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Testimonials From Your Dogs!

We always tell our students about CANIDAE

2009-01-151/15/2009 – I am trying to get my vets here in Vicksburg to contact a local distributor for wholesale information to start selling CANIDAE here at my animal clinic. I am trying to get through to them that what they are selling now has corn gluten meal in it and is not suitable foods for them to sell and it is over priced.

We always tell our students about CANIDAE Dog Food in our obedience classes and explain the problems with corn and wheat gluten meal and the necessity of looking at the first five ingredients listed on pet foods. We also explain what chicken by-products can contain, which grosses them out! I would like very much to have brochures from CANIDAE to pass out at my classes if that is possible.

I have been using CANIDAE All Life Styles since 2002. I have five large dogs: 2 rottweilers, 1 doberman, 1 otterhound and 1 Benji “mutt” dog. I have attached a photo (excuse my hand on her tail since I didn’t phase it out) of my multiple group winning otterhound, CH: Belle River Dixieland Jazz, better known as “Jazzy”. She had just won 2 five point majors, Best in Sweepstakes, Winner’s Bitch and Best of Winners to finish her Championship at 17 months of age. I thought she might brighten your day.

Betty S.
Vicksburg, MS

CANIDAE has made an impressive, nutritious dog food

2009-01-161/16/2009 – Just want to let you know. This is the 3rd, 35 lb bag of CANIDAE, All Life Stage Formula, Dry Dog Food I’ve purchased for my two adult male Labs, Coco and Shadow. The dogs love it. Overall, CANIDAE has made an impressive, nutritious dog food and I was convinced to try it for my two dogs.

Thank you for keeping your prices ‘ in check ‘ competitively. With two large breed dogs it gets quite expensive to feed them. Your 35 lb bag, remains about 7 dollars cheaper than many other brands. The ‘ better ‘ dog foods. I won’t compromise on quality of dog food. I realize it’s extremely important to feed my dogs Good Healthy food. However, the extra savings in purchasing CANIDAE over the other leading brand, is a big help.

Thank You again for making such a Great Nutritious Dog Food. I have convinced two of my close friends which have large breeds… Golden Retriever and Husky to feed their dogs CANIDAE All Life Stages… just recently. Both dogs suffer from skin/allergy conditions and both dogs were eating another brand. It’s a real shame that so many vets promote horrible dog food.

Keep up the Good Work and know, not only are consumers purchasing your product, but there are those of us who really Appreciate what you are doing for our canine extended family members.

Nancy N

I really believe in this food; Rex is my living proof

 – I have three large dogs. Ages 12 years old, 5 years old and my baby is a white German/wolf Shepard dog (3 years old). His name is REX. Rex is a special dog, he has allergies and had suffered from seizures. (Knock on wood Rex has not had a seizure for 1 year now). Rex has been on CANIDAE for 1 1/2 years know. I find CANIDAE the best food for him. Before when he wasn’t on this great food he was getting diarrhea from the other brand(s) I had been feeding him. As of today Rex is doing great. I really believe in this food; Rex is my living proof. No more diarrhea, his coat is nice and shiny, sheds less and even his teeth are pearly white. I recommend this food 100%. I know Rex and our other 2 dogs will have less vet visits and live a longer happier healthier life. Thank you CANIDAE for coming out with this Superior Quality food. I would recommend this for all dogs and cats.

Judy C

We recommend CANIDAE to all the new owners

2009-01-281/28/2009 – This is Emiko, our 10 week old shiba inu. She loves her CANIDAE. She climbed 3 feet off the floor and sat down in a flower pot. She was telling me she was ready for her breakfast! When we got Little Emiko and her sister Kuma they both looked like little balloons. Their bellies were so bloated. It didn’t take more than a week for them to slim down and just look plump and healthy. We breed Shiba Inu’s and we recommend CANIDAE to all the new owners. It is a high quality dog food and available in all area’s. I print info off your website and include it in our puppy paks. I noticed pamphlets when I was buying their food the other day. How could I go about getting some?


