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We own and operate our own advanced research, development, and manufacturing facility in Brownwood, Texas—Ethos Pet Nutrition.



The health and safety of your pet is our highest priority, and our procedures reflect that commitment. Click the link to learn more details about the process CANIDAE® implements as a part of our commitment to food safety and quality.

CANIDAE Pet Health Safety and Quality Center


All CANIDAE® products are made using high quality ingredients that you would be comfortable eating yourself. For more information, the link below provides a detailed breakdown of each ingredient used in CANIDAE® products.

Our Ingredients


Part of our commitment to the health and safety of your pet comes from our prioritization of Responsible Pet Ownership. Our blog is all about improving ourselves to be the best pet owners we can be. Check out the link for more information and to read the blog itself!

Responsible Pet Ownership


Do you have a question you’d like to ask a veterinarian? You are in luck because at CANIDAE®, we have our own team of veterinary consultants! We have compromised a list of articles written by our team that answer your most popular questions. If you don’t find your question has already been asked, feel free to use the link below to submit it.



If you’re not already feeding one of our premium pet foods and you’re getting ready to switch your dog or cat, we can help make the transition easier! You’ll want to help your dog or cat make the change by gradually replacing the old food with the new. Click the link for information about correct ratios for the change over, and additional tips for switching your pet’s food.

Switching Foods

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