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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Rosie loves Under the Sun!

August 30, 2016

Rosie-226x300My 2 year old black lab Rosie was suffering from a rash and constant itching which we were led to believe was fleas. After taking Rosie to the vet we found she had an allergy to whole grain corn. So we switched her dog food to Grain Free Under the Sun with lamb and the rash completely disappeared. Not only did the rash go away she now is constantly checking her food bowl to see if we have put more Under the Sun in it. When before she would barely eat the competitors brand. Rosie and my wife and I love Under the Sun!

-Nathan B.

The result has been astonishing!

August 29, 2016

kristinaMy dog had liver problems as a puppy, and as a result was on a veterinary diet, prescription medications, and carefully monitored bloodwork. Even with this diet, she had constant acid reflex, burping, and throwing up. By the time she was a year and a half old, she was deemed “clear” on her liver and was told she could go on a regular high caliber dog food.

I did quite a bit of research on “Khaleesi’s” issues before purchasing a kibble. Your Grain Free Pure Elements and Grain Free Pure Sea sounded extremely gentle on the digestion – and so I decided to try that and I took it one step further by soaking the kibble in water and allowing it to completely soak up so it was already softened before it hit her stomach. The result has been astonishing! Khaleesi no longer has allergies (chewing her feet), no burping or throwing up, and she looks amazing!

Your food has made a major change in her life and the veterinarians can hardly believe it! I’ve included a silly picture of her relaxing with a happy face.

-Kristina E.

We recommend Canidae to all our new puppy owners.

August 27, 2016

maryWe have been feeding our 6 breeding females and their puppies Canidae All Life Stages for over 8  years. Our dogs love the food. Occasionally, when we run out we have to go get another brand from the market, and find that we have to feed more quantity because they are not satisfied. We recommend Canidae to all our new puppy owners.  Thanks for a great product that is geared to prolonged life and complete nutrition for our business and our companions.

-Mary V.


I wished I had known about Canidae years ago when Miranda was a young pup.

August 20, 2016

shannonI wished I had known about Canidae years ago when Miranda was a young pup. I only discovered it a couple of years ago while searching for something for my girl as she at the beginning of her senior years. I discovered Canidae while reading articles about her breed. Canidae came highly recommended for the aging German Shepherd Dog. Fortunately, I was able to find it at a locally owned pet store. She is no longer getting empty calories and she is getting the much needed nutrients to keep her healthy and feeling good. She also doesn’t need as much food since she is being satisfied with her meals.  When we are out and about she gets a lot of attention and people are always very surprised at her age.

-Shannon H.

Within 24 hours, her rash has all but cleared up!

August 20, 2016

pepperRecently, I adopted a 3 y/o female Pug/Daschund  dog named Pepper.  I noticed that she had a rash under her arms. A few days later, the rash had spread over her torso. She was scratching so hard that she ended up with an infection and required medication. The vet advised me that she may have an allergy to either beef or chicken as that is common in Pugs.  I then purchased dog food that didn’t have beef or chicken in it. The medication cleared up her rash. However, after finishing the antibiotics, the rash returned (despite a change in diet).  I decided to go to a small pet store that specializes in healthy pet food.  While reading many of the bags of kibble, I was somewhat overwhelmed with the number of ingredients in many of the dog foods.  I decided to purchase CANIDAE Grain Free – made with fresh bison (bag) and CANIDAE Life Stages – Lamb and Rice (canned).  She ate it up and seemed to like it.  Within 24 hours, her rash has all but cleared up!
I have had dogs all of my life and never had a dog that was allergic to dog food. Now, I have a dog that has some kind of food allergy. I will feed her CANIDAE exclusively from now on.  Thank you for making a dog food that does not trigger an allergic reaction in her!

-Nancy K.

Thank you so much Canidae for making such a superior food.

August 18, 2016

jasperI just had to write you and tell you how your  Grain-Free PURE Foundations Puppy Formula with Chicken Dry Dog Food has changed my puppy’s life! Jasper, a 4 1/2 month old French Bulldog,  has had sensitive stomach issues since I purchased him over two months ago. I have tried several high quality sensitive diet foods – but all have resulted  in ‘Cow-pie’  looking poops and many times a day.  Of course, he has been completely checked by the vet and parasites we’re not an issue nor were intestinal issues.  As soon as I started him on the Grain-Free Pure Puppy, his stool were normal within one feeding!  I will never change him from this formula,  other than to go to the adult formula when he is of age.