I consider that CANIDAE played a major part in his living so long

 – Krieger is an ‘easy keeper’; a dog who gains weight on very little food. Kriegs is a dog I got from the brother of a friend and I wasn’t aware of how quickly he gained weight. He was ‘portly’ at the time I got him and ended up ‘I-can’t-believe-it!’ in very short order. I don’t know what food he was on but I only feed CANIDAE so I put him on a diet with confidence, knowing that he was getting absolutely everything he needed nutritionally.

Reborn was a Bouvier who was rescued from a horrible situation which included having had a puppyhood of low quality, substandard food. At 15 months old, he had rickets and was terribly underweight. He was also an emotional wreck.

As soon as CANIDAE came on the market, I switched from another premium brand and have never been sorry. Reebie died at the age of 11 and I consider that CANIDAE played a major part in his living so long, considering his terrible nutritional beginning. Here are some pics of the ‘CANIDAE’ Reborn.


They eat every bite, every day!

2009-02-092/9/2009 – Here is a picture of my 5 Queensland Heelers, who are not photogenic! Their ages are 16, 3 are 9 and one is 10. I have had them on CANIDAE PLATINUM for over 2 years. They are doing very well on it with nice healthy coats, healthy stools and in general, over all good health, including the 16 yr old. They eat every bite, every day. I highly recommend this product to anyone owning dogs and feel the company is trustworthy and they stand behind their product 100%. Keep up the good work, CANIDAE!

Lynne W
Morongo Valley, CA

All my breeds can’t wait for feeding time to get their CANIDAE!

 – As owner/trainer of Rocket’s K-9 Comets Frisbee Dog Stars and the FIDO 500 Mini Dog Races… I have been feeding various dog foods to
my teams for over 30 years. My teams of dogs include such a variety of sizes and breeds from Pointers, Labs, Australian Cattle Dogs, Catahoula Leopard Dogs and Chesapeake Bay retrievers in my Frisbee show; to Pugs, Beagles, Chihuahuas, Cairn terriers and Chinese Cresteds in my Mini Dog Races.

For the last 10 years, since 1999, I have had the honor and privilege to feed ALL of my dogs CANIDAE dog food exclusively. By feeding all the different breeds the same dog food, it allows me to see the incredible nutrition that CANIDAE offers the complete spectrum of canines. From the hard working Cattle dogs and Labs, to the little finicky Pugs and Chihuahuas there is nothing better for vitality, coat and overall wellness that I have found.

2009-02-17bThe palatability is amazing as all my breeds can’t wait for feeding time to get their CANIDAE! With the final customization of being able to pick out a certain type of CANIDAE dog food such as Lamb, Fish, the All Life Stages food or the Senior formula to fit each dogs preference; the quality remains superb at all levels. It is all the finest quality I have seen in 30 years of dog training!

I don’t just recommend, but will promise, that anyone who owns any breed of dog; you will get the optimum wellness, vitality and beautiful coat that you have always been looking for by feeding CANIDAE dog food to your pet or working dog. The results for me stand alone. After so many years of trying to “get it right” on picking the best food for my wonderful dogs, the choices and quality of CANIDAE dog food has left me looking no more.

For me and all my dogs, it’s CANIDAE, everyday, for health, nutrition and vitality!

Rocket Hoskins

Reformulated products are still terrific

2009-02-232/19/2009 – I think your reformulated products are still terrific. My own experience was with my Basset Hound, who was being fed another premium brand and vomiting every day. I switched him to CANIDAE Lamb and Rice and no more vomiting. He also loves it. I recently added the Snap Biscuits.


Maggie and Layla

2009-02-272/27/2009 – Maggie and Layla are CANIDAE All Life Stages eaters. Do you ever have coupons for your dog food, or samples? If you do would you please send some to me? Times are tough and I don’t want to have to switch food on my two dogs. Thanks for you help.


You’ve given us hope that we will have him for many more years

2009-03-02a3/2/2009 – I’m writing this letter because of how impressed I am with CANIDAE Lamb & Rice dog food. We have a Rottweiler, who will be 6-years-old on May 16th, and was diagnosed with Diabetes on November 8, 2008.

