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Cali’s skin disorder has disappeared

2010-07-19Blue 7/19/2010 – While doing some research online for the best puppy food, I read some pleasant reviews about CANIDAE All Life Stages. I have a 15 week old male Pitbull named “Blue,” and a 17 week old female Pitbull named “Cali.” I have had them on CANIDAE All Life Stages for the past 6 weeks and the results are amazing! Blue weighed in at a solid 35 lbs at 15 weeks, gaining 14 lbs in 30 days.

Cali had many scaly bumps on her head that looked like pimples when I brought her in.

2010-07-19CaliThe previous owner had her on some cheap puppy food you can find at the local grocery store. After being on CANIDAE All Life Stages for the past 6 weeks, Cali’s skin disorder has disappeared, and her skin looks incredible! Everywhere I go, people compliment me on how beautiful their coats are. I’m pleasantly impressed with the quality of CANIDAE All Life Stages for my high energy puppies! My puppies only get the best!

Steve D.
Laguna Niguel, CA

CANIDAE eliminated EVERY skin problem he ever had

2010-07-31a7/31/2010 – Just wanted to let you know that we have been serving our dogs CANIDAE dry food for almost two years now. We adopted a second shelter dog and the rescuer (who owns a pet store) said the new dog ate CANIDAE. So, we served it to the new dog, and to our other dog too. They both love it.

2010-07-31bOur older dog had chronic skin problems. We’d taken him to the vet who did expensive skin tests and told us the dog was allergic to just about everything that you can find in most dog foods, so we were feeding him a prescription food (at very high expense).

CANIDAE eliminated EVERY skin problem he ever had. Both of their coats are beautiful, no itching or anything. Wonderful stuff. Kiwi is the reddish dog, Kobe the white/gray one. Kobe is the one whose skin condition improved 1000% because of your food.

Rebecca M.
Los Angeles, CA

Healthy today… because of CANIDAE

2010-08-028/2/2010 – I’d like to share with your company my experience and feelings providing my dogs with CANIDAE. They are sitting on a very special metal bench that surprisingly appeared last year in a beautiful nature park a block from my home. I recognized it as the unique bench my late wife Maggie and I donated to her church 6 years ago but understand it was removed because it got too hot in the sun.

Bobbie, 12, Milten, 13, and Abigale, 11 were weened on CANIDAE. They do not know of any other dog food. They have had no notable health issues, are very happy, and seem to be aging well. I cannot say the same thing regarding my past dogs fed other well known brands prior my introduction to CANIDAE. I’m very grateful to have had CANIDAE shared with me while attending a dog show near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena near where I live.

I believe so strongly in CANIDAE, I started to promote it whenever I saw a dog being walked etc. Then one day, after my reading an article in Whole Dog Journal listing CANIDAE as one of the top 10 recommended dog foods, and seeing my dog’s excellent results, I felt an obligation to ‘pay it forward’ to other dog owners. I committed to help the Pasadena Humane Society get past their revolving objections (other pet food manufactures and shelf space issues etc.) to stock it. It’s a joy hearing it has become a big seller and helps raise money for the PH Society. It’s calming to see my dogs so healthy and happy.

“Healthy today… because of CANIDAE” Thank you CANIDAE for being more than a commercial pet food manufacturer. Yours is a true example of a well-balanced company and its fine stewardship.

Curt H.
Pasadena, CA

They’ve been doing great on the food

2010-08-098/9/2010 – I wanted you to know how much your help is appreciated by myself and the pups as well! Boston’s are awesome doggies – they are so entertaining!! They are big dogs trapped in a small body. My guy, Cash, after Johnny Cash (he is my ‘man in black’) loves to do anything a larger dog would… but he even does it better. He fetches, swims, runs, hikes and play rough. Akayla, the chow-pit mix is a good little girl. She will be 9 this September. Both her knees have metal plates in ’em because she tore her ACL on them both. The first surgery I had done at WSU (Washington State University) and wow, what an amazing veterinarian program they have. The second one was done about 3 years later at a vet in western Washington.
They’ve been doing great on the food for the past 3 years. Akayla, even with her 2 knee surgeries, continues to run, hike, swim and play. I know both my dogs’ healthy hair, skin, teeth and their ability to stay active in their older years is highly attributable to their CANIDAE meals.

Tammy N.

Both started on CANIDAE 8 years ago

2010-08-31a8/31/2010 – I have been feeding my greyhounds CANIDAE for 8 years now and they are doing well. My oldest dog, Carol [the brindle pictured upper right], is 15 years and 7 months old. I believe their longevity is due to the good food I feed them.

2010-08-31bJosey [pictured left] is 13 years old and Bosque [pictured right bottom] is a baby at 4. Both Carol and Josey raced until 5 years of age. Both started on CANIDAE 8 years ago. I adopted Carol right off the track. Josey was in a foster home before I adopted her.

2010-08-31cAt their elderly age both still enjoy short walks and playing with toys. They both enjoy eating any treats I give to them.

Bosque only ran 8 races then was taken off the track. He was very scared at the beginning, but after a foster home and then my home he has calmed down. He will eat anything he can get, enjoys his toys and loves to walk. Bosque is a blood donor with Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank in Maryland.

Thanks for such a great dog food!

Roberta D.
Baltimore, MD

She acts like a puppy again!

2010-09-09b9/9/2010 – I have three large breed dogs, a bullmastiff, chocolate lab and a bulldog mix. As an animal control officer, we talk about our pets, what we feed them and which products we use. One of our officers told me about CANIDAE, and how much healthier his allergy-prone pitbull was since being on your All Life Stages formula. I was having issues with my lab being overweight and having itchy, smelly, scaly skin problems. She weighted in at 98 pounds, which was not good for her joints or heart health.

