Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Duke is fit and trim and full of energy!

1025091544_01Duke has been with us since he was 9 weeks old. Today is his 16 month birthday. We received him from a breeder in Clinton, NY called Eli-Brook Breeders. Duke is as playful as he is good looking. I really am sincere when I say he does not have a mean bone in his 80 lb. body. Duke’s favorite games are retrieving softballs, Frisbees and various hunting toys. Although I do not hunt, I’ve been told his large paws, strong shoulders and soft mouth would make him an ideal hunting partner. Our 14 year old son and 13 year old daughter really enjoy him and are developing life long memories with him each and every day! Between your healthy food and the lake, Duke is fit and trim and full of energy!

Mark W., Auburn, NY

Myloh is now a happy healthy dog

1/25/2010 – 2010-01-25After a stay with a local animal rescue organization, Myloh joined our family in February of last year. The first few months, she continued to eat the store brand dog food that the rescue had been feeding her. Her shedding and digestive problems, however, were very unpleasant and very uncomfortable for her. After doing research on dog food brands, we switched to CANIDAE and the result has been amazing! Myloh is now a happy healthy dog with little shedding and no traces of her previous digestive problems.

Thanks, CANIDAE!
Shannon C.

Today he is doing very well, and loves his CANIDAE dog food

2010-01-28This is a picture of Neko, our CANIDAE dog. He is going to be 12 years old in August and in response to food allergies has been on CANIDAE Lamb and Rice for four years. Last Spring he came down with leg cancer and, as you can see, had his right front leg removed. Today he is doing very well, and loves his CANIDAE dog food.

Neko was adopted as a puppy from the Animal Shelter in Jackson, Michigan in October of 1998. He is officially listed on his dog license application as “Rottweiler Mix.” (I would surmise Rottweiler, Doberman, and Lab.). He weighs 80 pounds. He is always on a line. He does not roam free. He liked to go for walks, (primarily before he lost his leg), but still loves to go for rides in the conversion van, and as the picture depicts, loves to go rafting in the Summer. He is in remarkably good shape and continues to be, even though the average dog now has a leg up on him. It was because he was in such good shape that the veterinarian felt he was a candidate for the surgery last Spring that saved his life.

John L.
Jackson, MI

It’s because of the good food that I have some of the best looking Danes I have ever seen

2010-01-29I am so glad that we put our dogs back on CANIDAE. They were originally on CANIDAE and I switched them to [another brand] and they were so gassy. With help from my local pet food store, Canine Creek Dog Wash & Pet Boutique in Tehachapi, CA, I was able to make the decision to try a food that was grain-free and I went with CANIDAE All Life Stages and I am so happy with it! I could not imagine feeding my dogs a low quality dog food. It’s because of the good food that I have some of the best looking Danes I have ever seen and that is thanks to CANIDAE All Life Stages and Canine Creek! All I can say is thank you thank you thank you!!! I have recommended Canine Creek and CANIDAE to so many of my friends and family and even people that stop me on the street and ask me what I feed my dogs and where they can get it. I have attached a photo of Daphne and Stetson for you. I am a very happy customer! 🙂

Lindsey H.
Tehachapi, CA

He will be a CANIDAE fueled dog from the start

2/1/2010 – 2010-02-01I recently read the Dummies Guide To Dog Food Labels and am extremely upset about the ingredients found in my current dog food. I am a competition hunter and my dogs hunt on a professional level. Therefore, my dogs need above average dog food to perform at their best potential.

Here is a picture of my newest member, he is three weeks old and his full color has not come out yet. I plan to feed him 100% CANIDAE throughout his life. He will be the World Champion UKC-PKC Hound!

I will send more pictures of his progress and achievements as we go. My other dogs are accomplished winners, but he will be a CANIDAE fueled dog from the start!

Thanks Again,
Jay B

I went to the CANIDAE Lamb & Rice — what a great food

2010-02-03I just wanted to let you know the CANIDAE Lamb & Rice dog food is great! I was giving [another brand of] dog food and decided to try a less expensive food to save on money, but one still within the lamb food family. Well, one bag of the other food and my Corgi Zeta was losing hair. The hair also changed color to a lighter red and seemed to dry out. So I went to the CANIDAE Lamb & Rice — what a great food. Within two weeks she stopped shedding, the color came back and her hair feels like you put conditioner on it. I would recommend this food to everyone.