We had always fed him a name brand food. When he was first diagnosed, I was told not to change his food, that I should adjust his insulin to his food. I went home and looked at the ingredients in his food. The first 2 ingredients were ground whole grain corn and chicken by-product meal. I am very familiar with diabetes, so I knew that a food that was primarily corn was definitely not something I wanted to feed any dog, let alone a diabetic one. Plus, what the heck is “chicken by-product meal”? That’s when I hit the web trying to find a dog food that was free of corn and by-products. I also realized just how expensive some of these quality foods were. Hines went from a dog that had only eaten one brand of dog food his entire life, to eating 3 different brands in 4 months, none of which helped his blood sugar. My last two choices were CANIDAE and one other premium brand.

I finally decided to give the CANIDAE Lamb & Rice a try. Before I made the switch I was giving him 38 units of NPH insulin twice a day, and his blood sugars were still running in the 300 to 400 range. He was lethargic, drank obsessively, needed to go out constantly, throwing up occasionally, had TERRIBLE gas, and we were all down right miserable. He started the CANIDAE on a Friday night. On Sunday night my husband noticed he was acting very erratic. He checked his sugar and it was 50. I decided that I had better decrease his insulin because it was obvious this food was decreasing his blood sugars. Monday morning I decreased his insulin from 35 units to 30 units. Monday night, he had another hypo incident. As scary as the hypos were, I was starting to get excited that maybe I had finally found the right food. I knew your food was a quality food, but I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference that quickly. Tuesday morning, I decreased his insulin yet again, from 30 to 28 units. That evening he was only at 143. I was a little nervous that the 143 might still be a little too low, so I decreased him once again, all the way down to 20 units. He has been on 20 units twice a day for 3 days now, and his sugars are averaging 261. I realize that I still need to tweak his dosage for optimum numbers, but I now feel that we may finally get him under control. We are actually saving money with this food. One vial of insulin should last us almost twice as long as before, plus with the higher kcals, he’s eating less and feeling more satisfied.

The other day we were in a pet store. I was browsing the treats when a woman asked if I needed any help. I said that I was just looking over the treats but that my dog was a diabetic and I had to be careful what I gave him. She asked what I was feeding him and I proudly said “CANIDAE Lamb & Rice”. She told me that was a good choice because it is a quality dog food. It turns out she was a rep for another pet food company. Needless to say, that made me feel even better about my choice when a competitor gives a compliment about their competition.

We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing such a quality food at a great price. Hines is such a big part of our family, and we were devastated when he was diagnosed.  You’ve given us hope that we will have him for many more years. I will definitely recommend your food to others. In fact, I already have.

Donna, Al, & Hines

The mood and ability of my animals markedly improved

 – I began working with sled dogs at the age of 6 after going for a run with a family friend. Now 17, I am a high school senior in my final year and manage Cottonwood Kennels, a small racing/recreational operation of 11 huskies. My dogs currently range in age from 9 to just yearlings. Because I enjoy working with my dogs as individuals and appreciate the skills that older dogs obtain, I have never gotten into the breeding end of sled dogs. The majority of my animals come from larger kennels that may not have the manpower to utilize each dog’s potential, or they enter our yard with physical issues or personality “quirks”. Every year as our season begins, the dogs begin to settle down and develop into a cohesive unit, which I feel both honored and humbled to observe.

Rubie is now running and playing like a puppy

rubiebefore4/7/2009 – It was November 18, 2006 when Rubie stepped on the scale at Glenwood Vet Clinic in Glenwood, Iowa and had climbed to 105 pounds. Rubie should weigh anywhere from 65-70 pounds. Rubie is a medium sized mix breed dog (chow/lab mix) that we believe was dumped after Christmas 1998 as a puppy. We think she was about four months old, so we designated November 1st to be Rubie’s birthday.

