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Our Commitment to Food Safety

CANIDAE Pet Food Company was founded out of love for our own pets and animals. As pet owners ourselves, we share your concerns when it comes to the safety of the pet food we choose to feed our beloved family pets.

Because safety is always our top concern, we strive each and every day to achieve the highest levels of safety and product quality in our industry. In fact, we have developed sophisticated safety procedures including a Test & Hold protocol at the conclusion of the kibble manufacturing process as a final step in helping to ensure safe products.

State of the Art Research & Development Center


This is one of the Quality Assurance & Safety Labs at our Ethos Pet Nutrition Research, Development and Manufacturing Facility located in Brownwood, Texas. This is where we conduct our onsite safety and quality tests for harmful microbials including salmonella, a microtoxin panel, peroxide and rancicity tests on oils and fats, product density tests, and confirmation of correct levels of protein, fat, fiber, and moisture.

Tested Before We Will Accept Them

To begin with, we require certificates of safety and ingredient quality from every supplier. But we don’t stop there. When ingredients deliveries arrive we immediately test them onsite to ensure our high safety and quality expectations are met. Until these tests prove satisfactory, the ingredients are not even allowed into our facility.

Continual Testing

As we make each batch of food, we continually test it. We take samples of the warm food as it is made and send it straight to our onsite quality assurance lab. In the laboratory, tests are conducted throughout the day to confirm our recipes are being manufactured according to our standards of safety and nutrition throughout the process.

Test and Hold

Our concern for safety does not end when we finish making the food. Once the foods are finished being made and placed into bags, the pallets of bags are marked as “Test & Hold” and set aside. Composite samples of every batch are taken directly from these finished bags and sent to our onsite laboratory where a new battery of quality and safety tests are conducted including an advanced salmonella-specific test.

Pallets of food are released for shipment only after our lab personnel have certified the product has passed our stringent quality and safety guidelines. Only then is the food sent to your local retailer.

CANIDAE is committed to providing the highest standard of excellence for nutritional benefit, palatability, product safety, and customer satisfaction. We understand the level of trust that you have come to expect from us and our products and it is our responsibility and commitment to deliver on that trust!

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