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I wish we had discovered Canidae years ago!

April 19, 2016

lisa-tI have a 10 year old mixed breed dog, we think Border Collie/Lab, who spent the first 9 years of his life in allergic misery. He has been to the vet more than 20 normal dogs, he’s had skin scrapings, countless blood tests, and even tried a multitude of different drugs and dog foods. Nothing worked to give him relief except Prednisone. Much of what I read was not good for a dog to be on it long term but we wanted him to have a good comfortable life. Anyway, there came a time when I decided I needed to look for a good senior formula of dog food for Shadow and Canidae was the food chose. It is a long story how but I missed a few of his doses of Prednisone and miraculously it had no effect. This was about 6 months after he was changed to Canidae Platinum. I decided to try and wean him off the steroids with the vet’s blessing. It is because of this we learned Shadow has Lymphoma. Once he was off the Prednisone his lymph nodes swelled so bad he had trouble swallowing. We had to put him back on Prednisone but at a dose 4 times what he was on. He is remission and while we know his days are numbered the fact that your food allowed us to temporarily remove him from that drug helped us catch his cancer early. I wish we had discovered it years ago, our other dog, a 3 year old Lab and our cat will never be fed anything else. We believe your dog food inadvertently gave us more time with our old guy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I should also mention that it doesn’t hurt that he likes it, they all do!

-Lisa M.

Lexi really loves the PURE Sea

April 17, 2016

lexiThank you for the advice to try the Grain free Sea. Lexi really loves the Sea Flavor and I think she may be adding a little fullness to herself. Also her coat is soft and not shedding much at all.

Thank you,
Joyce & Lexi

Canidae fan for life

April 16, 2016

catieThis is Dixon, I adopted him on July 19, 2013 when he was 7 years old. When I got him, I noticed he had quite a lot of scratching going on. I did a some of research, and learned of all the problems that can be caused by certain dog foods.

I looked into different brands online, and loved what I found in Canidae PURE! It had no grains, and only high quality ingredients. I also liked how affordable it was! I immediately went out and purchased a bag, and began transitioning Dixon onto it.

Dixon always gobbles up his breakfast and dinner now. He has shown me that what you feed your dog is important, especially when it comes to keeping them healthy.

Thank you Canidae for making such amazing food for Dixon, and dogs all over!

Canidae fan for life,



Our dogs are always in top shape and look great

April 15, 2016

dragolenkapups3wks-269We are German Shepherd breeders in Frederick County, MD. We feed Canidae Grain Free Elements to all our adult dogs and they excel at it. We train and compete with our dogs in the IPO (Schutzhund) sport, our dogs are always in top shape and look great. We feed our puppies Canidae Grain Free Foundations and they too do excellent on it.

-Carolina J.

She is a strong healthy almost 6 year old that acts and looks like she is 2

April 12, 2016

sally-may-5-years-oldBeautiful mixed Black Lab Springer Spaniel Mix… she was such a beautiful little puppy… her name Sally May… wanted only the best for her. I bought what I thought was top grade dog food… soon she was scratching at her ears and odor wasn’t to pleasant from that area either. I spoke to a friend whom suggested to go wheat and grain free. Bought Chicken Soup For The Soul… it was expensive but I did it for her, I noticed the ears cleared up but her coat wasn’t shiny, her physique was good I thought. Another friend suggested Canidae for her coat and her body… gave it a try and it’s been four years… Sally has a beautiful coat and her body is the best I have ever seen on a house dog. She is strong and muscular… weighs only 48-50 lbs of solid muscle… It’s a beautiful thing to see and to know I am doing such a good job taking care of my dog.. thank you for caring on what and how your dog food is made. She is a strong healthy almost 6 year old that acts and looks like she is 2… I am gathering a long Happy life together.
-Gail L.

Thank you for providing us with these great products!

April 12, 2016

brittaAfter trying a couple of different foods for Bri, we found Canidae Pure Elements and Pure Sea and the chewy training size treats. She loves all of it! And my husband and I as well. Not only is her coat really shiny and she has more energy, we can feed less amounts and are sure that what we give her, including her treats, is nutritional and healthy for our pup!

Thanks again.

I look forward to a lifetime of using your products.

April 11, 2016

Dana-PhillipsMy 4 year old German Shepherd Nacht has severe allergies and your Grain Free Pure Land is the only thing I can feed him and keep his food allergies to a minimum.  I love that your products are made in the U.S. and by a family based company of pet lovers.  The high quality ingredients with no fillers let’s me know that you care what goes in the pet food and treats your company makes. I worked for a different pet food company for 4 years and studied pet nutrition quite thoroughly. I know when I look at your food ingredients how much time and attention has gone into the formulas.  Thank you for all you guys do for our pets. I look forward to a lifetime of using your products.