When Rubie joined our household we had two other dogs and free feeding seemed to work out good us. Then in November 1999 we moved and I took over the reigns of running a boarding kennel. Two years later we had to move again. We left the kennel and then moved just outside of Malvern, Iowa in the country. When we left the kennel, we left with four more dogs, totaling seven. We still continued to free feed for quite some time and that is when Rubie really started to climb the scale. I always joked about wanting to blame my older brother for Rubie’s weight gain. When he stayed with us for a time I would come home and catch him feeding Rubie a sandwich, a whole sandwich. I would ask him what he was doing and he replied “she is hungry.” I replied, “I bet she is,” only to find out that my brother seemed to think that Rubie needed a sandwich every time he had one. When people would come over to visit they would comment on how heavy she was and it broke my heart. When Rubie got to the point where she could hardly reach around to clean herself and struggled walking up stairs or just stand up I knew I had to take control. In November 2006 she topped the scale at 105 pounds. Rubie has arthritis and her weight was a serious problem.

rubieafterThe veterinarian at Glenwood Vet Clinic put Rubie on a prescription diet. I had to stop free feeding and switch to feeding twice a day. This was the beginning of my taking control of my dogs’ lives. We returned to the vet clinic in December 2006 and she weighed in at 102.6 pounds. I was really hoping to see better results, but it had only been a short time on this new diet and eating schedule. I continued to feed the prescription diet but Rubie was not responding to it very well. She knew the other dogs were eating something else and if I didn’t keep a close eye on her she would bully her way into someone else’s bowl. By February 2007 Rubie weighed in at 97.8 pounds and then again in August her weight was 96.6 pounds. This was a total of 8.4 pounds lost but I felt I needed to change something. I needed to find a high quality food that I could feed all of my dogs. I contacted Tracy at Paw Prints in Glenwood to help me research different foods and what would work best for not just Rubie but all of my dogs. I wanted a food that not only would help in promoting good health, but a food that they would all like. I decided to try CANIDAE Platinum.

In addition to changing Rubie’s diet I had to get over my denial thinking that I was starving her by cutting down her food portion. After consulting with the vet, I switched all of my dogs’ food to CANIDAE Platinum and I cut Rubie’s portion down to one cup in the AM and one cup for the PM feeding. To get over some of my guilt thinking I was starving her I would add some green beans as a filler from time to time. She thought it was great and I think she felt like she was getting something special. Rubie has quite the personality and she has a lot to say when it comes to feeding time.

I continued the CANIDAE Platinum diet and her weight started to drop. Rubie’s energy level started to increase and you could just tell she was feeling better and getting healthier. I was actually starting to see her hips. At one point Rubie was so heavy that you could have used her back as a self. Not only have I noticed the weight starting to drop but her skin and coat improved too.

Rubie and I went into the Glenwood Vet Clinic on October 3, 2008 and she stepped on the scale. Rubie weighed in at 71 pounds, which is a 34 pound weight loss. The veterinarian and I were amazed and just downright excited. The vet praised me and gave me a pat the back and said it was my efforts that made the difference. Rubie and I returned on January 17, 2009 and she weighed in at 67.2 pounds for a grand total of 37.8 pounds gone!

Rubie is now running and playing like a puppy. She climbs steps with ease. She bats her ball around the yard like a soccer player. Everything about her overall health has improved drastically. Rubie turned ten on November 1, 2008 and I believe that due to the weight loss she has gained years of her life back. This has also helped all of my dogs manage their weight. I have control now.

The veterinarian finally said the words I wanted to here for a long time. It’s time to level her off, she is at a perfect weight now.

I just have to say to all of you out there that think you are depriving your family’s pets, because you think you are starving them, GET OVER IT. I did, and it paid off big. I believe with the help from the Vet, the Vet Clinic, Paw Prints, CANIDAE Platinum and just thinking about what was in Rubie’s best interest, this was truly our key to success! We as pet owners really need to take a better look at what we are feeding our animals and whether we are doing what is in their best interest.

Rubie is truly a success story for our family and we wanted to share our story with you.

Shari M. & Rubie
Malvern, Iowa

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