Thank you so much Canidae for making such a superior food.

-Kristina E.

Pure Sea provided our dogs great happiness as well as strong bodies and beautiful coats.

August 18, 2016

I believe Canidae is a more economical buy than any other dog food we’ve ever purchased as we did not have to feed as much.  Our dogs were 57 and 75 pounds and were happy as soon as they consumed their twice daily feedings.   They were contented, healthy dogs until cancer ended Lucy’s life at almost 12 years and ailments of old age ended Betsy’s at age 15.  We believe Canidae helped keep them strong to withstand disease for many years, and we are grateful.

For several years we fed our dogs Canidae Grain-free Pure Sea with salmon.  Our Lucy always did what we called her “Dinner Dance,” bouncing around on her back legs as she loved her Canidae so much.  When we mixed Canidae with our Betsy’s food as we changed her from another dog food to Canidae, she would carefully pick out the Canidae and eat it before finally eating the other food.  Sadly our dear dogs have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  Pure Sea provided our dogs great happiness as well as strong bodies and beautiful coats.  They LOVED their Pure Sea.

His energy level rose to almost a puppy again.

August 16, 2016

jaimeWe stumbled upon Canidae when our 4 yr. old pitbull decided to be picky about his food, so we figured it was worth a shot. Amazingly, he loved it! His energy level rose to almost a puppy again. His skin and coat were very dry and after switching he had less itching and his coat became very soft. After acquiring our 2 yr old female pitbull who had food allergies and was losing fur due to reactions, she never had an reaction to Canidae and loved it. And lastly, we had a litter of puppies who went on softened Canidae, all were very active, super soft, and held a FANTASTIC weight. I’ve never had the experience of using such a fantastic brand of dog food. Our family thanks you Canidae!!

-Jaime T.

Within a couple weeks, she was itch free!

August 13, 2016

sadieWe rescued our dog, a Blackmouth Cur & German Shepherd mix, named Sade, from the local shelter. She had been returned, neglected, and hoarded. When we picked her up, she was very itchy. So itchy that she would stop mid run to scratch before fetching a ball. We asked around to some professionals, and grain free food was suggested. After researching the dog foods available, we picked your grain free Bison formula. Within a couple weeks, she was itch free! She is happy, healthy, and a wonderful big sister! Thank you so much for your dedication to make a great food for great dogs!


He is itch free now!

August 12, 2016

AbigailI was at my whit’s end taking my Golden Retriever, Bear, to the vet twice a month for itching. I finally did the allergy testing, and he was allergic to almost everything.  When I went to the store to look for food for him I couldn’t find anything that didn’t have at least one of his allergens.  I was afraid I was going to have to buy the specialty made dog food that the vet offered, which also cost an arm and a leg.  This nice lady at the store was helping me look at every dog food, and Canidae Grain Free Bison is the only one that doesn’t list one of his allergens. I was jumping for joy.  Bear has been eating Canidae for about 9 months now, and he is itch free.

-Abigail G.

I have never seen the dog this excited at feeding time!

August 1, 2016

kristenI recently got remarried and now have a 10 yo step dog. This dog was bounced from food to food based on what was cheapest. Normally Canidae would be out of my price range but a rep came to my store (Petco) and gave me a $10 off coupon. I figured I would give it a try along with my 40% off employee discount. I have never seen the dog this excited at feeding time! She absolutely loves it and we think she has more energy too. Keep it up and my dog will be on Canidae for the rest of her days!

-Kristen C.

The shedding problem is gone

July 31, 2016

bill-eWanted to say thank you for the Pure line of foods you have made. I tried this food when it first came out and it worked well with my dog. When I switched away due to price of foods I noticed a big change in my dog. The other brand she was on caused massive shedding problems. I have a small yellow female lab so when this was the issue it was noticeable. I have switched back to the Pure salmon and it has a 100% difference in my dog. The shedding problem is gone, her hair has that perfect yellow lab color back and its soft again. Most important… her muscle tone is back! She is always in great physical shape, but on the Pure line she has muscle tone showing throughout her body. Not that she needed more energy but she sure has all dat energy again. She does dock diving competitions and I know it has been a plus being on this food to compete! Thank you again!

-Bill E.

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