2010-09-09aIn the winter of 2008 I decided to give CANIDAE a try and noticed right away all my dogs loved it, and it was easy to have them all on the same food from puppy to senior. Within a month my lab had dropped weight and her coat and skin looked great. After 3 months she was down to a healthy 75 pounds, and still maintains that girlish figure at 8 years old. She acts like a puppy again! Thanks for providing such a great product I can feel proud to feed my dogs. I suggest it every opportunity I get!
Kelly C.
Tallahassee FL

We constantly get compliments on how shiny her coat is

2010-09-179/17/10 – I am writing to let you know that we really enjoy using CANIDAE. Our two year old lab mix has thrived since we started it on her first birthday, and we constantly get compliments on how shiny her coat is and how “healthy” she looks. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Dixie is a beautiful and sweet girl, and a good spokesdog for CANIDAE and rescues! We buy CANIDAE from a great local store here in Raleigh called Unleashed.

Linda B.
Raleigh, NC

She just can’t wait for it to be opened

2010-09-209/20/10 – Sirah is a 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. Her breeder recommended CANIDAE and every time we purchase a new bag this is what happens.

She is a sweetheart but you would almost think she was starving to death. It has become a big joke in our family when we purchase a new bag of food. She just can’t wait for it to be opened.

Stephanie B.

He loves it and his problems are now gone

2010-09-219/21/10 – I’m sending you pics of Harley… He’s a race dog!

Harley is a Weimaraner and is 7 years old. We have wanted to try CANIDAE for some time now, but I could never find a store that stocked your product in Utah…. I finally found a pet store 30 miles from our home that sells CANIDAE. Harley has had a fidgety digestive system. I’ve tried 4 times changing his dog food throughout his years to find a food that suits him – all top quality foods bought through vets. When I put him on CANIDAE I could tell I wouldn’t have to change ever again. He loves it and his problems are now gone.

Thanks for your great dog food!

Sheryl S.

We’ve had much success and health

2010-09-279/27/10 – Jake, my Norwegian Elk Hound mix, I call my rescue dog. He is now 14 years old and doing very well for his age. I’ve known him since birth, and he was my friend’s keeper from the litter.

But sadly, at 2-1/2 years old, they were moving and had given him away. I discovered this at their house one day when the new owner showed up complaining about getting along with him, and described his new life in a garage, alone. Jake came out of his vehicle, and had very little hair, and was stressed. Who says dogs don’t understand? I told Jake to get in my open car door if he wanted to go home with me. The new owner wasn’t happy, but Jake and I were.

I went to the local feed store and met a knowledgeable food rep who said ‘Holistic’, and suggested CANIDAE. We’ve had much success and health, so much so that I will not change brands. I use CANIDAE treats too. Jake adjusted quickly, with his sister that we already had. I believe my vet when they tell me Jake may live to be 17 to 19. And they don’t try to take me away from CANIDAE. There are several good pet foods out there, but CANIDAE has made Jake and Samantha healthy happy dogs.

I would have not written if I didn’t believe Jake and Samantha might not be in such great health for old dogs, if not for their 12 years eating CANIDAE. Constant questions from people on what I do for the dog to have such a great, full coat. Remember he was almost hairless at 2 1/2. Nothing special, just good food, and happy health, I answer. You can’t question success. Not one, two dogs.

Milt B.

Danish Dogs Discover CANIDAE at the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark

2010-10-13a10/13/10 – Luna and Dina, owned by Pia and Sofia stopped by the booth of Sø-Pet Dyrehandel, the CANIDAE distributor in Denmark, during the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark.
Since then, Pia and Sofia have been feeding their dogs CANIDAE, who love the new food and have a beautiful coat.

Pia and Sofia sent in these great pictures to share. Pictured left is Luna, giving CANIDAE All Life Stages her enthusiastic approval, and pictured right is both Dina and Luna with owner Sofia.

Pia and Sofia

Exactly what Belle needed to help her on the road to recovery

bonnie10/15/10 – We have 3 dogs, Maddie, Bonnie [pictured left] and Belle. The first two are Boston Terriers and the last one is a mutt. For Bonnie, our smallest Boston, she used to throw up rather often. What prompted our switch, because the two Bostons were really doing quite fine on the other food, aside from the throwing up, was the fact that we acquired Belle, our token mutt 🙂

belle-before-canidaeWhen my son brought her home she was a mess… flea and tick infested, pot belly (worms) and sparse hair. [Pictured right, before CANIDAE] Upon a trip to the vet, we found out she had mange, the noncontagious type. Thank God!!! We started her on treatments and I am very thankful we did.

comboI started reading up at this time about dog foods and how they are not all created equal. We were on a good dog food but not one that contained what we needed for a dog with a compromised immune system. I learned for a dog with strikes against them, as Belle had, that a quality dog food with a higher percentage of protein, among many other important ingredients, was exactly what Belle needed to help her on the road to recovery.

lastWe started on CANIDAE immediately and this has probably been 3 years now, and all are thriving. Belle’s fur is completely in and beautiful [Belle pictured again above left with Maddie who is pictured alone on final picture on right]. Belle is shedding, which I laugh at, especially because we tried so hard to get hair to grow. They are active and happy and love their food. Also, another thing was Bonnie used to leave food… never leaves any now 🙂

I am so thankful I found this website and read up on CANIDAE and decided to give it a try. We use the CANIDAE ALS, as well as cans and Snap-Biscuits too!

Danette M.

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