-Dana P. & Nacht

Thank you for the joy of the added years for my beloved pet.

April 10, 2016

tipper-girlfriendI have had Golden Retrievers for about 50 years.  None had ever lived to the age of 12.  About 15 years ago, I discovered Canidae in a list of recommended foods in the Whole Dog Journal.  I had one Golden then and when she was about 2. I got another puppy.  By that time I had switched to Canidae All Stages and that’s all the puppy has ever eaten.  She is now 13 1/2 and still beautiful….running, rolling, swimming and enjoying life in general.  Thank you for the joy of the added years for my beloved pet.

-Blakeney B.

He no longer has digestive issues and is a thriving happy puppy.

April 8, 2016

anatasiaOur Berner puppy, Porter, was dealing with sensitive stomach digestive issues for a month and half. Nothing we tried helped; premium food, chicken and rice, prescription diets and supplements. Finally we decided to try the Canidae large breed puppy. We started transitioning to Canidae and within 2 days we noticed a huge difference. His stools we firm and he was happy and energetic. He no longer has digestive issues and is a thriving happy puppy. Thank you.

-Anastasia D.

After putting her on Canidae, her symptoms were eliminated

March 30, 2016

estobanI was introduced to Canidae through a dog trainer. My dog had issues with allergies (excessive ear scratching and skin irritation). 2 to 3 weeks after putting her on Canidae, her symptoms diminished and eventually were completely eliminated.  12 or so years later we are still using it and loving it.

-Esteban A.

Hallelujah, I found the holy grail for this picky eater!

March 27, 2016

louloveWe adopted our cockapoo, Lou, almost 2 months. He was an underweight fluffy hairball that was found wandering the streets and rescued by a wonderful local organization. We received a free bag of small breed dog food (not Canidae brand) and also bought a few cans of wet food. At first he only wanted to eat wet food and snickered his nose at the dry dog food. Eventually, by mixing some wet food in with the dry food he got accustomed to it but would only eat it with some wet food. After a few days, we realized that the dry dog food was for small breed overweight or less active dogs which was not a good fit for little active boy. So  after some research, I decided to switch him over to a reputable dog food that contained white fish (not Canidae brand again) that I thought would be wonderful for his tummy, coat and skin. Unfortunately, he didn’t enjoy eating it. It was like pulling teeth to get him to eat it. We tried everything for him to like it. We added water to it, we crushed down the kibble in the blender, then we did both, then we started adding low sodium chicken broth to it, then hide treats it (he just picked them out) or adding wet dog food (which our vet informed us that wet dog food is junk food to dogs and is bad for their teeth so we knew we couldn’t just give him that). Really, he only ate it when he absolutely was hungry or there was a “prize” aka wet food or treat involved.

After 2 weeks we started to notice blood in his stool and took him to the vet for a check up and costly EPI test (it came out negative). Not to mention a 7-10 day prescription to ease his tummy and a white rice and shredded chicken diet (which he loved but we needed a nutritional and permanent fix). I believe that whitefish dog food triggered this upsetting and worrisome situation and I totally trashed that dog food.

So the search continued… and I found the Canidae Small Breed Grain-free dog food and it changed everything! He enjoys eating this food!!! Hallelujah, I found the holy grail for this picky eater! I add a little bit of low sodium chicken broth to it and Lou eats it! In fact, he’s even gained some weight! We absolutely love this dog food and wish we found it sooner, like the night we brought him home. I totally recommend this particular one (Canidae Pure Fields Grain Free Chicken Small Breed dog food) to anyone who has a picky small breed dog. I will never buy or switch him to another brand for the rest of his life. This is only dog food brand I will ever buy. My only two issues/complaints that I have (not related to the food itself) is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size bag and it isn’t resealable. For the money I spend on this food (totally worth it though) I would think it would at least be resealable. Nonetheless, I love Canidae and Lou and I will be a loyal customer forever.

-Mihaela C.

We started feeding Canidae and everything changed.

March 23, 2016

I have a Jack Russell Pit Bull mix, a Maine Coone, and a Domestic Short Hair, all of which have allergies to a lot of foods. I started buying them the Canidae Pure Salmon, and the difference was outstanding. My DSH who was always very shy, and often threw up everything he ate came out of his shell and started begging for more food. My Maine Coone who had been losing hair started growing it again, he now has such a full shiny and soft coat. My pit mix had been allergic to every food we tried, even orijen and that’s supposed to be a great food, we started feeding her the Canidae and everything changed. My vet is astonished at how healthy my pets and their coats are. The difference is truly amazing. I love canidae for both my dog and my two cats, it has been a serious blessing.

-Amber H.

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