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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

I am so very happy I made the switch

February 1, 2017

Since feeding Canidae to my dogs they have put on muscle, their coats are shiny and their overall appearance is so much better.  I even did a taste test with my dogs where I put their old food out as well as a handful of canidae to which they chose Canidae.  I am so very happy I made the switch.

-Hope C.

I have found a true keeper in Canidae.

January 28, 2017

Working for a veterinarian, I’m constantly kept up to date on different food companies. I have found a true keeper in Canidae. My dog Ava loves the adult lamb formula, and I love the choices in different protein sources available. If we ever need or want to switch there are options. Her coat is soft and shiny. Her weight is healthy and maintained. And most importantly she loves Canidae! Thank you for selling honest holistic food we can trust and she can enjoy.

-Cody A.

We couldn’t be happier

January 21, 2017

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my dog loves your Small breed Salmon recipe dog food. We just recently adopted our 8 year old Puggle named Buxton. We purchased other brands but the ingredients where not something I felt good about giving him, so our good friends recommended Canidae and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for making food I feel good about giving Buxton.

-Samantha C.


We were holding out on the good stuff!

January 15, 2017

Henry is a Golden Retriever, now 13 weeks old, and comes from a line of therapy dogs. I’m a nurse and plan to train together as a therapy team to visit hospitals, hospice, and children’s facilities. Like any owner, I want to provide the best for him including optimum nutrition. He was on the food the breeder started, however the bowl would just sit full of food until he would decide to eat it. Seemed strange for a young and fast growing retriever. There must be something better. So, I started searching and reading labels, reviews, and ingredients and decided to give Canidae All Stages a try. First bowl down with some Candidae mixed in and the food promptly disappeared! He even went back to see if there was any left in the bowl! Hey, we were holding out on the good stuff! Thank you for a wonderful product.

-Janet and Henry

Her energy level has increased and she is just as happy as can be.

January 5, 2017

thumbnail_biancaOur girl, Bianca, loves Canidae pet food (duck) and treats (all but salmon).  She is so soft, shreds less and is a very happy girl.  We’ve realized the only food she cannot eat is salmon.  I’ve tried multiple dog foods over the years, but have found Canidae to be the best by far.  We changed Bianca over to Canidae due to allergies, even though she was already on grain fee, no preservative food, as I know sometimes dogs can become allergic to dog foods.  So far, Bianca has done well she shakes her head less and scratches less.  Her energy level has increased and she is just as happy as can be.  Everyone who meets her always comments on her coat and how soft it is.  Bianca loves the treats too!  I wish the treats where the size of half of a half of a cookie, because we give her a fair amount of cookies, as she is food motivated and they work well with training her to do new tricks. However they are easy enough to break, so no biggie.   It would be awesome if you had training treats.  Bianca has also slimmed down considerable, as we put her on a diet and only feed her Canidae, nothing else.  She lost 10 lbs and is very healthly.

We also love the little surprises we receives in the mail.

Thank you very much.

Rich, Jodie and Bianca (the B girl, baby girl, Daddy’s girl, Momma’s baby)

All my kids do very well on CANIDAE All Stages food.

December 16, 2016

cherylI have been using Canidae food for over 20 years. My kids (animals) are my life. I have had 3 generations of  dog groups. Starting in 1981 up to now.  This will be my 4th.  I have used the same kibble for a 3 pound dog up to a 200 pound dog meaning they all get the same food staring from a 8 week old puppy to a 17 year old dog. My black standard poodle had to go on to the pure sky for about 4 years because he had loose stools. But now he’s back on the all stages.
To help me out I’ve been able to get coupons from Canidae since I average 5 to 10 dogs. My dogs are very spoiled and health wise very healthy. I take them to the dog park about 4 days a week. They all go to the vet yearly for their well check.
My breeds over the years have been Irish wolf hounds, standard poodles, chihuahuas,  and always a mutt.

-Cheryl C.

I am so gorgeous and healthy is also because eat only good stuff

December 14, 2016

lunaCiao, I am Luna I always wanted to be a super model.. .I thought I can start posing for your super good and healthy food… if I am so gorgeous and healthy is also because eat only good stuff :))

I am truly happy with your products and I really appreciate your approach with the animal food business.

We love your dog foods and I am happy about the quality.



