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He is very healthy and maintains his weight very well

2/26/2010 – 2010-02-26Our yellow Lab, Mac, just turned two years old. We have been feeding him CANIDAE All Life Stages since he was born. Between mealtimes, we give him CANIDAE Snap Biscuits.

I can see that Mac loves the food. He is very healthy and maintains his weight very well which we attribute to CANIDAE and plenty of exercise. We have noticed with this food that his stool is solid and shows no signs of the inconsistency we experienced when feeding our previous Lab the big box store brands.

The products may be a bit more money, but the cost savings from fewer visits to the vet more than offset this.

Thank you,
Jay A
Winfield, Illinois

CANIDAE is the best dog food hands down

 – You guys have awesome dog food and customer service! I have two American Pitbull Terriers that look absolutely amazing. It is definitely in their genetics to look awesome (they are UKC purple ribbon registered) but CANIDAE has helped them reach their potential.

I have a female that will be a grand champion one day. I am looking for a sponsor so I can promote my dogs and show people how awesome a breed these dogs are.

2010-03-02bI want to show everyone American Pit Bulls Terriers aren’t monsters and that CANIDAE is the best dog food hands down!

Tristan S
Yuma, AZ

I am glad I finally found a food Aspen will eat

2010-03-04a3/4/2010 – I finally found a food my puppy will eat, CANIDAE All Life Stages. I would like to try some other formulas of CANIDAE for variety for my dog. Do you know how I can get some free samples of the other CANIDAE Dog Foods?

I am glad I finally found a food Aspen will eat. We tried over 15 different varieties! I even found a dog trainer that made his own kibble, but he wouldn’t eat that either.

2010-03-04bHe came to me at five months on [another brand], first ingredient corn meal, fifth ingredient sugar! UGHH.

Here is my beautiful growing boy! Now he looks great!

Meg S
Glastonbury, CT

Gilmour is 15 years old and has never visited a vet in his lifetime

2010-03-083/8/2010 – I am writing to tell you how much our dog Gilmour (named after hockey player Doug Gilmour) loves CANIDAE All Life Stages dog food. Gilmour is 15 years old and has never visited a vet in his lifetime. He is a very obedient, good-natured dog who is loved by everyone he greets.

We tell everyone about CANIDAE dog food. We feel that CANIDAE dog food is the reason he is a healthy fifteen year old dog today. Mind you, he is getting slower at getting up and down, but he can still run when outdoors. We live on a farm so he has lots of freedom, but has never traveled off our property. We felt we had to contact you about your great product! We will continue to purchase CANIDAE — we hope for many more years for Gilmour. Thank you for taking time to read my message. Regards from Canada!

Margie M
Nova Scotia, Canada

She took to CANIDAE right away and has had a great appetite

2010-03-123/12/2010 – This is Sadie, about a two and half year old rescue. Her bio says she is a mix of Beagle and Jack Russell. We live in upstate New York and she came to us all they way from Arkansas from Paws and Claws rescue by way of pet transport this past June. We were so excited to get her! My 10 year old was especially thrilled to get a new dog and did a lot of research with me and learned all about proper training so he could help.

Sadie has been a great fit for our family. A good friend of mine recommended CANIDAE after Sadie was rejecting the other type of food we started her on. She took to CANIDAE right away and has had a great appetite ever since. I never have to worry about her not eating.

She joins me to go to the store to get her CANIDAE pet food (it is an Agway that allows dogs). She is also helping me improve my health as we walk 30 minutes each day. The photo I am sending in is from her very first hours at her new home. I just love the photo as she seems to be smiling and her heart tag is showing like she too knew that she had found her “forever” home.

Sally C.
New York


Until I found CANIDAE she never ate dry food out of a bowl

2010-03-173/17/2010 – Stinker [pictured] and Daisy are CANIDAE Dogs. Daisy is our 6 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix. We adopted her nearly 6 years ago from our local shelter. Stinker is our hodge podge dog. We found him on the streets a little over a year ago. Stinker had been abused and has been to the vet several times due to a limp in his right front shoulder most likely caused by being hit by a car. This is no lie, within two months of being fed CANIDAE Lamb and Rice formula, the limp is gone. He runs like the wind and hasn’t limped in almost a year. Daisy, like I said, is almost 6 years old. She has the personality of a puppy thanks to CANIDAE. I can really see the difference in her energy level, the amount she sheds, and her overall well-being after being on CANIDAE foods.

I feed the Lamb and Rice formula because Daisy is super finicky. She will not eat anything with beef in it. In fact, until I found CANIDAE she NEVER ate dry food out of a bowl. It always had to be mixed with cheese, broth or wet food. CANIDAE Lamb and Rice is the only food she will eat straight from the bowl.

