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Need a grain free, potato free option? Save $10! Click Here

Testimonials From Your Dogs!

Max is so much healthier after eating your grain free foods.

July 10, 2016

maxWoof –  we have a 6 year old great dane lab mix- named Max.  He enjoys eating and we have always fed him higher quality foods.  He looks forward to a few scoops of Canidae each day and really enjoys it.  We have spent years looking for a food that would help his flaky skin.  We tried shampoos and various foods- nothing worked.  Once we found the Canidae food and gave it a try…Bam!  It was within two weeks we started seeing less skin issues.  Now…four months later he has no signs of ever having flaky skin..  Max is so much healthier after eating your grain free foods.  We greatly appreciate your dedication to making an incredible food.

-Ed P.

Canidae will be the only dog food I use EVER

July 6, 2016

amykCanidae will be the only dog food I use EVER. Best food out there and after dealing with a doggie with cancer I wont trust my dogs to anything else. I truly believe in my heart that it was the “other” dog food from what I thought was a good brand that gave her cancer. Ever since a switched my other doggie is doing great, no issues. Thank you Canidae for making a safe and healthy dog food.

-Amy K.

This food is amazing!

July 5, 2016

After months of trouble shooting my dogs allergies, chicken seemed to be the common protein denominator in the foods he was having issues with. He has thyroid issues as well as valley fever so keeping a soft coat on his was also a challenge. Canidae Pure Sea was the solution to all my problems. Finding a dog food without chicken is harder than one might think. His coat was also amazing, I no longer needed to supplement his food with fish oil. This food is amazing!

-Laura G.

I can’t praise this food enough!

July 3, 2016

foleyI have conformation show dogs and agility dogs.  My oldest is an almost 14 year old large Australian Shepherd.  He’s been on Canidae for most of his life.  He is not on any medication for pain or joint difficulties unlike a few of my friends that have been feeding their dogs ‘raw’ diets.  I had a Chinese Crested that was an extremely picky eater and the Canidae dry was the only kibble he would eat.  My competition dog presently is a 3 year old Border Collie named Foley.  He gets his 3/4 cup of dry Canidae twice a day and when competing I feed him small amounts throughout the day to keep him energized and focused.

I can’t praise this food enough!  All of my dogs do so well on it. Foley will be competing in CPE Nationals in California next year.  He’s a very special boy and is in tip top condition thanks to Canidae.

-Janel E.

I truly believe that Canidae is why Maverick has reached the age of 17

June 29, 2016

dougThis past weekend, my yellow Labrador, Maverick turned 17. We had a birthday celebration like no other. When I got Maverick at the age of 6 months, I put him on a generic pet food. In no time at all, Maverick doubled in weight and was over 100 lbs. I ran into a representative of Canidae at a ‘Big Dog’ dog parade in Santa Barbara. He gave me a 10 day supply of dog food and challenged me to watch my dog change once we switched foods. In 10 days, Maverick lost 10 pounds and was twice as active and happy as heck.

17 years later, Maverick still LOVES Canidae and I truly believe that Canidae is why Maverick has reached the age of 17 and still takes walks, goes to the beach and is loving his golden years. I’ve converted a number of friends and family to Canidae so that their pets have the best quality of life.

Thank you Canidae for EVERYTHING you’ve done to keep my old boy Maverick health, happy and active for so many years!!

-Doug V.

Your food saved her

June 28, 2016

hollyMy baby girl is my whole world as well as her brother and sister. Her name is Jazzy, she is my spunky fetch loving, loving baby girl. She has a story that puppies should not go through. She is two now, but when she was younger she had many health problems, but the story I want to tell you about happened and your food saved her.

She suddenly became very ill we suspect now that it was due to a food allergy. A prolonged exposure, unfortunately she did not show many symptoms of allergies until the scary ones showed up. She began having bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and she was losing her personality because she had become so sick. She was at the vet for 2 months straight constantly running tests, constantly fighting the different symptoms trying to get her better.

I finally made the call to take her off of prescription diet and put her on the Limited Ingredient Salmon formula through Canidae. For the first 2 months she had to have an additional probiotic mixed into her food, and it took her a month for her intestines to heal from the damage done, but thanks to the food she has not had a relapse, or any kind of other problems thanks to your food.

-Holly A.

I use Canidae dog food because I want the best nutrition for my dogs.