The taste they love with the quality I love in your foods

December 12, 2016

cierraI just wanted to say thank you for making such a quality dog food. My two dogs have grown up on All Life Stages and when my younger mixed breed started getting allergies due to grains, I was SO thrilled to find a food she could handle in your PURE line. She has always been the pickiest eater, but has never turned her nose away from a bowl of Canidae. I always know I can find. Especially when it comes to their daily PURE Duck and Chickpea treat!

I know I can promote Canidae with confidence to every customer in need of a good dog food for their four legged family members.


What a TOTAL success!

December 7, 2016

wallyI am a college student on a budget with a 7-month-old rat terrier, Wally. I love him to death, so I was understandably upset when I noticed he was developing consistent stomach problems. I switch from food to food and visited the vet three separate times to try and find the underlying issue. After it was determined that Wally suffered from stomach sensitivity, I set out on the hunt to find a food that could calm his bothered belly. After visiting with a pet nutritionist at a local Petco, she marched me straight over to Under the Sun dog food. She told me it was likely that my dog had developed allergies to chicken, grain, and other ingredients found in big-name dog foods. Desperate, I gave it a try. What a TOTAL success! Wally has been on Under the Sun Grain-Free Dog Food with Lamb for a while now with no more issues! I couldn’t believe it! He loves both the wet and dry dog food and his issues were almost gone overnight. I cannot recommend this brand enough to others struggling with stomach sensitivity in their dogs as well. To top it off, Under the Sun is budget friendly and consistently offers coupons or discounts to help alleviate the cost which is a huge bonus for me. Thank you Canidae for this dog food!

-Miriam R.

We wanted her to have only the best and healthiest dog food which you provide.

November 30, 2016

amyTasia’s story began as a shelter dog in Jerome Idaho. The shelter there tried and tried to find a home for her but it wasn’t meant to be so they sent her to the no kill animal shelter in Hailey Idaho where she spent a few weeks there playing with the other dogs and playing in the snow. Mom and I had just lost our dear Dansko a Black Lab at the age of 12 on December 6th and couldn’t bare to be without the love of a dog. Mom and I prayed and with Gods will decided we needed to look for our new family member however it never would replace our Dansko . The animal shelter in Hailey has a web page and as soon as we searched our little Tasia showed up on the web page. We knew we needed to go see her as it was love at first site.

The drive to Hailey was very special as we had the love from our Dansko in our hearts leading us to Tasia. In life there are special angels and he made this trip in spirit with us. When we arrived at the shelter we asked to see Tasia and when they brought her to the play area she looked at Mom and I and rolled on her side being the submissive one. We knew in our hearts this was the one for us. Anastasia was her given name by the shelter and it means reincarnated. We truly believe she is our last three dogs rolled into one. Tasia will be three in March and has been eating Canidae Grain Free dog food since we brought her home when she was a puppy. We wanted her to have only the best and healthiest dog food which you provide. It is the best food and she is so healthy and has a beautiful coat. We have recommended your food to many others and will continue to do so. So from our family to yours thank you and Merry Christmas…..

-Amy, Linda and Tasia

They absolutely LOVE Under the Sun!

October 12, 2016

morganHello! We absolutely love your grain free food! We have 2 rescued dogs, Misfit and Ozzy. Misfit is a 4 yr old blind Doberman and Ozzy we think is 2 and some kind of beagle (we aren’t too sure we just found him in the city one day!) They absolutely LOVE Under the Sun! They’ve tried the chicken and the lamb grain free and next we plan on trying the whitefish!!! We were hoping you could send us some coupons? It would be such a big help to us! We love you guys, keep doing what your doing!

-Morgan R.

Within a few weeks her coat was beautifully silky and no dandruff!

Oct. 10, 2016

kathrynWhen I adopted Sammie, a border collie mix, back in January of this year. When I got her she was eating a generic store-brand puppy food and she had some pretty bad dandruff. I was most definitely a novice when it came to picking a good dog food so I started by going to a local pet store that only sold natural products. That’s where I discovered Canidae, specifically Canidae’s limited- ingredient, grain-free food. I went home and spent days researching every food available. I chose Canidae’s Pure Elements dog food.

In July my sister adopted a dog, Alvin. She was given little to no information on him from the shelter, including what food he was being fed. Poor Alvin was having the worst stomach problems and nothing was helping. After a week we started him on Sammie’s Canidae and within a few days Alvin’s stomach problems were practically gone.

So Sammie and Alvin would like to thank all of the people at Canidae for making such a fantastic product, and making them as healthy and happy as possible!
-Kathryn M.

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