Tehachapi, CA

They have beautiful coats and are always up for runs and for fun

Attached is a photo from our family’s vacation at the Hyatt Newporter — a pet friendly hotel in Newport Beach, California. Our family maintains active and healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise. Why would we do anything less for our precious pups? Our Pekinese, Lucy (pictured left) is a 3 year old puppy with TONS of energy. Our 6 year old Shih Tzu, Chief, is as healthy and happy as the day he was came home with us. Both pups have been raised on your products and enjoy active and healthy lives along with their VERY busy 6 year old human brother, Cort (pictured). They have beautiful coats and are always up for runs and for fun.

Thank you CANIDAE for making a healthy, wholesome and delicious staple to our pups’ diet. Our dogs enjoy every variety of the dry and are treated to the wet foods from time to time! Dogma is our home store where the staff/owners are fabulous with advice, treats, and samples; however, Laguna Feed really got us started many years ago with samples.

We have lots of great photos, but while the dogs are the obvious fans — our family wouldn’t be the same without our healthy, happy dogs… so CANIDAE makes for a happy family overall!

Blessings & Peace be with CANIDAE!
Anne, Deron, Cort, Lucy Lovebug, & the Chief

I have found my favorite, CANIDAE

2010-02-22I’m Buffy, and my adoptive humans are Laura and Jason. Laura and Jason moved into a condo and started looking for a dog to share their home and love with. They searched shelters online until they found where I was staying and came for a visit. Jason instantly found my face among the other dogs and told the volunteers they wanted to see Buffy. I had been through this before over the 9 months I lived in the shelter, people come, they look and leave with a younger dog. I must have made an impression with my good looks and personality because the following day Jason came to pick me up and take me home. My life has changed a lot since my adoption two years ago, I’ve made some furry friends (both cats and dogs), played in the snow, tried swimming, learned some tricks and tried quite a few brands of dog food. I think my humans and I have found my favorite, CANIDAE, recommended from a knowledgeable friend. You know those dog food commercials that say their food will add two years to a dog’s life? Well Jason says I’m going to live forever because my food is so much better.

Woof Woof,

He is very healthy and maintains his weight very well

2/26/2010 – 2010-02-26Our yellow Lab, Mac, just turned two years old. We have been feeding him CANIDAE All Life Stages since he was born. Between mealtimes, we give him CANIDAE Snap Biscuits.

I can see that Mac loves the food. He is very healthy and maintains his weight very well which we attribute to CANIDAE and plenty of exercise. We have noticed with this food that his stool is solid and shows no signs of the inconsistency we experienced when feeding our previous Lab the big box store brands.

The products may be a bit more money, but the cost savings from fewer visits to the vet more than offset this.

Thank you,
Jay A
Winfield, Illinois

CANIDAE is the best dog food hands down

 – You guys have awesome dog food and customer service! I have two American Pitbull Terriers that look absolutely amazing. It is definitely in their genetics to look awesome (they are UKC purple ribbon registered) but CANIDAE has helped them reach their potential.

I have a female that will be a grand champion one day. I am looking for a sponsor so I can promote my dogs and show people how awesome a breed these dogs are.

2010-03-02bI want to show everyone American Pit Bulls Terriers aren’t monsters and that CANIDAE is the best dog food hands down!

Tristan S
Yuma, AZ

I am glad I finally found a food Aspen will eat

2010-03-04a3/4/2010 – I finally found a food my puppy will eat, CANIDAE All Life Stages. I would like to try some other formulas of CANIDAE for variety for my dog. Do you know how I can get some free samples of the other CANIDAE Dog Foods?

I am glad I finally found a food Aspen will eat. We tried over 15 different varieties! I even found a dog trainer that made his own kibble, but he wouldn’t eat that either.

2010-03-04bHe came to me at five months on [another brand], first ingredient corn meal, fifth ingredient sugar! UGHH.

Here is my beautiful growing boy! Now he looks great!

Meg S
Glastonbury, CT

Gilmour is 15 years old and has never visited a vet in his lifetime

2010-03-083/8/2010 – I am writing to tell you how much our dog Gilmour (named after hockey player Doug Gilmour) loves CANIDAE All Life Stages dog food. Gilmour is 15 years old and has never visited a vet in his lifetime. He is a very obedient, good-natured dog who is loved by everyone he greets.

We tell everyone about CANIDAE dog food. We feel that CANIDAE dog food is the reason he is a healthy fifteen year old dog today. Mind you, he is getting slower at getting up and down, but he can still run when outdoors. We live on a farm so he has lots of freedom, but has never traveled off our property. We felt we had to contact you about your great product! We will continue to purchase CANIDAE — we hope for many more years for Gilmour. Thank you for taking time to read my message. Regards from Canada!

Margie M
Nova Scotia, Canada

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