-store baby food lamb. Then we work them slowly into a mash from kibble added to the the pablum. It’s gradually shifted into moist kibble and by 8 weeks they’re usually on kibble and canned. At 3 weeks old, we began this CANIDAE litter with the pablum made from a mixture of pureed moist CANIDAE ALS (NOT puppy, but ALS), goat milk and a bit of pureed raw ground turkey, all blended together into a consistency that was appropriate for the age of the puppies. They dove in like little lions. Within 10 days, the goat milk was eliminated and they were eating strictly the softened CANIDAE mixed with raw ground turkey and warm water. This is the combination they were eating from then till they went to their new homes. We were so in hope the new owners would stick with it, because … well, because it works!

In all the years we have been breeding Dobermans, I have never seen such a healthy, robust litter of babies. Shiny coats, bright eyes, hard bodies, tight feet, and FULL OF ENERGY to spare. At 7 weeks, they were eating dry kibble in the morning and the ALS with raw ground turkey for their evening meal. Exactly what our adult dogs eat. And they were thriving – just like their parents and aunts and uncles were… and still are.

We encourage our puppy owners to keep their babies on the CANIDAE and those who have, swear by it. Hard muscled dogs come from good nutrition, and we have those hard muscled dogs to prove that CANIDAE All Life Stages is the nutrition that we will keep providing for our dogs.

When CANIDAE announced they were changing their formulas, I cringed and began looking around for a substitute in case the new formula didn’t agree with our kids. Just for grins, we tried the Chicken and Rice and the Lamb and Rice… they both disagreed terribly with all the dogs… in a variety of ways. So we went back to what had worked for us for so long… the All Life Stages. The change-over to the updated formulas was practically unnoticeable. And everyone is still thriving.

Thanks CANIDAE… Our older retired show dogs, our moms and dads, our Champions, our current show dogs… AND our babies… will continue to be fed ALS. And they look and feel great!!

Keith & Judy P
SW Washington State

Look at the health of these kids

2009-01-051/5/2009 – First of all I would like to thank you Jim for taking the time on the phone with me. And Diane was so great on the phone. She is a real professional. I was not as pleasant in the beginning having baggage from other companies and difficulties with vouchers. After our conversation I am certain of the commitment CANIDAE has made to both our dogs and its clients. I have been involved in dogs for 60 years. In CANIDAE I have found a wonderful package of excellent food and great customer service. I do as well like the choices within the CANIDAE family. I mainly use the ALS. My coats on my dogs are like silk and it minimizes my Vet bills because of good health. I am trying the beef and the Grain free on some of my crew (we have 18 dogs here) and so far they really like it, even my picky eaters. My dogs are performance dogs and sometimes it is hard to get them to eat enough to keep them looking good but not since CANIDAE came to us 4 years ago. I was worried about the change in your formula but my dogs transitioned well and I appreciate the mailer so I could understand why the change and how it could affect my feeding program. I like the idea of controlling the carb spike especially with the performance dogs. I am enclosing a picture of some of my crew. Look at the health of these kids. Thanks for the great job you do for us out here in the trenches!

Ontario Canada

What a big difference

2009-01-071/8/2009 – Hello Di. We had spoke awhile ago and I had mentioned the problems we had with our 6-1/2 month Golden Retriever, Cody when we got him from a breeder. Then I had told you my story and you wanted me to send this info. Sorry it took so long.

At first Cody wouldn’t let us get to close to him, he was very timid. I took him to the Vet the day after we got him last April and she gave him a seal of approval. But, we started to notice he was still very timid and scratching all the time. It took about 2 weeks before I noticed sores all over his body. We went back to the Vet and she changed his food and that still didn’t help too much. He was also on special baths and antibiotics. We had him have the allergy testing and it seemed he was allergic to a lot of things for such a young pup. Then I started to investigate.

I researched various dog food on the web and decided to go full blown with CANIDAE Chicken and Rice. I started to notice an improvement. Then I read about the new Chicken Meal and Rice formula and tracked that down in my area. What a big difference. Thank you CANIDAE for your wonderful food and dedication to the pet food industry. Please keep up the good work. Enclosed is a picture of Cody at 11 months old.

He now is 16 months old and a true Happy, and Healthy Golden, thanks to CANIDAE.

Thank you again.

Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the great coats

2009-01-09b1/9/2009 – Here is my CANIDAE fed boy at Nationals this year in Las Vegas. All three preshows we took 2nd place. In Puppy Sweeps we also took a 2nd. But Nationals was a third. My Open Red tri bitch took 2 second places and a 1st at the preshows. At Nationals we placed 2nd It was a great week for Woodlake Aussies and CANIDAE.

Thanks for the great coats!

Laurie F.

I just wanted to let you know what a great food you are making

2009-01-101/10/2009 – About 8 or 9 months ago, I had quite a scare with one of my dogs. One evening, she would not get up and walk anywhere – not to go out, eat or drink. I was greatly concerned and rushed her to the vet. Her problem is arthritis – severe arthritis in her hips. One of her biggest problems causing her much pain to walk was her weight. The next day, I went to see Sue, the owner of “Tails of the Adirondacks” in Plattsburgh. She suggested I switch my dog to CANIDAE Platinum dog food. Here we are many months later and I am proud to say that my dog has lost 15 lbs.

She is a Beagle/Australian Shepard mix (Beagle body, Shepard markings). Before starting CANIDAE, she was 56 lbs. Now she goes between 40 and 45 lbs and running like she is a puppy again. She is going to be 11 years old in December and is a complete success story for your dog food. I tell everyone who asks me about your dog food. I just wanted to let you know what a great food you are making and thank you for doing so. Taylor, my dog, is very appreciative as well.

Diane R.

Thank you so much for your commitment to quality food

2009-01-121/12/2009 – Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such an amazing product! I’ve been feeding CANIDAE ALS to my Pembrooke Welsh Corgi, Cooper, and have been amazed at what it’s done for him. I’ll admit that I did switch to another “high quality” brand for about 9 months (Why I did that I’ll never really know; guess I just fell prey to some very clever advertising) and it wasn’t until Cooper’s health deteriorated and clumps of his fur started falling out that I realized I had made a major mistake. I switched back to CANIDAE and got my happy, healthy dog back. Cooper’s fur grew in, his energy came back, his eyes were no longer runny and he lost that “doggy” smell that he acquired with the other brand. I will never again feed my pets anything other than CANIDAE! I tell everyone about your products because I feel so strongly about them. It kills me when I ask other pet owners what they feed their cat or dog and they tell me that it’s a “high quality food” they get at their vet or at a mass retailer. If they only read the ingredients they’d see that it’s mostly corn and fillers! It also costs a lot more than your food!

I was first introduced to your food by my mom whose mixed breed dog was suffering from severely itchy skin. My mom tried a variety of products to treat Penny’s dry skin, but nothing worked — until she found CANIDAE. Almost immediately, Penny’s skin healed. She’s been itch free for 9 years now and has the softest most beautiful coat to boot! When my sister got her black lab, George, she started him on CANIDAE too. I have to say that he has the shiniest coat that I have ever seen on a dog! I know it’s all because of CANIDAE because the rest of his litter and his parents have been raised on regular old store brand food and they don’t have half the muscle tone, energy or beautiful coat that George does!

Thank you so much for your commitment to quality food — keep up the good work!

Kelly B.
Cranford, NJ

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