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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

I can’t wait to see both dogs in the best shape possible

Sept 25, 2016

Hello, I have 2 chihuahua mix dogs. One is 7 yrs old, the other is about 2 yrs old. They were both adopted thru a local non kill shelter. The oldest was 19.5 pounds and the other 6.2 pounds. One looked like a beach ball with legs, the other was skin and bones. The thin one still had milk from breeding. I took them both to the veterinarian to check them out. I was told one is obese, the other was malnourished. After talking with several employees at Teresa’s in Simi valley I decided to try your product. The smaller dog has gained 2 pounds, and the larger dog has lost 3 pounds. They are both very active and are doing so well now. The smaller dog has leveled off and is eating less and the larger dog actually eats slower now. I can’t wait to see both dogs in the best shape possible.

Thank you very much.

-Jerry D.

We are a customer for life!

Sept. 23, 2016

mooseWe rescued our German short haired pointer, Moose, when he was 1 1/2 years old. He was being fed your typical name brand grocery store food. We noticed he was biting his feet and nails a lot and sneezing more than usual. We pinpointed it that his food was causing this and the additives and bi products in those other products. So we switched to Under the Sun. Ever since his symptoms have reduced tremendously and he loves the food! I love knowing he is getting a nutritious meal without all those bi products and additives other brands put in. We are a customer for life!

-Amanda S.

Canidae is by far superior to all other dog foods out there on the market today.

Sept 22, 2016

I just wanted to let you know what AMAZING dog food you have.  This is a bit long, but well worth the read, I promise.

We have an English Mastiff that is a year & a half old; so basically still a puppy as far as Mastiff’s go.  I’ve done tons of research on all different kinds of dog food trying to find the absolute best we could possibly find, & one that he actually liked.   We’ve been thru all the best rated brands out there & I’d tried Canidae wet food, but hadn’t bought the dry food yet b/c of the price & smaller size of the bags; not that we weren’t spending $50 every 2 weeks on a bag of food as it was, it was just a bigger lb. bag vs. the smaller lb. Canidae bag.

So I finally decided to try Canidae about a month & a half ago b/c he just wasn’t interested in his food really.  He would go all day without eating, even though his food would be out in his bowl first thing in the morning….he wouldn’t eat until later at night like anywhere between 7 – 10pm.   So I thought why not give it a shot & you guys had a coupon on the bag at the time & I’m a sucker for coupons haha.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a change this food has made in our dog!!!!!!!!!!!  He’s practically eating the food as we’re scooping it into his bowl now….no more letting it sit around all day & then only eating it b/c he’s starving & there’s nothing better!  But what makes your product so incredibly amazing to me & why I wanted to write, is the difference in his energy level & his attitude!!!!  He’s like a completely different dog….or like the dog he was when he was a playful little puppy again!!!! It has given him so much energy!  He literally bounces around the house now & wants to play ALL the time…..whereas before, he would just lay around most of the time & not have much interest in playing at all…..& he was content with just walking on his walks… he wants to RUN….he can’t wait to get out the door & start bounding down the street!  It’s seriously the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen for a dog to change this much b/c of the food he’s eating.

He also had several bumps all over his mouth/jowls & under his chin, that started out as just a couple here & there, then started spreading.  We took him to the vet & they couldn’t figure out what it was, they just kept saying he must have been bitten or stung by something.  They just kept getting worse & worse & looked horrible….& of course we felt horrible b/c there was nothing we could do, we were at the mercy of what the vet told us & the solutions they gave us to try & clear them up….none of which worked, they only kept getting worse.  I had started to suspect that maybe it had something to do with his dog food since it was all over his mouth & he sticks his whole face in his bowl when he eats, so that would make sense that it was possibly something in the food that was causing the bumps….so that was another reason I decided to try out Canidae,  was to see if maybe there was something in the other dog foods we’d tried that he was allergic to or that was causing the bumps.  Well guess what, once we switched him over to Canidae, the bumps slowly started disappearing….& are now completely cleared up & gone!!!!

I know not all dog foods are equal, trust me I’ve done my research….but I was foolishly under the impression that at least all higher quality dog foods must be equal…..I could not have been more WRONG!!!  Canidae is by far superior to all other dog foods out there on the market today.  I’d seriously challenge anyone to find a better dog food than your brand, b/c it won’t happen….our Jax is living proof.    So I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for caring enough to make such a wonderful product & for making our big baby such a healthy, playful dog again!

Hahna, Mark & Jax   🙂

Pure Sea is the only food I will feed her now.

cristinSept. 19, 2016

My dog Tilly suffered from food allergies. Nothing was working that said sensitive diet because they had chicken listed in the ingredients. Pure Sea is the only food I will feed her now. She is finally doing well and her coat is shiny and healthy.

-Cristin E.

We are all happy campers

Sept 16, 2016

leannI have two beautiful dogs, Abby (Jack Russell Terrier) and Izzy (Lemon Basset). They are both 6 years old. Abby got sick, sluggish, would not eat, tummy making very loud noises and would not play. I took her to our Veterinarian and they kept her over night, re hydrated her, gave her some medicine and I was so worried. When I arrived to pick her up at the Veterinarian office the Veterinarian told me she has an inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis) from a to high fat diet and would have give her prescribed medicine and change her food.

