Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here
Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

This formula has been a life saver!

March 4, 2017

I work for Petco, but when it came to finding the right formula for my dogs I was stumped for a long time.  When we adopted a German Shepherd and a German Shepherd mix, we quickly ran into trouble.  One of our girls was breaking out in a rash and one was losing fur-both of these issues appeared to be from allergies.  We were puzzled at what these allergies could be, considering we had already removed grain and chicken from their diet.  We tried many high quality foods.  After trial and error we finally found the Canidae Pure Sea formula.  This formula has been a life saver! They are both happy and healthy with no rashes and beautiful, shiny coats.  Canidae has made a huge difference in their lives and I continue to recommend it to all of our customers as a high quality food for their pups.

Kjirsten F.

Our 2 dogs love their food and treats.

February 28, 2017

Our 2 dogs love their food and treats. It’s been almost 9 years and going strong.  The deals for the can food are the best!

Thank you


Thanks for your high quality controls

February 8, 2017

Our Lulu is 12 years old and has been our child for 5 years, since we adopted her. When we got her she was under weight and having skin allergies and had missing hair spots on her sides of her ribs and had low energy. Lulu is now in her best health ever, she as high energy, increased body weight and her coat is luscious and vibrant and silky shiny like never before. I owe it all to the product that is being produced and package for my Lulu.
I would like to thank the team for that amazing product that I feed Lulu everyday she runs to her bowl every time I go to feeder.
Thanks…..for your high quality controls and for putting out the best products. And Lulu thanks the team as well. Keep up the good work!

-Michael M.

I am BLOWN AWAY as to the results.

February 2, 2017

I wanted to take a minute to extend my thanks for making such a quality product.  I learned of Canidae from a sales representative at a local petco store. Like so many people are these days, I was a skeptic.  I am feeding the Wild Boar food for both my Lab and Ausi mix.  Their coats, energy and fatty tumors have drastically changed!!!!! I am BLOWN AWAY as to the results.  Coats are shine, shedding is minimal and yes, a reduction in fatty tumor size FOR SURE.

Yes, it’s pricy, but the cost of frequent vet visits is MUCH MORE!  With so much negativity that surrounds us in this world today, I had to write a note of thanks and praise to your fantastic company and brand.  Please keep the integrity of the ingredients and thanks for keeping our dogs as healthy as they can be.

Johnny G.

Only feed her the best, Canidae

February 1, 2017

Hi, I have a 1 1/2 year old Border Collie/Aussie rescue who been eating your Life Stages since we got her at seven weeks. old!  We tell all her friends in the neighborhood and at the dog park how great her food is and that she absolutely loves it. She’s part Border Collie so she told me that she wishes she could be on the front of one of your bags of food or treats. I do everything in the world to make my pup happy playing, exercising, car rides, dog parks, chase sheep, agility, tons of attention, love and only feed her the best, Canidae!!  Please help me to make her even happier and let her help promote the best dog food?  Mayce just said, pleeze….  Said she’s part Border Collie, not a genius!!

-Sue J.

I only want the best for my dogs

February 1, 2017

I’m the proud owner/mommy to a 3.5 year old 135lb Rottweiler/Mastiff mix. Banx came to me as a feral rescue pup who had an instant bond with me since the day I picked him up from transport. He has spent every hour of every day with me as he is my certified medical assist dog. Banx is trained to alert me if I am going to pass out, if my sugar is too low or if I am going to get a migraine, he also assists me with my mobility.

Since owning  Banx, he has suffered from a number of food allergies and over the past 3.5 years we have struggled to find a food that worked well for him. We have tried dozens of kibble brands and even raw diets and have spent thousands of dollars on food for him with no luck… that’s when my wholesale rep introduced me to the Canidae Grain Free Pure Land Bison dog food. It’s grain, poultry and fish free! He loves it and has had zero issues with it. I’m so happy to finally have found a dog food that my boy not only loves but can tolerate! and am happy to share our story with other pet owners!