June 23, 2016

Rollie_DaisyI just want to take a moment to say how pleased I am with Canidae and it’s products. I started using Canidae dry Dog foods after acquiring Rollie, a 4 month old Pit/Boxer mix from the local animal shelter. Rescue dogs are the best! I would never feed anything but the best food to my “family,” so after much research on dog nutrition I decided on Canidae because of its high (five star) ratings. I started feeding Rollie chicken based Canidae products but found that he’s a little intolerant to chicken which causes him to be a little “windy.” So I switched to the Salmon formula and all was well with him.

Then 7 months later, along came a companion for Rollie, cute little Daisy, a 4 month old Pit/Terrier mix, (and what a lover!) also from the same rescue shelter, so I started Daisy on Canidae’s All Stages formula and kept Rollie on the Salmon formula. Unfortunately Daisy had the same intolerance issue with chicken products, but on Beth Goodwin’s suggestion (Customer Service), I switched both of my “picky eaters” to the Lamb and Rice formula, and Voila! No more gastro-intestinal problems, and it’s easier to feed both dogs the same formula.

By the way, Beth was very kind, knowledgeable and most helpful in solving my problem. Usually you get good products or good customer service, but Canidae Customer Service is just as good as their products. I’ve been using Canidae for about 14 months now and both dogs seem to love it. I like to leave dry food in a dispenser for them all the time, and supplement that in the evening with 2 to 3 cups of Canidae dry dog food each and 8 to 10 oz of hot water, then stir to make a gravy. They lap it right up and there’s never anything left in their bowl. They don’t over-eat, and neither dog has any weight or coat issues.

I use Canidae dog food because I want the best nutrition for my dogs, and they are both alert, happy, healthy and very playful as a result of the care Canidae has taken to provide such a great product. You can buy less expensive dog food, but you get what you pay for. With Canidae I know I’m giving my dogs the proper nutrition they need to live long and healthy lives.

Thanks Canidae!

-Steve N.

My little scruffy dog finally has an amazing food with everything we wanted for his tummy.

June 23, 2016

mooseMy dog Augie Doggie is a double Merle Aussie and we had extreme difficulty finding foods that would not irritate his sensitive stomach. We spent $100 switching foods. I was advised by a Petco associate to try Canidae Pure. I noticed right away the different flavors all consisting of limited ingredients and this made me extremely happy. I could choose from lamb, fish, chicken, boar etc. My little scruffy dog finally has an amazing food with everything we wanted for his tummy.

We thank you.

-Jill F.


Canidae changed the life of my dog

June 23, 2016


Canidae changed the life of my dog. He is more energetic, his hair is shiny, he looks beautiful. He is a Great Pyrenees.

-Martha P.

Thank you

June 20, 2016

Dinga-019Thank you … that is all I can say right now.  My family and I laid to rest our best friend last week. Dinga was a 13 year 9 month old yellow Labrador that lived on All Life Stages for 13.5 of those years. As I was looking through pictures and other things, I came across the box of upc symbols I had saved over the years which made me realize something. I wholeheartedly believe that the love he received from his family combined with your dry dog food is what enabled him to live such a long, happy and meaningful life. When the time comes that we are ready to get another dog, we will be feeding him/her All Life Stages. Thank you again for giving us all those years of laughter and joy that Dinga provided!

-Kern N.

Thank you so much Canidae for continuing to make safe and wholesome food

June 20, 2016

taraAfter 12 years of feeding my two miniature Schnauzers a low grade (not using brand names) type of dog food, my 13 year old male became deathly sick.  I felt that I was going to lose him. Upon hours and hours of research on his symptoms, I found that it was the dog food that had him at deaths door. Once I got him feeling better a few weeks later I began giving them Canidae Life stages for seniors. Years of feeding this brand, both of my darlings are healthier and full of energy. Thank you so much Canidae for continuing to make safe and wholesome food that my darlings can continue to live a healthy and active life even in their elder years.

-Tara B.

You have changed the world with your fantastic products.

June 16, 2016

chassyI am writing to say how pleased I am with your products. I have bought many of your amazing products. Your various of products are so delicious to both my dogs! After having such great quality, I am now a huge fan of your company.

My dogs are very CHOOSY in what foods and treats they will eat, but their mouth’s water at your brand! They absolutely love them! I always have to buy one of the biggest Life Stages Lamb and Rice 30lbs bag.

I am a big fan of your Products. You have changed the world with your fantastic products.Thank you for creating such amazing/life-changing products.

I have recommended your products to all my friends and they too love your products. I know you have the finest quality of products. I would love to try more from your excellent range.

Thank you!

-Chassy T.

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