When I arrived at home I immediately log on to the internet and did my own research for a healthy low fat dog food. I did not want to feed my precious baby a diet where the first ingredient is CORN. My research on the internet found me CANIDAE PLATINUM healthy dog food (low fat). Personally I have never heard of this brand before but the first ingredient is Chicken. I researched CANIDAE on the internet, called and talked to a person at CANIDAE and bought a 30 lb. bag that same day. I switched both of our dogs to CANIDAE and Abby & Izzy love both the dry and wet food. My basset, Izzy always had loose stools (pudding poop) and after we switched her to CANIDAE her stools are normal. We are all happy campers and thank you CANIDAE for your awesome low fat dog food.

-Leann M.

Her coat is so shiny all the time

Sept 14, 2016

nikkiToday happens to be our gal Nikki’s 11th birthday.  We adopted her from Min Pin Rescue at 9 years old just about 2 years ago this month. She was an “owner give up” and their loss was our gain.  She is such a feisty little girl and just loves to sit on your lap and be petted.

She was on the Canidae Lamb when we got her.  Her coat is so shiny all the time and she’s very active jumping up and down.  She absolutely LOVES CANIDAE FRESH LAMB grain free dry food!

-Donna & Nikki

Canidae saved my old dog, Josie’s, life

Sept 9, 2016

stephI have been meaning to write you for several years now.  I  just wanted you to know that I have purchased your dog food products for several years now. When I started, it was because my dog had severe food allergies.  I did not know that at the time, nor did the vet.  Somehow I came across dog food allergies in my quest to find out what was wrong.  So, I tried switching dog foods.  Canidae was the food I tried and it worked. I felt so horrible I did not know about this earlier or that the vet never thought of it.

Since that time, all dog food brands have hopped onto the band wagon to have better dog foods so there are many choices out there.  My reason for this note was to say I still stay with Canidae because you were among the first, as far as I know, to bring good food to the table.  As far as I am concerned, you saved my dog’s life.  She is gone now, but I continue to buy Canidae as my primary food.

Canidae stands alone for starting with the best by seeing this problem and doing it right to start….not to make up for mistakes.  As I said, and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you!

-Stephanie K.

He has his energy and vitality back.

Sept 8, 2016

katherineMy senior dog, Spike, had been steadily going downhill health-wise, and I couldn’t figure out why.  He’s a shepherd -boxer rescue mutt, and he’d always been big and strong and vibrant, but he was suddenly becoming frail and skinny. He chewed and scratched himself constantly, and seemed lethargic and tired.  I began to worry that his age at adoption had been underestimated, and that my sweet boy was fading away into old age.  My sister off-handedly mentioned that she’d had to start feeding her dog grain-free food for some skin issues, and I decided that I’d give it a shot and see if it at least helped with Spike’s constant scratching.

I found the Canidae Pure Meadow senior formula, and I’ve never looked back.  Not only did his skin and coat improve, but he’s gained some much needed weight, and he actually gets excited about eating again.  He has his energy and vitality back.  Five months ago, I was mentally preparing myself to lose him. Now I have my buddy back! I can’t say enough good things about this food. It has made such a tremendous difference in Spike’s quality of life, and for that, I am so very grateful.

-Katherine L.

Thank you for making such a wonderful dog food.

Sept 3, 2016

StephanieSince 1995 I have fed my dogs Canidae I was so happy when you guys came out with grain free because I have had dogs allergic to grain and has made my and my dogs life a lot easier. I’ve had two labs and two Golden retrievers, one was a Service dog, and I have a puppy in training and they need a lot of nutrients because they have busy days working.

So thank you for making such a wonderful dog food.

-Toneya S.

Rosie loves Under the Sun!

August 30, 2016

Rosie-226x300My 2 year old black lab Rosie was suffering from a rash and constant itching which we were led to believe was fleas. After taking Rosie to the vet we found she had an allergy to whole grain corn. So we switched her dog food to Grain Free Under the Sun with lamb and the rash completely disappeared. Not only did the rash go away she now is constantly checking her food bowl to see if we have put more Under the Sun in it. When before she would barely eat the competitors brand. Rosie and my wife and I love Under the Sun!

-Nathan B.

The result has been astonishing!

August 29, 2016

kristinaMy dog had liver problems as a puppy, and as a result was on a veterinary diet, prescription medications, and carefully monitored bloodwork. Even with this diet, she had constant acid reflex, burping, and throwing up. By the time she was a year and a half old, she was deemed “clear” on her liver and was told she could go on a regular high caliber dog food.

I did quite a bit of research on “Khaleesi’s” issues before purchasing a kibble. Your Grain Free Pure Elements and Grain Free Pure Sea sounded extremely gentle on the digestion – and so I decided to try that and I took it one step further by soaking the kibble in water and allowing it to completely soak up so it was already softened before it hit her stomach. The result has been astonishing! Khaleesi no longer has allergies (chewing her feet), no burping or throwing up, and she looks amazing!

Your food has made a major change in her life and the veterinarians can hardly believe it! I’ve included a silly picture of her relaxing with a happy face.

-Kristina E.

We recommend Canidae to all our new puppy owners.

August 27, 2016

maryWe have been feeding our 6 breeding females and their puppies Canidae All Life Stages for over 8  years. Our dogs love the food. Occasionally, when we run out we have to go get another brand from the market, and find that we have to feed more quantity because they are not satisfied. We recommend Canidae to all our new puppy owners.  Thanks for a great product that is geared to prolonged life and complete nutrition for our business and our companions.

-Mary V.


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