Carly B.

I am so very happy I made the switch

February 1, 2017

Since feeding Canidae to my dogs they have put on muscle, their coats are shiny and their overall appearance is so much better.  I even did a taste test with my dogs where I put their old food out as well as a handful of canidae to which they chose Canidae.  I am so very happy I made the switch.

-Hope C.

I have found a true keeper in Canidae.

January 28, 2017

Working for a veterinarian, I’m constantly kept up to date on different food companies. I have found a true keeper in Canidae. My dog Ava loves the adult lamb formula, and I love the choices in different protein sources available. If we ever need or want to switch there are options. Her coat is soft and shiny. Her weight is healthy and maintained. And most importantly she loves Canidae! Thank you for selling honest holistic food we can trust and she can enjoy.

-Cody A.

We couldn’t be happier

January 21, 2017

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my dog loves your Small breed Salmon recipe dog food. We just recently adopted our 8 year old Puggle named Buxton. We purchased other brands but the ingredients where not something I felt good about giving him, so our good friends recommended Canidae and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for making food I feel good about giving Buxton.

-Samantha C.


We were holding out on the good stuff!

January 15, 2017

Henry is a Golden Retriever, now 13 weeks old, and comes from a line of therapy dogs. I’m a nurse and plan to train together as a therapy team to visit hospitals, hospice, and children’s facilities. Like any owner, I want to provide the best for him including optimum nutrition. He was on the food the breeder started, however the bowl would just sit full of food until he would decide to eat it. Seemed strange for a young and fast growing retriever. There must be something better. So, I started searching and reading labels, reviews, and ingredients and decided to give Canidae All Stages a try. First bowl down with some Candidae mixed in and the food promptly disappeared! He even went back to see if there was any left in the bowl! Hey, we were holding out on the good stuff! Thank you for a wonderful product.

-Janet and Henry

Her energy level has increased and she is just as happy as can be.

January 5, 2017

thumbnail_biancaOur girl, Bianca, loves Canidae pet food (duck) and treats (all but salmon).  She is so soft, shreds less and is a very happy girl.  We’ve realized the only food she cannot eat is salmon.  I’ve tried multiple dog foods over the years, but have found Canidae to be the best by far.  We changed Bianca over to Canidae due to allergies, even though she was already on grain fee, no preservative food, as I know sometimes dogs can become allergic to dog foods.  So far, Bianca has done well she shakes her head less and scratches less.  Her energy level has increased and she is just as happy as can be.  Everyone who meets her always comments on her coat and how soft it is.  Bianca loves the treats too!  I wish the treats where the size of half of a half of a cookie, because we give her a fair amount of cookies, as she is food motivated and they work well with training her to do new tricks. However they are easy enough to break, so no biggie.   It would be awesome if you had training treats.  Bianca has also slimmed down considerable, as we put her on a diet and only feed her Canidae, nothing else.  She lost 10 lbs and is very healthly.

We also love the little surprises we receives in the mail.

Thank you very much.

Rich, Jodie and Bianca (the B girl, baby girl, Daddy’s girl, Momma’s baby)

All my kids do very well on CANIDAE All Stages food.

December 16, 2016

cherylI have been using Canidae food for over 20 years. My kids (animals) are my life. I have had 3 generations of  dog groups. Starting in 1981 up to now.  This will be my 4th.  I have used the same kibble for a 3 pound dog up to a 200 pound dog meaning they all get the same food staring from a 8 week old puppy to a 17 year old dog. My black standard poodle had to go on to the pure sky for about 4 years because he had loose stools. But now he’s back on the all stages.
To help me out I’ve been able to get coupons from Canidae since I average 5 to 10 dogs. My dogs are very spoiled and health wise very healthy. I take them to the dog park about 4 days a week. They all go to the vet yearly for their well check.
My breeds over the years have been Irish wolf hounds, standard poodles, chihuahuas,  and always a mutt.

-Cheryl C.

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