I’ve been using CANIDAE for over a year now. You guys have a great product and I am proud to support a company that believes in family, fun, pets and overall good health.

Kim C

Thank you so much for making a food that tastes so good

2010-03-23b3/23/2010 – Hello CANIDAE! Two and a half years ago my husband and I adopted a dog from the Friends of Falmouth Dogs in Falmouth, MA (wonderful people!!!!).

We all three fell in love right away. For a while we were feeding him another brand of dog food and he began to gain weight. We’ve had a terrible experience in the past of having to put our baby down because of extra weight — his back legs went out on him. We did not want that to happen to our new dog Colonel Hogan!

2010-03-23aSo, asking the vet and the pet food store they recommended CANIDAE Grain Free so we started him on that supplementing it with green beans and we also give him baby carrots for treats.

He LOVES your food!!! When I buy a new bag I let him help himself only while I pour it into his container. You should see him try to get as much as he can in that few seconds… his cheeks look like a squirrel! It’s so funny!

Thank you so much for making a food that tastes so good and is so good for our baby! Attached are a few pictures of him at dinner time!

Trish A.

Thank you so much for making such great food

2010-03-253/25/2010 – Zander is a 2.5 year old Shiloh Shepherd. Zander is a very special boy. He was born with megaesophagus disorder. Until Zander was about 12 months old he was on a very special blended soft diet. My other 2 Shilohs and mixed breed had been eating CANIDAE for sometime. I decided it was time to see how Zander would do on CANIDAE.

Since CANIDAE has no fillers and no grains, and my other dogs were doing so well on this food I switched Zander over to it. He still eats his food from a raised postions and his food is still soaked. So 1.5 years later Zander is thriving. He has a beautiful coat and perfect weight. He has been in SAR training for 9 months. We were previously training independently. And we are hoping to join the Butler County K-9 SAR in the late spring. He is also near completion of his Rarities, NKC and NSBR, and Breed Championships. I have two other Shilohs TD bCH, SSS CJ’s Thor of Thunder Shilohs CGC, TTI, NKC, CB, EH3 & EW2 aka Thor, and NS TD bCH Kiah Looking Towards The Horizon CGC, TDI, TTI, EH3 & EW2 aka Kiah that have been eating CANIDAE most of their showing careers. No doubt CANIDAE has contributed to their health and beautiful coats.

Kathy T.,

Misty and Buster Brown are healthy, energetic, and ready for our daily adventures

2010-04-014/1/2010 – Our Weimaraner has digestive issues and it was a struggle to find a dog food that she could tolerate — CANIDAE to the rescue! We travel throughout the states and are pleased to be able to locate stores that sell the product, through your website.

Misty (female Weimaraner) and Buster Brown (male German Shepherd) are healthy, energetic, and ready for our daily adventures in the woods – thanks in large part to CANIDAE. Their coats shine and their eyes sparkle!

Angie M.

We love CANIDAE and have since 1999

2010-04-054/5/2010 – Here’s one of our babies!  We love CANIDAE and have since 1999. Now we feed the Grain Free ALS and all three breeds look fantastic.

This is Moose aka BlackStars’ The Ice Man. He’s our pride and joy and my daughter’s best friend. The temperament of the Bernese is amazing and he has some big paws to fill as his mother lives here too along with several aunts, uncles, and cousins. Moose was an only-pup litter and has been our “little bear” ever since!

I took this photo myself and it’s my all-time favorite.

Thank you again!
Lisa H

CANIDAE Platinum keeps her spiffy and helps keep her weight down

2010-04-064/6/2010 – What can I say but that they’re really healthy and happy? Ghost — the white one, obviously — is allergic to everything under the sun but CANIDAE Lamb and Rice mixed half and half with CANIDAE Platinum keeps her spiffy and helps keep her weight down.

She’d eat everything under the sun and end up chubby, but the CANIDAE mix and some joint supplements have this hip dysplasia-afflicted dog, who once yelped every time she took a step heading upstairs, jumping OVER Goblin’s back at feeding time — and he’s three inches taller than her!

Yvonne O.
Sierra Vista, AZ

She runs right to her bowl and goes to town

2010-04-134/13/2010 – This is Tundra our 9 year old female who has a little bit of every breed in her I think. She is one of the best dogs a family could ask for! We were so glad to find CANIDAE food because she is a very picky eater and would not eat any type of dog food for long periods of time.

Once we found CANIDAE she eats a good full bowl of food a day and is very happy with it. She doesn’t put her nose up in the air when I give it to her. She runs right to her bowl and goes to town eating her dinner. So thanks for the awesome dog food!!

Elizabeth A.
Hillman, MI

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